A She and Hem Storybook

A She and Hem Storybook | Poppy EnglandA She and Hem Storybook | Poppy England

Since taking the leap from avid blog readers, to bonny bona fide bloggers, we have been fortunate enough to be offered some wonderful opportunities that neither of us would ever previously have dreamed of. Each time an amazing email arrives in our inbox or when we receive an extra special tweet, we have to pinch ourselves that individuals and brands we have loved and coveted, often for much of our adult lives, enjoy our blog and value the time and effort we put in to making sure each post is special. There are the hours spent on Thesaurus.com trying to expand explicate our vocabularies lexicon, the sifting through the 99% of blog photos where our eyes are shut, flies are undone or we just look too awkward. Not to mention the cost of the constant stream of make up it takes to make us look half decent. Blogging can be time consuming and often a bit of a challenge, but we blooming love it. We get to work on our hobby on a daily basis! Quite honestly, even in the short space of time since we launched in 2013, She and Hem has been life changing.

A She and Hem Storybook | Poppy EnglandA She and Hem Storybook | Poppy EnglandA She and Hem Storybook | Poppy England

One of our most magical blogging days so far came in the form of the most fun we have ever had a photoshoot with Poppy. A brand we had featured time and time (and time) again before we had met, as we both absolutely adore every charming storybook inspired piece they design. Sometimes it’s OK to fangirl. Want to know a secret? Of course you do! Well, we’ve seen their new collection, and much like the Snowstorm collection featured here, it is all magnificent!

A She and Hem Storybook | Poppy EnglandA She and Hem Storybook | Poppy EnglandA She and Hem Storybook | Poppy EnglandA She and Hem Storybook | Poppy England

Thank you to Bryony and everyone at Poppy for being so awesome and creating some of our favourite ever photos. You rock!


Double Thumbs Dresses #32

Hi! It’s DT time again! Your weekly round-up of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. I can tell you folks, this week’s list has been an easy peasy one to put together! No multi-tab browsing break down for me this week! No siree!

Balloon Me up Dress (8)
Balloon Me Up Dress £65.80 from Miss Patina

We begin with this floaty little number from Miss Patina. I love a good hot air balloon print and this, dear friends, is a GREAT hot air balloon print! It looks like it would be perfect for summer and I’m quite a fan of the skirt/top style (there’s probably a better description than that but it escapes me right now). Excellent work.

Grace Dress in Black and White Cats £98 from Poppy
Grace  in Black and White Cat Dress £98 from Poppy

We haven’t had a cat dress for a while, have we? Hopefully not as I’ve got two for you this week! First up is this delightful monochrome number from Poppy. I love their signature 50s shape, truly perfect for twirling, and those black cats are nice and BIG. Declaring yourself as a cat lover should never be done subtly.

Map Happy Dress $92.99 by Nice Things from Modcloth
Map Happy Dress $92.99 by Nice Things from Modcloth

Whenever I fall for a dress on our beloved Modcloth (which is often), I always check that it isn’t actually from a UK based company before spending $$$$ on shipping (and tax! don’t forget the tax!). They stock a lot of  great international brands and I’m betting I’d be pretty annoyed if I accidentally imported an Emily & Fin dress. Anyhoo, this map print dress isn’t from a UK company but it is from a Spanish one and, although my translation skills aren’t that awesome, I reckon people on this side of the Atlantic would find it cheaper to order directly from them. Nice Things has the dress for 75 euros (about £60).

Eggs and Shakin' Dress $84.99 from Modcoth
Eggs and Shakin’ Dress $84.99 from Modcoth

This Modcloth dress, however, appears to be all American and proud. It’s also completely incrEDIBLE and covered in all of my favourite things! Eggs, bacon, PANCAKES, coffee, doughnuts and pears. Yes, pears! What of it? I am basically all about this dress. I don’t even care about the shipping (and the tax! don’t forget the tax!). Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #32

Double Thumbs Dresses #12

Hello hello! I’m back with another round-up of the dresses worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval. It’s all gone a little bit autumnal outside so I have gone a bit sleeve crazy with all but one dress up for the job of keeping your arms cosy. I would also like to include the warning that this edition is not for penny pinchers! Enjoy!

Beatrice Dress in Cocoa £149 from Poppy Children
Beatrice Dress Chocolate Shop in Plum £149 from Poppy Children
Beatrice Lollipop in Orange £149 from Poppy Children

Holy incr-edible dresses, Batman! Look what we have here! A trio of tasty delights! You may remember way back in Double Thumbs Dresses #4 I stumbled upon Poppy Clothing who base all of their collections on the stories of Poppy and her dog Fred. It’s an adorable concept and one which was duly deserving of the Double Thumbs crown. However, when checking out their new Autumn Winter collection I hadn’t anticipated that Poppy and Fred’s adventures would take them to a chocolate shop! A CHOCOLATE SHOP! This just got serious! I simply couldn’t pick between the lollies, chocolate and more chocolate on offer (what normal person can?) and so decided to do the unprecedented and present you with three dresses.

I adore everything. The lovely shapes, the beautiful colours, the gorgeously playful prints and the really brilliant way that Poppy themselves style their dresses with jazzy tights and cute cardigans. I’m going to have to begin saving my penny sweets as sadly the prices, although surely justified, are currently slightly beyond my reach. I seriously recommend checking out the website as they also sell some lovely, and affordable, accessories.

Navy Belted Panda Dress £30.40 (reduced from £38) by H! Henry Holland for Debenhams

You’ll cause pandamonium in this wonderful dress from the beautiful H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams! He’s never one to shy away from a novelty print, not unlike myself, and has certainly excelled himself with this one.

Silk Long Sleeve Dress £69.90 from Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo

Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #12