Out of the Bluestone

Out of the Bluestone
Dresses L-R from Primark (in-store) and Sugarhill Boutique* (here)

Out of the Bluestone Out of the Bluestone

Out of the Bluestone
Victoria: Jumper Sugarhill Boutique* (here), Jeans Topshop (here), Sneakers Superga* (here). Jo: Jumper Boden (old), Jeans Topshop (here), Sneakers Superga* (here)

Out of the Bluestone Out of the BluestoneOut of the Bluestone

*make a cup of tea – this is a long one*

Along with our lovely husbands, James and Andrew, we recently took the girls to Bluestone National Park Resort for their very first holiday. For our first trip away we wanted somewhere that wasn’t too far, so at just over two hours in the car this Welsh delight was perfect! If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you may remember we visited Bluestone a couple of years ago (back when we were footloose and fancy free) to review their adult only packages. We were really looking forward to going back and seeing it through a fresh pair of new parent eyes and found it quite amazing what you don’t notice before you have children! Bluestone is perfectly geared up for little and big kids with plenty of activities for even the babies (they offer baby sensory, massage and yoga although our top tip would be to book in advance as we missed out on the sensory class). We really appreciated just how easy everything was made for us, even eating out was a breeze thanks to how child friendly all the facilities are. All restaurants should have a buggy park!

We stayed in the six person Skomer Lodge which was slightly luxurious thanks to its three beds and three bathrooms situation. The girls really appreciated having their own bathrooms – we just can’t drag them away from the mirror! We were all slightly nervous about attempting a holiday with two such young babies but thanks to the amount of space we had, we were never under each others feet and it was very easy for one baby to be crying in the night and not disturb the other. A big relief for us all! If you’ve got bigger children, all the lodges have lots of lovely outside space for running around in or for even bigger kids (hi) for drinking prosecco and eating fish and chips from the onsite posh fish and chip van. We were even visited by some friendly rabbits and ducks!
Out of the Bluestone Out of the Bluestone Out of the Bluestone Out of the BluestoneOut of the Bluestone Out of the Bluestone Out of the BluestoneOut of the BluestoneWe were #blessed with good weather so made the most of being in such a beautiful part of the world by exploring and spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors. One of our favourite things we did whilst away was the very pretty nature trail. Poppy and Ada actually slept through the whole thing but we had a lovely time admiring the bluebells, fairy houses, and giant fox sculptures! After a lovely long walk, we ended up at the picturesque Camp Smokey for a quick marshmallow break and some sing songs round the bonfire. Last time we visited we only ventured here during the evening but actually much preferred it in the day. It was so peaceful and it felt very special being there with the babies. Yeehaw!
Out of the Bluestone

We love this photo of the girls! We are hoping to take the same photo of them every time we go back to Bluestone!

Out of the Bluestone
Victoria: Shirt Boden* (here), Skirt Boden (old). Jo: Shirt Sugarhill Boutique* (here), Skirt Boden* (here)

Out of the BluestoneOut of the Bluestone Out of the Bluestone Out of the Bluestone

It wouldn’t be a She and Hem holiday if we didn’t try and eat all of the desserts on offer. We loved the ice cream milkshakes at Ty Coffi and set ourselves the challenge of trying every flavour! They were so good! However, the star of the holiday has to be those ridiculous freakshakes. Oh my goodness what a treat. When ordering, the waitress was curious to know how many people would be sharing the shakes and was somewhat shocked to discover that we had one each. Did we regret it? Heck no. We probably shouldn’t mention that we then went on to have a spaghetti bolognaise should we… To combat our sugar high we left the boys with the babies and booked ourselves in for a two hour spa session. It was glorious and very much needed. In fact, whilst sitting in the outdoor jacuzzi we got chatting and soon realised that everyone there was a mum having a bit of a break. We felt very rejuvenated and soaked up every second before bouncing back to our lovely little ladies and their equally lovely dads. The four of them had had a real blast while we were away.

We also had a blast swimming at the Blue Lagoon swimming pool. There’s an abundance of family-sized changing rooms (complete with baby changing tables – so useful) and the pool itself was extremely baby friendly. We took the girls in the special kiddy pool (they loved the bubbles!) and then braved the wave machine and the rapids! Such daredevils. The girls aren’t quite big enough for the flumes yet but, hey, there’s got to be some advantages to being a grown up! We must have been in the pool area for a good couple of hours which is crazy! We even did a couple of feeds whilst lounging in the poolside deckchairs.

Out of the Bluestone

Thanks for another lovely stay Bluestone! We will be back!

J&V (and A&P&A&J) xx

A massive massive thank you to Bluestone for inviting us. Although they really did spoil us rotten this review is 100% honest. 

People of Bristol

People of Bristol | She and Hem

Last week I (Victoria) woke up to the lovely surprise that I had been featured on People of Bristol, an awesome Instagram account that we follow. It was fellow Bristol blogger Lily from Lily Doughball who recognised me, presumably by my oh so subtle Peanut Butter jumper, and I was pretty chuffed about it. Thanks for the tip Lily!

People of Bristol is an account that posts illustrations of those who catch the eye of children’s and commercial illustrator Nicola Colton, and I was spotted waiting for my husband outside Cafe Kino, one of our favourite spots in Bristol. As it was a sunny, busy Saturday afternoon, he had popped into see if there was enough space to take the buggy in. Nicola captured me so well considering I must have been there, rocking my little one to and fro, for less than a minute or so. What a professional! Jo and I are hoping she might venture into blog illustrations…

Alongside my Peanut Butter jumper, I was also wearing my swimmers print ankle grazers (posted about here) from Laura Ashley with my faithful yellow Superga’s. Comfy, colourful and fun all round. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Nicola’s wonderful illustrations and to find out if anyone else spots themselves. Keep your eyes peeled, people of Bristol!

People of Bristol | She and Hem

People of Bristol | She and Hem

Check out the People of Bristol Instagram here and Nicola’s Instagram page here,


Anyone for Tennis?

She and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and Fin She and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and Fin

We’ve been making such a racket about Emily and Fin’s sports collection for SO LONG. Seriously, we were lucky enough to have a sneaky peek last year, which you can watch in this vlog, and we’ve been desperate to get our hands on the collection ever since! Our favourites are the green Anyone for Tennis?* dress in the Lucy style and the red Abigail style Serve it Up* dress. There’s Novak denying, they are both incredible prints.

We really wanted to do the dresses justice, so we embraced our inner Venus and Serena, purchased some vintage tennis rackets (like you do) and wandered down to our local tennis club. In true She and Hem style, it turned out to be shut, so we got our tennis elbows out and had an impromptu game, and a lie down, in the park instead! Probably not what Sharapova gets up to in her spare time (and she’s got a lot of spare time), but we had lots of fun. Party at the net!

She and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and Fin

In addition to our vintage rackets and yellow balls, we accessorised these fun dresses with a very game set of matching trainers from Superga* in Dusty Rose and Turquoise. Our super colourful textured jumpers seen above are from Louche at Joy*. You’ll definitely be seeing these outfits pop up in a little over two weeks for the start of Wimbledon. Come on Tim!

She and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Anyone for Tennis? | Emily and FinWimbledone!


Round the Talacre Twist

Round the twist | Talacre | Boden Round the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | Boden

I hope you all like looking at photos of lighthouses! A few weeks ago, along with a group of chums, I attended the Stewart Lee ATP Festival in a gloriously sunny Prestatyn North Wales. This is a part of the World I had never been. Before we set off on our Welsh adventure I spent some time, as I always do, on good ol’ Instagram checking to see if there was anything I should try and see or consume whilst I was in the local area. It wasn’t long before I came across Point of Ayre lighthouse at Talacre which looked too good to miss! Built in 1776, the lighthouse fell into disuse in 1884 and has no shortage of spooky ghost stories attached to it. SOLD.

Round the twist | Talacre | Boden

It proved a big hit and we spent quite some time photographing it from every angle available and marveling at its very existence. I didn’t really set out to write a blog post about my time there but I thought the photos were so lovely and colourful that I would share them. Shout out to our beautiful friend Ellie (whose blog you should seriously check out) for placing herself in the most picture perfect position whilst surveying the scene. I love the photo of her above so much!

Round the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | Boden

I decided to match the sunshine in this beautiful yellow Dolly frock form Boden*. It’s such a lovely comfortable dress to wear thanks to the super light material and stretchy waistband (wahey more icecream for ME). I also flippin’ love the sleeves which are my dream length with a nice loose fit. One thing to note however is the wrap front design does mean there is a bit of a flap which meant I had quite a lot of fun retaining my modesty in the wind (and it was real windy) – thankfully I was wearing trusty black tights at the time so it wasn’t too much of an issue! I’ve worn it plenty of times since though and no flap flapping has been required, much to my relief and those close to me. I teamed the dress with matching yellow sunglasses from Boden* (similar here), my trusty Dusty Rose Superga* sneakers (perfect for attacking the mountainous sand dunes) and my pink festival wristband because I’m so hip like that.

Round the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | BodenRound the twist | Talacre | Boden

Have you visited any nice lighthouses recently?


Gaga for Superga

Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem

Whilst in Bath recently for Bath in Fashion, we stumbled across a new store that has recently opened, Superga. The store instantly caught our attention as it is filled with shoes of every colour imaginable. A great feet indeed! We popped in and got a little carried away trying on the Italian beauties. The store was so buzzing that we felt slightly embarrassed that we’d never heard of the brand before. Luckily, the staff didn’t give us the boot!

After trying on several (hundred) pairs and discounting any cobblers, we chose our favourites. Jo picked the Superga 2750 Jutau in Grey*, and Victoria went for the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in Sunflower*. We are total converts, especially after finding out fellow blonde duo Mary-Kate and Ashley were made creative directors for Superga US in 2011 and our girl crush Suki Waterhouse was their brand ambassador last year. Err, how do we apply for that job? If you are ever in London, Guildford or Bath, hightop it over to one of the seven UK stores and let us know which colour you choose!

Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem

Got to run, see you loafer!