Double Thumbs Dresses #34

Hello hello! It’s time for another roundup of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. This week even includes two of your recommended seven a day. You are very welcome.

Lemon Print Dress £18 from Tu Clothing At Sainsbury's
Lemon Print Dress £18 from Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s

Fruity frock number one comes courtesy of TU at Sainsbury’s! I spotted this one over on A Million Dresses blog and quickly fell for its vintage charm and that pricetag. Hello! I then proceeded to have a slight dress meltdown when I discovered that you can no longer order TU items online (it’s 2014 Sainsbury’s. I expect to at least be able to click + collect) but I needn’t have worried as my lovely Mum (Hi Mum) came to my rescue and picked one up for me. Apparently they are running quite low on certain sizes so GO NOW. RIGHT NOW.

Ditta Pineapple Dress £49 by Louche from Joy
Ditta Pineapple Dress £49 by Louche from Joy

But, hey, if you can’t be bothered to go to Sainsbury’s or you simply don’t fancy being a right lemon, Louche are here with some delightful pineapples. Available from wonder store, Joy, this lovely dress is just begging to be worn in the sunshine.  Perhaps whilst holding an outlandish cocktail.

Dress in Alice in Wonderland Print £205 by Paul & Joe Sister Exclusive to ASOS
Dress in Alice in Wonderland Print £205 by Paul & Joe Sister Exclusive to ASOS

I can’t afford this Alice in Wonderland (!!!) print Paul & Joe Sister dress but that hasn’t stopped me from adding it to my ASOS saved list in some ridiculous hope that one day it might be 75% off and I’ll have a discount code. A girl can dream.

Florida Bloom Mesh Dress £150 from French Connection
Florida Bloom Mesh Dress £150 from French Connection

The new French Connection collection is something to behold but I instantly fell for this super floaty fit and flare dress. What a hot mesh.

Daisy Jacquard Dress £70 from Oasis
Daisy Jacquard Dress £70 from Oasis

You might have already spotted this lovely daisy dress from Oasis on Taylor Swift as she was pictured wearing it whilst swanning around New York. It must have been high fives and back slaps ahoy at Oasis HQ this week, eh? Anyhoo, Old Swifto went for the navy version but I am personally rather partial to this peachy colour.

*Correction* Taylor was actually wearing this Oasis dress. They are pretty similar though.

Ribbon Detailed Flared Dress £65.00 from Warehouse
Ribbon Detailed Flared Dress £65 from Warehouse

I’ve got a lot of love for this ribbon detailed dress from Warehouse. it sort of reminds me of a May-pole! That’s a good thing. The colours are lovely too.

Macie Dress £85 from Coast
Macie Dress £85 from Coast

There are some lovely dresses on the Coast website at the moment but I was drawn to the beautiful scenic print featured on this Macie dress. I love those almost spooky looking trees! It’s all rather enchanting.

Bow Back Denim Smock Dress £42 from ASOS
Bow Back Denim Smock Dress £42 from ASOS

And we finish on this fantastic denim bow back dress from ASOS. It looks like it might give you some serious underwear dilemmas but crikey, look at it. It’s got a massive bow on the back! Yes please.


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Liebster Award 2013

We recently received a lovely tweet from Christina at Just So Fashion to say that she had nominated us for a Liebster Award, and had sent us 11 questions to answer. After a little bit of research we discovered that it is a fantastic way to discover more about bloggers and their blogs, with under 200 blog followers. Sorry if you have more and we’ve included you, it’s often hard to find out! Anyway, what a great way to spread some blogging love!

award 2

So, here are the rules

1. When you are nominated you have to answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you. The questions will be on their blog.

2. Then you choose 11 blogs to pass the award onto and tweet them to let them know you nominated them.

3. Choose 11 new questions for them to answer.

4. Put all this in your blog.

Here are our answers to the questions Christina asked us –

We completed our answers separately and we were really interested to see how similar they were. Enjoy!

Q1. What is your earliest memory of shopping for clothes?

JD – I remember my Mum taking me on lots shopping trips once I hit secondary school and letting me pick out new outfits for myself, no doubt in a bid to make me hip and trendy. I remember getting very excited in Tammy Girl and Pilot over all the tops but I was always slightly too small for Topshop, which was very distressing at the time! Regardless, I loved (still do!) going shopping with my Mum and she is no doubt responsible for making me the shopping addict I am today!

VT – On my 11th birthday my brother took me to Sole Trader to buy me some Kickers to wear to secondary school. He thought I would get bullied if my mum chose a pair for me. Bless.

Q2. Who is your celebrity style crush?

JD – There is nothing I wouldn’t do to get my hands on Taylor Swift’s wardrobe.  I want everything she wears! The music video of her cycling around Paris in a floaty skirt and cat shoes was too much for me. What Would Taylor Swift Wear?  ( is my favourite corner of the internet.

VT – Taylor Swift (post 2011!) for sure. I also love what Mollie King wears during her down time. I’m not a fan of the The Saturdays styling, but then I don’t think I’m their target audience…

Swift films in Paris

Q3. Marmite – Love it or hate it?

JD – Hate.

VT –It’s the only food I dislike. I absolutely hate everything about it. The smell, colour, consistency and taste. Gross!

Q4. If you could only take three items of clothing to a desert island what would they be?

JD – That’s so tough! I would probably take a really fun swimsuit so that I could take full advantage of the sun and sea. However, that means I would have to take spare underwear too, wouldn’t it? No one wants to wear their cozi after a day in the sea. I haven’t really thought this through, have I? Hmmmm I’m assuming it’s super-hot so having a swimsuit and pants would probably serve me well. I’d also take my ice lolly print dress from New Look because it’s fab and would look good thrown over a swimsuit AND underwear. Winner!

VT –I’d take really fun dress. I’d probably choose something from Modcloth, probably with cats on. An Orla Kiely ruffle bikini is surely a must. Topped off with the new Tatty Devine eyelash sunglasses. A complete mismatched #hotmess!

Q5. Primark or H&M?

JD – Primark all the way! I managed to get my hands on their yellow smock dress recently and it’s just the best.

VT – Primark. I find H&M a bit hit and miss, but I can pretty much always find something I like in Primark.

Q6. Favourite catwalk model of all time?

JD – Oh no! This is tough too! It would probably have to be between Gemma Ward and Miranda Kerr, I think they are both so beautiful! Oh, but I am also loving Daphne Groenvald at the moment – that face! Yeesh!


VT – I would say David Gandy, but ever since somebody highlighted his similarity to Dean Gaffney, I just can’t take him seriously. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Sophie Dahl.

gandy gaffney

Q7. Velvet, Fur or Lace?

JD – Lace, it’s ace. Fur is always a no no.

VT – Don’t do fur. Can’t do velvet. Lace!

Q8. How did you become a Fashion Blogger?

JD – I blame Whatsapp for the whole thing

VT – We love fashion and have similar styles, and we would often spend our evenings chatting about fun frocks we had seen and interesting blogs we are fans of. One afternoon we suddenly thought, why not turn our interests into a hobby and create a blog to share our thoughts and ideas.


Q9. Which three fashionistas would you have to dinner?

JD – Alexa Chung, Tennessee Thomas (totally a close second to Taylor) and Zooey Deschannel so that they will finally realise that I am the perfect addition to their, quite frankly, intimidatingly cool friendship group. Actually, now that I think about it, what on earth would I wear to dinner with those three? They all look perfect. All of the time. 


VT – Victoria Beckham – hopefully she would bring David or one of her amazing cat dresses along for me, I’m not too fussy which. Henry Holland – we met him at the Osiris event last week and he was absolutely lovely and I’d love to chat to him some more. He seems like he would make a top pal! Tyra Banks – She seems like a riot and could teach me how to smize!


Q10. What is your favourite item of clothing right now?

JD – At the moment I can’t be seen without my Topshop Martie T Bar Geek shoes. I literally wear them every day! I own them in blue and white and they go so perfectly with everything and are the most comfortable shoes ever.

VT – Probably my Cath Kidston train dress. I had wanted it for ages before I was given it as a birthday present. CK featured my blog post about the dress on all of their social media sites, which resulted in a lot of lovely blog hits.

Q11. If you could choose any city in the world to shop in where would it be and why?

JD – Bristol of course! It’s the greatest place in the world! We have the perfect mix of high-street shops from New Look, Topshop and Zara all the way up to Harvey Nics! But we also have a fantastic amount of independent and vintage shops all across the city!  A little stroll down the Gloucester road never fails to throw up a few gems. I think it’s wonderful and if by chance you don’t find something to float your boat, beautiful boutique heaven awaits you just down the road in the form of Bath.

VT – I’ve been to Paris a couple of times and have always thought to myself how amazing it would be if I could afford to have a shopping spree there. It’s so pretty and romantic and there is so much to see and do. I’m even more eager to go now I have discovered they have some amazing vintage shops, such as Omaya Vintage, Bric-à-brac Emmaüs and Goldy Mama.

liebster award pic

We would like to nominate these blogs for the Liebster Award

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Here are the questions for the nominated blogs to answer

Q1. When did you start your blog?

Q2. How do you feel posing for photos for your blog posts?

Q3. If you could have anyone’s wardrobe, who would it be and why?

Q4. How do you find time to work on your blog?

Q5. What has been your favourite ever blog post you have written?

Q6. Have you ever met anybody famous?

Q7. Where is your favourite place to buy dresses?

Q8. What has been your biggest sale bargain?

Q9. What do your friends think of your blog?

Q10. Jelly shoes. Yay or nay?

Q11. What’s your top blogging tip?

Can’t wait to see your blog posts. Tweet us at @sheandhem to let us know where to find them!

V & J x