Special Feature: A Lovely Red Dress from New Look

Hey Hemsters,

New Look have been knocking it out of the park recently in the style stakes, whatever the devil those may be! Regardless, they really do seem to have upped their game with an abundance of lovely jumpers, skirts, coats and shoes available.  Of course, those of you who read regularly will know that a fair old number of their delightful dresses have been cropping up in our Double Thumbs Dresses feature, so it was therefore no great surprise that when New Look contacted us about putting together our own Wish Lists that we went straight for the frocks, specifically the red ones! Phwoar.

Victoria and I have each selected our favourite red dresses and we surprised ourselves by not overlapping once (although you may spot a certain heart print similarity!). So, without a further ado! Here are our fancies!

Jo: New Look - A Lovely Red Dress

I’m not particularly fond of a BRIGHT IN YOUR FACE RED as I don’t Continue reading Special Feature: A Lovely Red Dress from New Look