Accessories to Murder #15

Hello and welcome to the 15th Accessories to Murder. I’m pretty excited about this one, not only is it chock-full of food and felines, but it features possibly the best clutch bag ever! It’s so magnificent that I’m not going to waste anymore of your time on this ‘ere intro and just let you go and swoon over its embroidered beauty. You’re welcome.

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Alice in Wonderland Clutch | Olympia La Tan | £1,015

Ok, so it’s jolly expensive but a girl can dream, right? Enjoyable Moby Dick and Mary Poppins editions are also available, but hurry, as these clutches are so special that only 16 of each have been made. You will be so pleased to discover that I’ve done the fashion maths and if all of our twitter followers lend me £1.34, it shall be mine!

She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #15
Lucky Team Watch | ASOS | £30

It will always be burger’o’clock with this Lucky Team watch from ASOS. It’s fun, functional and features cheese. What else do you want from a watch? If that tickles your pickle, how about the matching phone case below from New Look , or these quite excellent socks from M&Co? Meaty!

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Burger Phone Case | £4.99 | New Look
She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #15
Pink Cat Bag | Chelsea Doll | £18
Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Sleeping Cat Bag | ASOS | £18

These cute kitties could be catching some Zzzzzzz’s, or merely showing off their exceptionally long eyelashes. Either way, they are pretty darn cute. Which do you prefer? I’m totally feline the black one…

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
iPhone Cover | Zara | £12.99

We all know that cereal is amazing and if I lived alone, it would probably be the only thing I would eat. If you are not a part of the breakfast (fan)club, it also comes in what I call, ‘banging bagel’.

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Cat Slippers | Shoon | £39.99

Now, I wouldn’t normally recommend chopping a cat in half, but if it’s for the sake of a great pair of slippers, I am willing to turn a blind eye on this occasion. My Topshop cat slippers are coming to the end of their 9th life, and when they do I will definitely be heading to Shoon.

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Burger Necklace | Chelsea Doll | £9
Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Milkshake Necklace | Chelsea Doll | £8

Time for the last burger item, and what a whopper! I’m a big fan of ‘online dressing up box’ Chelsea Doll and their quirky accessories. This milkshake necklace is made to be worn to one of our favourite places to visit in Bristol, Rocotillos.


All Hail the Sale


We are only two days in to January and I am already struggling to contain my willpower when it comes to the sales. After indulging so much over Christmas, it always seems crazy to splurge on new things in the New Year but with so many massive discounts around it can be very hard to resist. I’ve rounded up my current wish-list and will be keeping a beady eye out for further reductions. Those of you who follow us on Instagram will know that I have already caved and bought the Topshop shoes! So shiny.

Cooperative Velvet Trim Doll Coat £30 (was £125) from Urban Outfitters
MARTIE T Bar Geek Shoes £10 (was £32) from Topshop
Granny's attic mini bag WAS £42 NOW £21
Granny’s attic mini bag £21 (was £42) from Aspire Style
Louche Hender Fluffy Jumper £25 (was £45) from Joy

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