Joanie Gals

She and Hem | Joanie GalsShe and Hem | Joanie Gals

Bonjour & Aloha! If you are a regular reader or follow us on Instagram then you’re probably already well aware of our love for the wonderful world of Joanie.¬†Their vintage-inspired fun fashion is right up our rue (little bit of GCSE French from the late 90s for you there). We are both big fans of their colourful dresses, novelty knits and, most importantly, their real inclusive vibe. Hell yeah. Check out their #joaniegals hashtag on Instagram and get ready to want all of the pretty things, we certainly do.

She and Hem | Joanie Gals

She and Hem | Joanie GalsShe and Hem | Joanie GalsShe and Hem | Joanie Gals

We’ve styled a couple of their cute slogan jumpers recently and they have been really popular, with so many people asking where they were from! We’re all about spreading the Joanie love! Which is super handy as we are teaming up with them in February to show their Instagram followers Bristol’s best bits and we can’t wait. We often feature our favourite parts of our colourful city on the blog (Bristol Archives here) and we’ve already begun discussing everything we want to show off to the Joanie gang, there is just so much good stuff to see. Roll on February and make sure to keep an eye on their stories.

Victoria wears the Pascal Bonjour* jumper and Jo wears the Mai Aloha*. Thanks, Joanie!