Hem and Away: Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Last Friday, whilst sitting on the train from Bristol to London, we came across #MJDaisyChain on Twitter. Never ones to ignore a good hashtag, we were quick to discover that our trip to the capital had fortuitously coincided with a Marc Jacobs Pop-Up event in Covent Garden!

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

The Tweet Shop was promoting the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, which just happens to be a favourite of ours (and of everyone else, really) and worked using a cashless system where customers were instead encouraged to exchange tweets for products! See how Victoria cleverly demonstrates tweeting.

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

We began by tweeting in exchange for a sample of perfume and both plumped for the newest Daisy scent, Daisy Dream. We decided that if it smelt as pretty as it looked, we were onto a winner! We then began checking out all of the other products on offer which included keyrings, manicures or a man with an excellent beard serving you hot drinks and macarons! Delightful. There was also a very exciting wall of goodies! If you were really lucky your tweet could win you sunglasses, a handbag or even a puppy perfume!

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop
Victoria is wearing a floral dress from Primark and a spotty bangle from Cath Kidston. She was probably wearing shoes too.

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet ShopShe and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

She and Hem | Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop
Jo is wearing an ice lolly print dress from Emily and Fin (bought from Thundegg), black flats from M&S and a watch from Olivia Burton

Rather marvelously, thanks to the lovely Amelia (xameliax), we were really lucky and were both able to upgrade our sample sizes of Daisy Dream for 50ml bottles! We celebrated by playing with the giant perfume bottle props that were so heavy our arms still ached the next day!


Fancy Floral

She and Hem | Fancy Floral

Despite rather liking them, I have been a little bit afraid of trying out jumpsuits. People whose opinion I greatly value seem to hate them with a passion I haven’t seen since Nasty Nick wrote all those notes on Big Brother. This, however, is one of the many reasons why I love Victoria for she is usually the one to go against the crowd and encourage me to buy the things I might otherwise chicken out of!

She and Hem | Fancy FloralShe and Hem | Fancy Floral She and Hem | Fancy Floral

I finally took the jumpsuit plunge when I spotted this floral number on the Topshop website! A couple of She and Hem whatsapps later and we had concluded that it was destined to be mine. When it arrived I knew I had made the right choice. I LOVE it and am now a complete jumpsuit convert!  

She and Hem | Fancy FloralShe and Hem | Fancy FloralShe and Hem | Fancy Floral

I accessorised it simply with Topshop sunglasses, a black ASOS belt and some fab black wedge sandals from Warehouse at House of Fraser*. I usually really struggle to find comfy summer footwear but these are just perfect! I can see this is going to be my go to summer look. 

She and Hem | Fancy Floral

She and Hem | Fancy Floral

And, just in case you hadn’t noticed, last weekend I unexpectedly found myself in the most beautiful poppy field on the outskirts of Bristol. Naturally, I then took about 500 photos to document the experience and had a great time larking around like a lunatic. 

She and Hem | Fancy FloralAre you a fan of jumpsuits? Hook me up with any good ones! I am now ready to start a collection!


Little Miss Sunshine

She and Hem | Traffic People

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses
Little Miss Sunshine Dresses in Yellow and Green from Traffic People*

One of our favourite things about being a blogging duo (other than always having someone around to tell you that you have cookie in your hair) is planning and partaking in joint shoots. We’ve really mastered the art of prancing around in front of a camera in public spaces while trying to act super casual when a bunch of tourists walk past. Believe me, when you are dressed in matching floral dresses at 9am on a sunny day in Bath, this can be quite tricky…but it’s always hilarious!

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

I embraced my inner lady (she’s in there somewhere….) and wore pink AND hearts. I kept my look pretty simple, not only because we popped to do to this shoot en-route to Manchester, but also because I often think that a dress with this much awesome floralness going on deserves all of the attention! Jo kindly lent me her white Amazon sunglasses to compliment my very respectable New Look pink block heels. Wow, becoming a fashion blogger has really broadened my girly horizons!

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral DressesShe and Hem | Traffic People | Floral DressesShe and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

Jo’s wondrous look, which I’ve decided to call ‘laid-back glam’, features those lush Topshop sunglasses and She and Hem staples, brown Topshop brogues. The vintage elements are brought to you in the form of a beauteous Olivia Burton watch and vintage brown belt, with simple black George tights. Our fab dresses are both from my new favourite people, Traffic People*!

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

She and Hem | Traffic People | Floral Dresses

Now go and enjoy this marvelous sunshine Hemsters!


She and Home: Instant Vintage


As part of a week of celebrations in honour of their 5th birthday, the boutique shop Instant Vintage kindly invited us to join them for an evening of canapés, drinks and discounts at their shop in beautiful Bath. Never ones to turn down a free glass of Pimms, we gladly accepted and hot footed it over there on the train last Thursday evening. And what a treat it was too! They had obviously been working very hard to ensure their guests had a dapper old time, even decking out a usually unused terrace area with fake grass, bunting and giant poms poms. It was a lovely space to sit and have a drink and eat delicious cupcakes! We would gladly have stayed  sat there all evening!







When we finally wrenched ourselves away from the seating area (and the Pimms), we duly took advantage of the 20% discount on offer!



Victoria: I am shamed to say that I’ve only visited Bath a handful of times, and I have never had the chance to visit Instant Vintage before. Boy, have I been missing out! The shop is light and airy, with plenty of space to browse. Considering how long Jo and I were browsing on Thursday, I felt no pressure from the friendly staff to buy or to hurry. In fact we were invited to stay longer for more Pimms! Instant Vintage’s ever changing line of pretty dresses, blouses and accessories will now be irresistible each time I am in Bath. Heck, I’d even make the journey to purchase something extra special from this brilliant boutique.

I kept my vintage inspired look quite simple and wore one of my favourite M&S dresses, which I cheekily picked up from a car boot sale several years ago for the outrageously low sum of £1. It’s certainly my best bargain to date. I find the peach polka dot dress to be rather  flattering, as the matching belt clinches in at the waist, creating shape to an otherwise simple dress. My tan shoes are from New Look and my amazing costume popcorn ring is from a boutique in Croatia.


DSC_0130Jo: As a frequent visitor, and former resident, of Bath, I am a seasoned Instant Vintage shopper and was absolutely delighted at the prospect of spending an entire evening pursuing their wares. I already own quite a few of their items and find that they always draw compliments. I remember when it first opened, receiving a text from a friend to say that a new shop had appeared and that it “looked my sort of thing”. Oh how right they were! From the moment I set eyes on their window display of perfectly pretty vintage inspired offerings I knew that this was a shop I could get on board with! I was also quietly impressed with the prices as Bath boutiques, as wonderful as they are, aren’t exactly known for their affordability! This, however, was most definitely a shop which allowed me to buy something a little bit different but without having to feel guilty!

For the occasion I dug out a beautiful white Instant Vintage dress which I bought about three years ago. For me it completely embodies what I love about them. It is extremely pretty, made from great quality material and has those lovely vintage influences throughout. I wore it with polka-dot tights from M&S, Florence and Fred shoes and an Olivia Burton watch. My sunglasses (which have since been firmly packed away!) are from Red or Dead.


Thanks for a great evening Instant Vintage and here’s to the next five years!



Toucan play that game

My heart is all of a flutter for the many  bird prints that are currently taking over the high street. Here are some of my current favourites!

Fiesta Flamingo Dress – Coral £48 from Sugarhill Boutique

First up is the zesty little flamingo number from Sugarhill Boutique. It will be fabulous fun to wear in the summer months (if and when they arrive) and would also be perfect for the current climate when teamed with tights and a denim jacket. The back also has a really unusual criss cross detailing which is an added bonus. 

Zatchel Flamingo Print Bag £120 available exclusively from Oliver Bonas

Sticking with flamingos, next we have this incredible Zatchel, which is an Oliver Bonas exclusive. I consider £120 a lot of money to be spending on a bag but I have heard such great things about Zatchel that I am definitely tempted. I can just imagine the looks of envy I would receive on parading around town with this bag. FlamingWOAH, ammiright?

Orla Kiely Love Bird Print Skirt £58 from People Tree

Orla Kiely can do no wrong in my eyes and her collection for People Tree is no exception. I have spent many hours of drooling over her website so it’s a nice change to be drooling over something which isn’t completely out of my budget. This love bird print skirt is top of my wish list.

Bird Song Print Dress £29 by Poem

Back to Oliver Bonas and this Bird Song dress by their  in house brand Poem. This dress looks so easy to wear! You could just throw it on and go. A perfect weekend dress. I really love the little bow belt too. Good work, Bonas.

Toucan Print Shorts from £30 Yumi

SHORTS! TOUCAN PRINT SHORTS! WITH A BOW! I got very excited when I saw these on the Yumi site and then I tried to imagine how the devil I would get away with wearing them. I’m not sure I can get away with them but I might have to go in and try them on – just to be sure. 

Peach Bamboo Bird Tights £10 from Topshop

I have really got to stop buying tights but it’s so difficult when presented with cuties like these! I find Topshop tights to be some of the best quality on the high street and these pretty bird print tights are like nothing I own.

Bryony Dress £55 from Monsoon

Here we have my perfect birdy work dress from Monsoon. It looks so lovely and light to wear! It’s a good length, it has sleeves (!), a tie waist and cute little buttons too.

Puffin Beach Skirt £22 from Vintage Style Me

Back to the fun stuff now and look at this puffin print skirt from Style Vintage Me. It’s just all kinds of adorable and makes me want to go on holiday right now.

White Birds Scarf Watch £52 from Olivia Burton

I have always been a bit useless about wearing watches, either forgetting to put them on in the morning or losing them, but since receiving an Olivia Burton watch for Christmas this is no more! I actually understand what it is to feel naked without a watch! This bird print scarf watch looks perfect for summer and I really enjoy the idea of being able to tie my strap in a bow.