Vogue Festival 2014: The Power of Two in Fashion

DSC_0005The first talk we attended as part of our time at the Vogue Festival 2014 was The Power of Two in Fashion. The impressive panel was made up of Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of fashion powerhouse Proenza Schouler and long-term collaborators Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, who Marc Jacobs personally hired as creative director and design director to head his Diffusion line in May 2013. Blimey. They spoke about the pros and cons of doubling up in the fashion world, something which naturally appealed to us! Come on Marc, it’s only a matter of time.

The dynamics of the duos were distinctly different, with Jack and Lazaro appearing very much equals and seemed extremely content in their relaxed and friendly partnership. ‘Our partnership wasn’t too thought out, we didn’t weigh out any challenges. We would not have been friends in high school, but it works now as we bring different references to the table’Jack.  Luella and Katie, on other hand, although clearly great friends seemed to have a more typically business relationship, with Katie appearing the more dominant and focused of the two whilst Luella was allowed to be the creative spirit. They described how when they were first introduced by Katy Brand in a pub in Chelsea,  they liked each other straight away and, based on that initial meeting, began to work together. It was really interesting to hear them describe how their partnership just feels fun and right.

It was apparent from both duos that being able to trust that your partners’ views are almost always going to be the same as yours is essential to being a successful duo. ‘I’ll always refer back to Luella, but I know the decisions that she makes would be the same ones I would make!” – Katie. ‘The conversation is the best thing about working together. It’s exciting and inspiring. We create a bigger force together, but there is a trust where we can make decisions on our own… you become one in a way. We feel connected all of the time’ – Luella. Jack and Lazaro also suggested that this was a great way to divvy up the less exciting parts of their world, such as meetings. They know that only one of them has to be present in order for both voices to be heard.

It was great to hear these super successful duos discuss the pros and cons (although there didn’t seem to be many, if any, cons discussed. Natch) and we certainty recognised some of the perks that being a pair can bring, most pertinently that there is always someone on hand to bounce ideas off of!

Thanks again to Boden for sending us!


Vogue Festival: Harrods Live

Harrods LiveHarrods Live

We have just returned home from a fantastic weekend at the 2014 Vogue Festival in London, courtesy of the lovely people at Boden. We attended so many interesting and inspirational talks, took advantage of the plethora of activities on offer and just generally soaked up the atmosphere of the festival. It was excellent! We will of course be blogging about the talks we attended over the coming days but we would firstly like to tell you about the Harrods Live experience, a competition which offered guests the opportunity to strut their stuff down the catwalk! We couldn’t resist!

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