Double Thumbs Dresses #16

Have no fear frock fans, for I am back with another dose of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Hold on to your hem lines.

Black Floral ‘So Sweet’ Definition Swing Dress £50 from Lady V London

Regular readers will know that we are slightly obsessed with Lady V. Heck, we essentially wrote them a love letter a couple of months ago. The obsession is about to be pushed to new levels, as not only have they just released a stunning high definition collection but said dresses come with a matching headband. OH YES PLEASE. The above dress is my absolute favourite print from the new collection! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a tea dress version as, although I love a swing dress, I think the tea shape suits me down to a, er, ‘T’.

Phoebe Bow Dress £95.00 from People Tree
Phoebe Bow Dress £95.00 from People Tree

I’m still trying to embrace the tartan renaissance and this beautiful budget buster from People Tree is certainty just the ticket. I love that sneaky bow. More dresses should have sneaky bows.

Lemur Print Shirt Dress £45 from Yumi

At first glance, I though this was just another pretty floral dress from Yumi. But, just as I was about to scroll gaily on by, I noticed that the dress title contained the word ‘lemur’. I was intrigued. It was then that I learnt that this isn’t just a floral dress! It’s a floral dress with interspersed lemurs! More dresses should have interspersed lemurs.

My Sweet Art Dress $89.99 by Bea & Dot from Modcloth

Play by Number Play Dress $74.99 by Bea & Dot from Modcloth

Modcloth’s new in-house collection, Bea & Dot has some absolute corkers. With a focus on playful prints and vintage shapes it was pretty obvious I wasn’t going to be able to narrow it down to just one. The cake print is so pretty and fun and the sudoko print is sure to draw puzzling attention wherever you go. Just make sure nobody comes near you with a pen! I’m very much looking forward to seeing this new label grow.

Dalloway Dress £69.80 from Miss Patina

Magic tricks agogo in this Alice in Wonderland inspired dress from Miss Patina, who have a brand new website donthchaknow. I love all the details on this dress, from the cute rabbits on the shirt to the little buttons. It’s the perfect A/W shape too.

Polka Dot Dress with Peter Pan Collar £35.99 from Zara

Victoria Pinned this Zara beauty to her Wish List earlier in the week and as she did so a small bit of dribble was most definitely visible from my mouth. It’s absolutely gorgeous with those lovely long sleeves and Peter Pan collar (apologies if I’m starting to sound like a broken record). Fingers crossed she’ll buy it and then I can borrow it!

‘Lana’ 1950s Prom Dress £39.99 from Lindy Bop

Phwoar, someone take me to a prom! This lovely swooshy dress from Lindy Bop is just begging to be twirled in. I love the midnight blue colour and would be very tempted to go big with the accessories. Just imagine whacking a great big bow belt around the waist and throwing on the jewels. Win.



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