Cute Cuggl Travelcot

Cute Cuggl Travelcot Review | She and Hem Cute Cuggl Travelcot Review | She and Hem Cute Cuggl Travelcot Review | She and Hem

Last week I (Victoria) had the pleasure of spending a few nights away at Nantwen, a beautiful holiday cottage in Pembrokeshire. It was a lovely present from Jo as part of our collaboration with If you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in the area, I’d definitely recommend it. We had such a relaxing few days! Something that I didn’t find quite as relaxing was packing for the trip. I’ve always disliked packing but it has changed significantly since having a baby. Before, I would spend far too long making sure I had outfits for all occasions, with accessories to match. Now, I chuck whatever is clean into my suitcase and hope for the best. I then spend the rest of the time triple checking we have everything my little one needs. And she needs a lot. Babies do not travel light.

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that we took the girls to Bluestone a few months ago (review here), who provide travel cots as standard, so I haven’t needed to think about Ada’s holiday sleeping arrangements before now. As Nantwen is more of a couples getaway, we had to take anything we needed to make sure Ada was as comfortable as we were, so my plan was to try and borrow a travel cot. As luck would have it, that very same week an email appeared in our inbox asking if we’d like to try out something from Cuggl. Not heard of them before? Don’t worry, neither had I! They are a new nursery brand who have just launched at Argos. Keep an eye out for them when you are flicking through the catalogue circling things for your Christmas list. That’s still a thing, right?

The Cuggl Grey Travelcot was the first to catch my eye because it’s in my favourite colour scheme (yellow and grey) and looks so light and manageable. However, I thought it would be more sensible to try out the Cuggl Deluxe Travelcot* and Changing Unit, because it comes with, you guessed it, a changing unit! The unit came in really handy, and it was nice not to have to balance a changing mat somewhere or change Ada on the floor. Girl’s got class y’know. Not only did the Travelcot provide somewhere for Ada to sleep and be changed, but it also creates a safe playpen. Bonus! It’s on lockable wheels, so it can be moved around easily and as you can see on the pictures below, I popped Ada in for a little play (with these two pots that she is obsessed with!) whilst I run a bath and her dad made us breakfast. She was as happy as Larry, especially as she could see me the whole time thanks to the mesh sides. I’ve already recommended the travelcot to a few other mums and they have all asked if Ada slept ok in it, and I can happily say that she did!

Cute Cuggl Travelcot Review | She and Hem Cute Cuggl Travelcot Review | She and Hem Cute Cuggl Travelcot Review | She and Hem

If you are looking for any baby related kit, Cuggl got you covered!


Yumi and Everyone We Know

She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights

As Autumn approaches, the She and Hem weekend wardrobe progresses from novelty/pretty dresses, to novelty/pretty dresses with slightly longer sleeves and tights. Sometimes we go crazy and throw on a cardigan. It is an issue we really need to a-dress…along with our obsession with puns.


She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights

She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights

Whilst exploring the beautiful Bluestone National Park in Pembrokeshire last weekend, we plaited our hair, popped a picnic into our golf buggy and parked up at the lake. We had a lovely afternoon stroll to really relax after a busy morning of making waves in the pool and indulging in pastries at the bakery. It’s a hard life being a blogger, but like the bakers who made our pastries, we think we rise to the occasion. It’s the yeast we can do.

She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights

Victoria: I wore my lace print prom dress from Yumi*. Although I absolutely love the design and texture of this dress, I’m not a big fan of a revealing neckline and when trying this dress on I felt far too insecure to wear it without a top underneath. Luckily, Jo lent me a mustard slip from Marks and Spencer, which covered my modesty without overpowering the white tones of the dress. The black big spot tights are from Gipsy via UK Tights* and the white heart shaped sunglasses are from Dahlia. My sumptuous gold block heels are from Topshop.

She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK TightsShe and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights

Jo: I had planned to wear this gorgeous Dipsy Daisy Dress from Yumi* with a mustard slip underneath but mine miraculously disappeared…..I jest, I jest. I do love a good pop of yellow though so this dress with its mustard belt and detailing really did, errr, cut the mustard for me! It’s also a really flattering cut, with a jersey fabric and a neatly nipped in waist. I also adore the beautiful detailing on the daisies and have surprised myself by digging the dip-dye finish, which will no doubt inspire lots of terrible ‘has it run in the wash?’ jokes from my Dad. I accessoried with white tights from UK Tights*, shoes from Orla Kiely for Clarks and Topshop sunglasses (although our sunglasses were slightly interchangeable it would seem).

She and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK TightsShe and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK TightsShe and Hem | Yumi Dresses | UK Tights


Hem and Away: Bluestone

Hem and Away: Bluestone
Victoria wears a Lace Prom Dress from Yumi* with a mustard slip underneath, Big Spot Tights from Gipsy at UKTights* and shoes and sunglasses from Topshop. Jo wears a prom dress from Topshop (old), Sally Tights from Pierre Mantoux at UKTights*, sunglasses from Dahlia and heart shoes from Topshop.

When we first started She and Hem we certainly didn’t think about the many unexpected opportunities that would come our way. We didn’t think about the friends we’d make or the brands we’d work with and we definitely didn’t think we’d be dressed up to the nines on the back of a golf buggy in Wales. However, that’s exactly what happened after we received a letter (an actual physical letter!) from Bluestone National Park Resort inviting us to come try out their ‘adult packages’. Because, dear reader, WE are adults. Totally responsible grown up women. We at no point drove around in the aforementioned golf buggy blaring out Taylor Swift and giggling uncontrollably. At no point did that happen.

Hem and Away: Bluestone Hem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: Bluestone

Bluestone, which you’ll find nestled within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, opened in 2008. It has nearly 300 (we didn’t count them so we’ll take their word for it) luxury lodges, cottages and studio apartments which are all set within their 500 acres (we didn’t measure it so we’ll take their word for it) of countryside. We felt rather jammy indeed living it up in our stylish upside down lodge. We couldn’t quite get over the novelty of having our living room and kitchen area upstairs!

Hem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: Bluestone

As you can see, it’s pretty darn pretty and is naturally a haven for families making use of the many activities on offer. We, however, were there as ADULTS doing ADULT type stuff such as drinking beer, climbing walls and eating delicious pasties for breakfast. In your face, small children.

Bluestone offers four adult only packages, neatly known as Four Play. They aim to appeal in four different ways: Taste, Excite, Amuse and Relax. Luckily for you, we’ve tried them all out so you don’t have to. We’re good like that.

Hem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: Bluestone

For Relax we went to the resort’s Well Spa Retreat and spent a glorious sunny morning relaxing in the hydro pool, hopping from steam room to sauna and lying around checking Twitter relaxing in the relaxation room. We left feeling very refreshed!

As part of the Taste package we were treated to an absolutely delicious meal from their well posh finest restaurant, Carreg Las. We honestly didn’t really know how to contain ourselves when dish after dish of outrageously beautiful food was put before us. Even our bread looked delighted! We would like to publicly thank our waiters Bryony and James for coping with us totally freaking out about how great it is to be bloggers. They were lovely!

Hem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: BluestoneHem and Away: Bluestone

The other two packages, Amuse and Excite, weren’t quite our cup of tea. But then, the Four Play packages are designed so that you can pick and choose which activities you do! Excite came in the form of the adrenaline filled High Ropes course through the woodland. Between us we had one dodgy knee and a fear of heights so it was never going to be one for us. It is, however, very impressive and was definitely being very much enjoyed by the other guests!

Finally, Amuse came in the form of a right royal knees up down at the beautiful Camp Smokey, reached via a boardwalk and hidden among the trees. It really is quite a scene! We were treated to hot cider, a banger filled BBQ and a live band. All of this was rather splendid but unfortunately we weren’t quite as on board with the enforced entertainment of dancing on the tables, party games and a wandering man with a microphone as some of the other guests. Again, this is purely a personal thing but we would have been very content with our jar of cider and a few marshmallows around the fire.

Hem and Away: Bluestone

Those minor qualms aside, we of course had an absolutely fabulous weekend! As well as experiencing the Four Play packages, we also so enjoyed being able to hire our golf buggy and drive around pretending to be a low budget Thelma and Louise. It was excellent fun. We also found time to venture to their flume filled, wave-machine enabled, hot tub containing pool of wonder! See you guys at the adult swim, yeah?


A massive massive thank you to Bluestone for inviting us. Although they really did spoil us rotten this review is 100% honest and 100% ADULT, obvs. 


Hem and Away: Chepstow Vintage Street Fayre


On Saturday, I popped over to Chepstow in Wales to attend a vintage street fayre organised by Vintage Vision and lots of fab volunteers who all love all things vintage! Due to the rather inclement weather, the fayre was moved from the street and into a local village hall. Fortunately, what could have been a damp squib turned out to be the perfect location for the variety of charming stalls made up of vintage clothing, accessories and homeware. There was also a design workshop for children, so their parents could focus on oodles of shopping. I spotted some gorgeous vintage clothes for children, and my niece and I fell for this floral dress below.


The ladies at Vintage Vision have a good understanding of what constitutes ‘vintage’ and will sell items from 1880 to 1980 that are classically beautiful, fashionable or just plain lovely. They are also up for a good party and have a unique selection of ‘cheesy’ vintage for fancy dress. I popped into the shop after visiting the fayre and they currently have some really beautiful 1950’s dresses in stock, so if you are local, do pay a visit!

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