Accessories to Murder #22

Hello and welcome to the 22nd Accessories to Murder! I don’t know about you, but we are feeling 22. Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

ASOS METAPHOR Embellished Flat Shoes | ASOS | She and Hem
ASOS METAPHOR Embellished Flat Shoes | £40.00 | ASOS

Glitter? Check! Embellishments? Check! Flat enough to run for the bus? Check! My friends, I think I’ve found the jazziest pair of flats that money can buy. If you can find a more exciting pair of flats (good luck!), send those links my way, or drop them in the comments below. Whatever kind of shoe I’m looking for, I can always find something I like on ASOS, especially when it comes to the more colourful option. 

Clarks Block Heel | Clarks | She and Hem
Chinaberry Fun Shoes | £65 | Clarks

If you haven’t seen these Clarks block heels yet, where the heck have you been? Seriously, get yourself over to the Clarks website because they are on fire at the moment. So many dazzling designs! I am so taken by the chalk colour of these retro beauties. If you’re not so keen, they also come in more subtle shades of fuchsia and black suede

BLINGSTER BRONTO rainbow fun sunglases | Spangle | She and Hem
BLINGSTER BRONTO Rainbow Rims | £48 | Spangled

Last week I asked on Twitter if anyone knew where I could find a pair of really fun sunglasses ready for London Fashion Week, and the lovely and wise @cloveroverover pointed me in the direction of Spangled. My goodness, I’ve never such a bright, original and eye-popping collection. As a not so secret Jurassic Park fan, I thought these yellow and blue dinotastic specs were pretty roar-some, with some truly TRex-cellent colouring. Popping these bad boys on will ensure you get a raptor-ous reception, wherever you go. 

Rounded sunglasses | Mango | She and Hem
Rounded Sunglasses | £19.99 | Mango

Sometimes I feel confident enough to wear multicoloured glasses with plastic dinosaurs and sequins on, but other times I just want to hide behind the largest sunglasses I can find and watch the world go by. These rounded Mango frames are perfect for the latter. They are just as striking, but in a completely different, more refined way. With that delicate and glorious shade of gold, I’m sold. 

Grey structured winged tote handbag | River Island | She and Hem
Grey Structured Winged Tote Handbag | £47.00 | River Island

How cute is this structured winged tote from River Island? Very is the answer. I just can’t take my eyes off it! Oh yes, and it just so happens to be in serenity blue and rose quartz, the colours of the season. You can use the two top handles, or if you are on the move, just whack on the shoulder strap. 

Apothecary Print Travel Wallet | Yumi | She and Hem
Apothecary Print Travel Wallet | £32.00 | Yumi

Last, but not least, is this cheeky little find from Yumi. Now, we’ve written about Yumi quite a few times, but in the past we’ve focused on their boots, coats and dresses. I’ve sinced discovered they also so blooming great accessories, like this quirky travel wallet. With items this great, I predict that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Yumi in future Accessories to Murder posts! 

Until next week, keep accessorizing!



Make like a blogger and Split

I recently escaped the rain of Blighty when James and I jumped on a plane to sunny Split in Croatia for a week of ridiculous relaxation! And ice cream. So much ice cream.

Split became our destination of choice after some unsophisticated research which saw us work out that it was the cheapest, hottest place one can fly to from Bristol in August. I think our return flight was £30! DEAL. Thank you for existing, EasyJet. Anyway, it turned out to be a top decision as it’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world and has left me desperate to go back and explore more of Croatia. Or CroYAYtia as they clearly should call it.

It was around 40 degrees the entire time we were there which blissfully meant it was a real struggle to do anything that didn’t involve lying by the sea. As a couple who usually have itchy feet to explore everything and anything whilst on holiday (we once went on a six hour round trip to see a giant fork whilst holidaying in Switzerland, I kid you not) it was rather nice to be forced to relax! It also proved the perfect opportunity to road test my new Karl Lagerfeld prescription sunglasses from Specsavers*. Although I’ve been wearing them at home, it was only when I was sunbathing and reading at the same time that I truly realised what an idiot I am for not having had prescription sunglasses before! Plus they look pretty chic too, right?

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m really keen to go back so if anyone has any top Croatia tips or places to visit I would love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below.


Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

Once in a blue moon I step away from my favourite dress shapes and styles and have a whirl at something new, which is exactly what happened when I caught a glimpse of this blue crepe shift dress from George (which has just been reduced to EIGHT POUNDS in their Holiday Shop!). Now, the loose shape is not one that I imagined would be that flattering, but I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out, I really like crepe. Not as much as I like crêpes, but almost! Next time I think I’ll wear it with a belt, but I haven’t found the perfect one just yet.

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem
Dress and Sunglasses George* | Bag Ebay | Sandals Treds*

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

If you follow us on Twitter you will know that I braved bare legs and sandals for this first time this year last week and boy did I have passers by reaching for their sunglasses in horror. Embrace the pastiness I say! Anyway, if you have disproportionately big feet like myself and Paris Hilton, you will know that sandals can sometimes look pretty preposterous. This is why I’m a fan of the subtle sandal. I like to keep it simple to achieve aa dainty as look as possible, something of a challenge for the clown footed. These black beauties from Treds really came up trumps!

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

Outfit of the Day: Black and Blue She and Hem

Sticking to my black and blue theme I pulled this cartoon bag out of my wardrobe that I purchased last year from Ebay. It’s awesome right? It’s cartoon styling blows my tiny mind.

Victoria x