Magnum Armadillo Shoe Review


You may remember a few weeks ago I received a pair of Magnum Armadillo shoes to review*. Since then I’ve been wearing the shoes every shift, including some really stupidly long and busy ones that seem to last forever, even though I’m fully charged with tea and chocolate!


One thing I’ve learnt since wearing the shoes is that you can turn them into mules. Who would have thought? This delighted me probably more than it should have at 5am one gloomy morning last week. It’s a definite perk and will certainly be beneficial in the summer. I can confirm they are still very comfortable when functioning as a mule.


I’d like to share an experience that will possibly only be of interest to the healthcare workers (and maybe the heavy drinkers!) out there. Unfortunately a few days ago I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and somebody chose to be sick all over my trousers and shoes. Sucks huh? Well, it certainly aided this review as I can now say for certain that the Armadillo’s are most definitely wipe clean! They also leave no trace of any unpleasant sights or aromas! The same cannot be said for the trousers…

If you’d like to know some more technical information about the shoes, watch this video, but please don’t be freaked out by the slightly eerie soundtrack.

Three cheers to needle stick penetration!

V x


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