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She and Hem | Love Ur Look

One of the many fantastic things that has come from writing She and Hem has been the opportunity to discover, work with, and support new and exciting brands! We were therefore absolutely thrilled when Love Ur Look, who launched their first full collection in 2013, got in touch with us and invited us to style a couple of their dresses. A quick gander at their dream of a website later and we were rather in love with their look!

She and Hem | Love Ur LookShe and Hem | Love Ur LookShe and Hem | Love Ur LookShe and Hem | Love Ur LookShe and Hem | Love Ur Look

Love Ur Look is the creation of Ronke Fashola, a graduate from the London College of Fashion who has decided to take her love for vintage fashion and put it into her own label. The website is certainly a treasure trove of retro loveliness and we found it rather difficult (as always) to narrow down our choices! We eventually settled on two tea dresses in equally fun prints! Victoria went for the Bluebird* whilst I (Jo) went for the Doll* print. Aren’t the bright colours just lovely? We certainly felt suitably jazzy in them! They are really nice and flattering too with a tie waist, big buttons and even bigger pockets. We ridiculously decided to take these photos on the hottest day of the year so we can also confirm that their relaxed fit also helps to keep you nice and cool too!

She and Hem | Love Ur LookShe and Hem | Love Ur LookShe and Hem | Love Ur Look

Due to the heat and the boldness of our frocks we both decided to let our of dresses do the talking but we did both plump for a fun shoe to complete our looks! Victoria’s pink bow pumps are from Primark whilst my heart shoes are from ASOS.

J&V x

She and Home: Wells



I’ve been wanting to write a new outfit post for a while but, as you might have noticed, the weather has not been favourable to bloggers (or anyone for that matter) of late! Thankfully, the sun made a brief appearance last week and so I grabbed my camera and headed out to the lovely city of Wells for a mooch around their market and to take a hasty snap or two of some new bits that I have been coveting.


Eugh, look at those clouds! I told you it was a brief appearance!

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Outfit of the Day: Winter Pastels


Last weekend I popped back to my old stomping ground of Bath for a January pick-me-up day. Bath is extremely good for the soul, it’s so beautiful and charming and spending a day there never fails to put me in a good mood. James and I spent the day doing a few of my favourite Bath related activities which nicely recreated many of the days we spent whilst I was living there. This involved a cream tea, a stroll along the beautiful canal path and then more food and drink from some of the various delicious eateries dotted around the fair city. I said it was good for the soul, not the waistline! Yum!

Bath6 Bath7 Bath8

Despite saying that I didn’t want to visit any of the shops, I did end up having a cheeky gander in Topshop. I have been after a new pastel coat (I’m so trendy) and was really keen to see the mint one that I wrote about here. On passing the sale rail I caught sight of a coat which I had previously tried (and failed) to buy  both online and instore and couldn’t believe that it was my size! I did a very embarrassing clap/jump/squeal thing which I reserve especially for such triumphant moments. It is the perfect coat AND it was half price. I did end up trying on the mint one too, for comparisons sake obviously, and it was no contest. It’s much more fitted and the colour is beautiful. My family actually had a great debate about the colour. It’s mauve, right? Continue reading Outfit of the Day: Winter Pastels

Outfit of the Day: A Vintage Pink Coat

pink coat 1

I believe there is something positively magical about taking a piece of clothing that already has it’s own history, and maybe a few more miles on the clock than yourself, and restyling it to give it a whole new lease of life!

While I have a tenderness for trends and am particularly prone to pastels, when it comes to fashion it is nice and novel to have an item that nobody else has. So when I found this vintage pink coat recently I was truly tickled pink and had to shout it from the mountain tops! Unfortunately we don’t have many mountains in Bristol, so I made do with the nearest hill…

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She and Home: Instant Vintage


As part of a week of celebrations in honour of their 5th birthday, the boutique shop Instant Vintage kindly invited us to join them for an evening of canapés, drinks and discounts at their shop in beautiful Bath. Never ones to turn down a free glass of Pimms, we gladly accepted and hot footed it over there on the train last Thursday evening. And what a treat it was too! They had obviously been working very hard to ensure their guests had a dapper old time, even decking out a usually unused terrace area with fake grass, bunting and giant poms poms. It was a lovely space to sit and have a drink and eat delicious cupcakes! We would gladly have stayed  sat there all evening!







When we finally wrenched ourselves away from the seating area (and the Pimms), we duly took advantage of the 20% discount on offer!



Victoria: I am shamed to say that I’ve only visited Bath a handful of times, and I have never had the chance to visit Instant Vintage before. Boy, have I been missing out! The shop is light and airy, with plenty of space to browse. Considering how long Jo and I were browsing on Thursday, I felt no pressure from the friendly staff to buy or to hurry. In fact we were invited to stay longer for more Pimms! Instant Vintage’s ever changing line of pretty dresses, blouses and accessories will now be irresistible each time I am in Bath. Heck, I’d even make the journey to purchase something extra special from this brilliant boutique.

I kept my vintage inspired look quite simple and wore one of my favourite M&S dresses, which I cheekily picked up from a car boot sale several years ago for the outrageously low sum of £1. It’s certainly my best bargain to date. I find the peach polka dot dress to be rather  flattering, as the matching belt clinches in at the waist, creating shape to an otherwise simple dress. My tan shoes are from New Look and my amazing costume popcorn ring is from a boutique in Croatia.


DSC_0130Jo: As a frequent visitor, and former resident, of Bath, I am a seasoned Instant Vintage shopper and was absolutely delighted at the prospect of spending an entire evening pursuing their wares. I already own quite a few of their items and find that they always draw compliments. I remember when it first opened, receiving a text from a friend to say that a new shop had appeared and that it “looked my sort of thing”. Oh how right they were! From the moment I set eyes on their window display of perfectly pretty vintage inspired offerings I knew that this was a shop I could get on board with! I was also quietly impressed with the prices as Bath boutiques, as wonderful as they are, aren’t exactly known for their affordability! This, however, was most definitely a shop which allowed me to buy something a little bit different but without having to feel guilty!

For the occasion I dug out a beautiful white Instant Vintage dress which I bought about three years ago. For me it completely embodies what I love about them. It is extremely pretty, made from great quality material and has those lovely vintage influences throughout. I wore it with polka-dot tights from M&S, Florence and Fred shoes and an Olivia Burton watch. My sunglasses (which have since been firmly packed away!) are from Red or Dead.


Thanks for a great evening Instant Vintage and here’s to the next five years!



Workwear Wednesday #2


It has been a little while since the first Workwear Wednesday post but now that summer has arrived (yes, I consider 17 degrees to be summer) so too has my desire to go for after work drinks. Funny that. This hot weather (yes, I consider 17 degrees to be hot) raises the age old question of what to wear to work that will keep a girl cool but at the same time not look too casual. I’ll admit this probably doesn’t sound too tricky, but I really do struggle with the summer months. I remember going to an interview on one of the hottest days of the year to which I wore trousers, boots, a blouse AND a cardigan because I was so worried about looking too casual. 

When the sun appeared at the start of the week, I had a little raid of my wardrobe and dismissed a variety of dresses for either having the right hem line but for being too low cut/strappy or for having a nice conservative top half but being an inappropriate length. Hurummph. Now, obviously different work places have different expectations of your appearance but, for the record, I don’t have to be ‘business smart’ but a strappy top or bare legs would certainly be frowned upon and a general degree of smartness is certainly expected and encouraged.

Yesterday I settled on a yellow and white stripy dress that I picked up at an Oasis sale. It’s lovely and summery and keeps me cool all day but I can happily stroll around work without my blazer on and the length is nicely conservative. Most importantly however, I would also happily wear this out of work. I hate (HATE) buying things that are only for work. It pretty much sucks the joy out of shopping and is something I rarely do; in fact the last time was probably for the dreaded smart grey trousers that I wore to the aforementioned interview.

DSC_0064 (1)


My navy blazer is from Topshop and, as I came to completely rely on it last summer, I actually own it in two colours.  I am hoping that they bring out something similar this year (although I’ve heard Primark have them). The jersey material and arm length make it perfect for summery work days and as well as going with pretty much everything, they also make every outfit look instantly smarter. I also wore my new M&S nude polka dot tights which I am very excited about as there’s just something about plain old nude tights that irritates me, they just seem a bit pointless. Polka dots, however, are certainly not pointless. I love you, polka dots. The shiny shiny shoes are from New Look



Victoria and I went to St Nick’s Night Market in Bristol and sampled a lot of food and not nearly enough gin. It was a lovely way to spend a summers evening and we got to try some wonderful cuisine. Victoria looked super lovely in her dress from Boohoo, a Miss Selfridge jacket and brogues from Clarks.


Hem and Away: Manchester & Knutsford

This weekend the boy and I ventured North in order to see The Postal Service at Manchester Academy. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to break out my beloved Nishe hot air balloon dress from ASOS. I don’t really need much encouragement as it’s so much fun and I absolutely love wearing it.  There was no attempt at blending into the crowd for me as I teamed it with a bright yellow cardigan from Gap, spotty tights from M&S and my new Topshop shoes (yes I know, who wears new white shoes to a gig? I’m an idiot).

photo (6)

photophoto (2)

P1030042 P1030040


On the Sunday we went to Knutsford for a family roast dinner. We were slightly early so decided to take this opportunity to have a little explore. Little did we know that we were about to discover the holy grail for penny-farthing enthusiasts in the form of The Courtyard Coffee House and Restaurant, also known as the home of the largest collection of penny-farthings. How could we resist such an opportunity? We didn’t have much time left but decided to take a seat in the courtyard and order a hot drink. It was very difficult to abstain from eating the many delicious cakes on offer but we knew our hosts wouldn’t be thrilled if we turned up with no appetite left!


photo (5)

photo (1)

photo (3)

photo (4)

It was a jolly great and unexpected way to spend our Sunday morning! It was such a charming place and I absolutely cannot wait to go back and try out the menu properly. I wore my umbrella print blouse from Ever Ours and my jeans are from Topshop.

Roll on the Bank Holiday weekend!


Workwear Wednesday #1

You suck, Wednesday.

I surely can’t be the only person who totally hates Wednesdays? I am now completely ready for the weekend to begin and yet for some cruel reason we have another two whole days to go. How can I possibly get over this news? Well, with weekly 2-4-1 cocktails of course!

P1030023This boozy little arrangement was initiated just last week when the sun was out and everyone in the city simultaneously decided to get outside and pretend that they didn’t have to get up and go to work the next day. Myself, Victoria and some friends joined the masses in descending on the newly opened Caribbean restaurant, Turtle Bay, that offers a happy hour that actually lasts for 7 (SEVEN) hours in total.  Despite the sun pulling a fast one on us, our midweek drinking club carried on unperturbed, as we continued working our way working through the fabulous cocktail menu. The drinks we have tried so far have all been magnificent and the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. If you live in Bristol you should definitely pay them a visit. 

P1030030 P1030026 P1030029 P1030034

I find dressing for work pretty difficult, especially in the summer months, and seem to resort to being quite lazy with my choices. I’m hoping that this blog (and the threat of seeing my friends straight after work!) will give me the boost I need to really think about what I am wearing and perhaps inspire me to try new things. Victoria and I are hoping to turn this into a weekly working wardrobe feature so fingers crossed the cocktails keep coming! 

P1030038 P1030036 P1030022

Today I wore a dress that I picked up in the Jaeger sale a few weeks ago. It was reduced to £45 from £160 and seeing as Jaeger is the sort of shop I usually stand outside of feeling poor, this was a small sale victory for me. At £45 it’s still a bit extravagant for a work dress but I know I will be able to wear it all year round and it’s such a great length. I can probably stop justifying it to you now.

I wore it with polka-dot tights from M&S, Topshop boots, my trusty old H&M cardigan and a satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. I bought the necklace from The POD Company shop in Clifton during my lunch break as I absolutely adore anything which incorporates a good clock. I have seen (and own) many variations of clock necklaces but I think this one is especially beautiful and for £9.95 it was only ever destined for the till.

Have a lovely Thursday!


Blouse power

Oh pretty blouses, why has it taken me so long to discover you?  I follow a lot (seriously, it’s obscene) of OOTD blogs, instagrams and tweets and recently blouses just seem to be popping up here there and everywhere. They are being worn with the obvious shorts/skirts/trousers combos but more excitingly to me they look so great teamed with cute pinafores and under dresses. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of blouse wearing! Plus they look just as good being worn for work as they do for play. The blouse, dear reader, is an all rounder.

I finally took the plunge into blouse world after seeing this one from Ever Ours featured by Amy from The Little Magpie blog. Once I visited the Ever Ours website I went on a bit of a blouse buying frenzy and had to have a little sit down and a cup of tea afterwards. That website is full of such lovely things!

Umbrella Peter Pan Collar Blouse from Ever Ours

I mean seriously, this blouse has umbrellas on it and possibly the greatest collar I’ve ever seen and it’s only £18! What’s not to love?

After all this excitement, Victoria and I went on a little blouse wearing excursion over the bank holiday weekend. It was at this point we discovered that they are the perfect thing to throw on after a long day of basking in the sunshine.







Victoria’s puuurfect blouse (sorry) is from Modcloth and she wore it with shorts from Dorothy Perkins, tights from M&S, a satchel from Florence & Fred and shoes from H&M.  My heart print blouse is from Ever Ours and I wore it with a skirt from Bath based boutique Instant Vintage, an M&S satchel and shoes from Shellys.

 I am now trying to track down the perfect pinafore to wear with my new purchases!