Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

If like us you read a lot of blogs, you will already be familiar with the new Osiris range for Specsavers! They have been cropping up here, there and everywhere recently and you may remember that we were lucky enough to attend the launch event way back in July!

First off, you will be relieved to hear that both Victoria and I wear glasses! and, no, I don’t mean in the ridiculous don’t I look witty in my lenseless glasses’way. I mean, in the my eyes have deteriorated so much that now I can’t see without a significant amount of glass in front of them way. You know, actual prescription glasses. Three cheers for our corrected corneas!

Back at the launch, I fell hard for the white glasses in the range and was absolutely positive those were the ones I would choose come the official release in August. However, once presented with them again last month, I didn’t feel the same about them and ended up trying on the entire range again. Twice. Before settling on some blue ones*. Snazztastic.

Osiris5Osiris6Now, I don’t particularly enjoy wearing glasses. The only plus I can really see is that they do a fairly decent job of covering up my dark circles. In that sense, to me, glasses are just a very decadent concealer. I tend to buy the cheapest least hideous pair I can find and then wear them until a loved one forces me to get new ones. I wish I could explain this blasé attitude. It was then with some trepidation that I chose glasses which cost, like the rest of the Osiris range, £125. This price includes your frames, single vision lenses, scratch resistant treatment, a case and a cloth.  I’ve been wearing them for about 3 weeks now and am happy to confirm that the fit is nice and comfortable but, more than that, they are noticeably nicer to wear than my previous specs. I like that they have nose pads (not something I’ve had before) as it means they don’t leave a mark on my face like the aforementioned cheapest least hideous pair do. To begin with they were a little hurty behind the ears but that quickly disappeared.

Osiris3In terms of how they look, I really love the colour of these glasses. They are so different to anything I have owned before but I don’t feel overpowered by them like I was worried I would be! Despite being colorful,  I don’t have to plan my outfit around them and I don’t feel people are giving me funny looks in the street. These are deal breakers for me. I do, however, feel that they look stylish, fresh and interesting. I feel confident in them. And that’s the most important thing, really.

Osiris1As someone who supposedly loves fashion, it now seems ridiculous to me that I didn’t previously put more care and attention into what sort of glasses I wear. I think I have always seen them as needing to be functional; they are enabling me to see after all! They should be sturdy, reliable and sensible! Apparently, it didn’t click before that they are also a giant accessory on my face! I think the Osiris launch was genuinely the first time I realised that glasses could actually be really fun without sacrificing their integrity. It was an eye opening experience, if you will.

Thanks again to the Specsavers team and to Gina Dyer for arranging this fabulous opportunity. Look out for Osiris & Victoria coming soon!


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