Outfit of the Day: Spring in to Florals



“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” – Miranda Priestly

So, we know we aren’t introducing a revolutionary new trend here, but some things are just supposed to go together, like Fred and Ginger, Fred and Barney and Fred and George Weasley. Floral patterns in Springtime just go, ok? Although neither of us wear shirts very often, we absolutely could not resist these United Colours of Benetton printed beauties. Like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, they just look so good together! Caution, this post contains more flowers than your Grandma’s favourite garden centre.

dusk 1

While I was pulling about a billion items out of my wardrobe to wear with this very pink Benetton shirt*, the above Primark skirt was a bit of a ‘This will never go, but what the hell, let’s try it!’ eureka moment. It’s not a subtle outfit that’s for sure, but after our little photo session, I really fell in love with the whole look. I can’t blinking wait to wear it again now the weather is fine and dandy. The red belt is from New Look, the pastel bracelet is from Accessorize and the blue sunglasses are also Primark.

benetton collge

Jo teamed her lilac floral shirt, also from Benetton*, with cute polka-dot shorts from Miss Selfridge, shoes from Primark and a black belt from ASOS. Her lush peach glasses, which get compliments wherever we go, are from Topshop.  You wouldn’t catch us without our heart sunglasses, which you can find at Amazon!


With all that posing, I think we’ve earned a treat, so let’s all scoff some Easter chocolate in the sunshine!