Double Thumbs Dresses #29

Hello one and all and welcome back to your weekly (ahem) roundup of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. You might have noticed that we skipped a week last week so, by way of an apology, I have made this one slightly longer. I know, I really do spoil you.

Shirt Dress in Multi £90 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Shirt Dress in Multi £90 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Monochrome Tea Dress £110 from Orla Kiely People Tree
Monochrome Tea Dress £110 from Orla Kiely People Tree
Collar Dress in Pink £85 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Collar Dress in Pink £85 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Evette Dress in Green Balloon Print £65 from People Tree
Evette Dress in Green Balloon Print £65 from People Tree

   Right, so, this is a little unprecedented but first up we have FOUR dresses from the rather brilliant, People Tree. The first three form part of their ongoing collaboration with Orla Kiely, who I know we have been relentlessly banging on about recently but I can’t help it if she keeps bringing the pretty to the party. This new collaboration features three dancing girl silhouette prints and they are all so SO great. I really couldn’t choose just one so I’ve had to go with three but I could easily have chosen more. Yikes. And just when I thought I was safe I spied the balloon print dress and practically combusted at my computer. What the heck, People Tree? Are you deliberately trying to bankrupt me?

Grace Dress in Floats print £148.40

Oh good, more reasons to spend all my money! The new Poppy collection landed this week and as usual it’s perfect. This time they have embraced bright bold colours as their characters, Poppy and Fred, take Mr Giraffe to the seaside. I don’t know what party balloons have got to do with giraffes at the seaside but if the result is always this pretty, I’m on board. No, I’m not drunk. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #29

Double Thumbs Dresses #4

Blimey! It’s only time for our weekly round-up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval. Let’s get started!

Beatrice Dress Sweet shop Capped Sleeve £119 from Poppy

If you have read our recent Height of Fashion blog post you will remember that I made a wondrous discovery in Poppy, who essentially make beautiful little girls dresses but for big girls too. Each of their designs are based around the adventures of a little girl called Poppy and her dog Fred, and your dress even comes with its own storybook for you to read. It really is as great as it sounds and ideally I would like to own everything they sell. Of all of their dresses this 1950’s inspired sweet shop dress is at the top of my list. It features row upon row of illustrated sweet jars, making you look good enough to eat.

Fruity Prom Dress £58 by Sugarhill Boutique from Oliver Bonas

This fruity little number from Sugarhill Boutique will really get your mouth watering. It is made out of a lovely silky fabric making it perfect for summer and that gathered waist will be super flattering, hurrah! If that wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing it also has a very very fun lattice design on the back, which is something you can remind yourself when you are justifying the £58 price tag. Sugarhill Boutique have a slightly different version of this dress on their own website (here) but this particular number, complete with fun lattice, is another brilliant Oliver Bonas exclusive.

Lucy Dress Blue Boat Print £59 by Emily and Fin from Kiki’s Boutique

There will be no need to fish for compliments in this boat print number by Emily and Fin from Kiki’s Boutique. This a-line dress is gathered at the waist and has a concealed zip for maximum flattery potential. Like all great dresses it also has pockets so that you can safely stowaway your Fisherman’s Friend or, more likely, your Vaseline.

Miss Real Blue and Gold Floral Jacquard Bow Dress £29.99 from New Look

Well hello there shiny new party dress! This vintage inspired beauty from New Look is a real gem. It’s just gorgeous and looks so much more expensive than £29.99, dontchathink? It has a beautiful print and shape, plus it has a great big bow on the neckline.  Throw on some heels and gold jewelry and you, my dear reader, are the best dressed gal in the room. Don’t go looking for it in store though, you’ll look like a right wally, as it’s only available online. 

Time for Tea 1950’s Day Dress £85 from 20th Century Foxy

Before you start a stampede for this stunning tea themed tea dress I would like to point out that it is currently sold out. Please don’t hurt me! I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as it has possibly the most darling print I have ever seen! With it’s classic 50’s shape and cross over neckline it would be the perfect dress for swooshing around in. Perhaps if we all think positive thoughts the nice people at 20th Century Foxy might make some more just for us and then we can all sit around and be fabulous together. 

Oasis Rose Print Dress £75 exclusive to ASOS

Oasis really are on a roll at the moment! It’s just beautiful dress after beautiful dress, I can barely keep up! This blooming marvelous rose print dress is exclusive to ASOS and despite being big on the florals it isn’t too chintzy. It has an underwear friendly cut out detail on the back and a low, but not too low, neckline.  As usual the only thorny issue is the price as at £75, being an Oasis fan isn’t exactly fun for the finances. The good news is that both ASOS and Oasis know how to throw a killer sale, so hopefully with their powers combined, we will be able to go on a dress frenzy in the near future.

Lace Skater Dress £48 from Oasis

See what I mean? Another beautiful Oasis number. This simple skater dress is just so pretty and easy to wear. Oh how I do love a dress that can just be thrown on anytime and will look great. It is also the colour of sunshine meaning you will cheer up everyone you encounter, guaranteed.

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The height of fashion


I might be sticking my neck out here but I think giraffes are the next big thing in fashion. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of these.

I would obviously recommend viewing this post using Safari.

Giraffe Print Scarf £6 from ASOS

First up we have this lovely ASOS scarf. It’s an absolutely gorgeous colour and has great big giraffe silhouettes roaming all over it. What’s not to love? The news just keeps getting better though as it’s currently in the sale for £6. Your neck will thank you.

Kissing Giraffe Pleated Skirt £38 from Topshop

Topshop appear to have the monopoly on giraffe prints (seriously, go type ‘giraffe’ into their search) but I think this skirt is the pick of the bunch. I mean, the giraffes are kissing (insert necking joke here)! on your skirt! THAT’S SO CUTE. It does look quite short but you could just throw it on over leggings and head out on your merry way.

Giraffe Print Top £25.99 from Zara

I am a big fan of this giraffe top from Zara. It looks lovely and light, so perfect for summer wear,  it looks super flattering and the different colours and prints on the giraffes make it that bit more unusual.  A perfect top to throw on with jeans and head to the pub in.

Bronti Giraffe Print Shirt £70 from Tommy Hilfiger

Now this is what you call a Fun Shirt. I was pretty much sold on the yellow giraffes alone but then I noticed that the collar and cuffs have their own jazzy giraffe print! That’s almost too fun. Put your feet up Tommy Hillfiger, you’ve earned it.

Black Sheer Giraffe Tights £8.50 from Topshop

See what I mean about Topshop? How great are these tights?!! I am currently stuck in a polka dot tight rut and I think these might just be the tights to break the habit. I haven’t managed to track them down in store just yet but I’m off to London this week so it’s really only a matter of time. In my head they will go with absolutely everything I own. Fingers crossed the reality meets up to the expectation.

Afternoon Safari Pencil Skirt £98 from Anthropologie

Here’s Anthropologie showing us how to do the ‘sensible giraffe’. This skirt has a great shape that will really flatter. It’s a tad pricey but you could get away with wearing it all year round and would lend itself to work and play. And did I mention it has pockets? It has pockets.

Safari As I Know It Dress $49.99 (£34) from Modcloth

Goodness me Modcloth really do have something to suit every occasion don’t they? I constantly find myself completely overwhelmed by how many brilliant things they have. If only they weren’t so far away! This bubblegum pink dress is just another thing to add to my ever growing wishlist and just screams adorable.  I am loving the length, the belted waist and the choice of colours used for the giraffes, some of them even have little polka-dots!  The only down side is the keyhole design used on the back which means I would definitely be resort to wearing it with a cardigan most of the time.

Beatrice Dress London in Mustard £125.99 from Poppy

I am surely not the only person who often feels burning rage that they don’t make little girls clothes in adult sizes.  They always get the cutest stuff! Well, I shall be frustrated no more as I have now discovered possibly the great place on earth in Poppy. They make their own original storybook inspired outfits for children AND adults. In your face, pesky children. I literally squealed looking through all the adorable clothes on offer. All of the designs are based on the adventures of ‘Poppy’ who in this particular dress is seeing the sights of London whilst riding a giraffe (I know, right?). I really love it in mustard  but it does comes in other colours and is extremely versatile as you can wear it with the v neck at the front or back. Swoon.