Hem and Away: Chepstow Vintage Street Fayre


On Saturday, I popped over to Chepstow in Wales to attend a vintage street fayre organised by Vintage Vision and lots of fab volunteers who all love all things vintage! Due to the rather inclement weather, the fayre was moved from the street and into a local village hall. Fortunately, what could have been a damp squib turned out to be the perfect location for the variety of charming stalls made up of vintage clothing, accessories and homeware. There was also a design workshop for children, so their parents could focus on oodles of shopping. I spotted some gorgeous vintage clothes for children, and my niece and I fell for this floral dress below.


The ladies at Vintage Vision have a good understanding of what constitutes ‘vintage’ and will sell items from 1880 to 1980 that are classically beautiful, fashionable or just plain lovely. They are also up for a good party and have a unique selection of ‘cheesy’ vintage for fancy dress. I popped into the shop after visiting the fayre and they currently have some really beautiful 1950’s dresses in stock, so if you are local, do pay a visit!


My favourite part of the fayre was the vintage fashion show introduced by Amanda Peters. It was a cracking opportunity to see how great the vintage clothes actually looked when worn. Amanda believes that quality vintage dresses look much better on a lady than on the rack, as she feels that modern day designs are designed to look their best on the hanger to encourage more sales. What is also desirable about wearing vintage is that you are very unlikely to have that embarrassing ‘she’s wearing the same dress as me AND she looks better in it!!!’ moment.


Mixing the red accessories with the dark green skirt and jacket above really takes you back in time and looks exceedingly classy. It also strikes me as quite a Christmassy outfit, which is marvelous as the season is fast approaching (sorry Autumn fans!). The 1940’s lighter green suit looks particularly well cut. I think if I was going to buy this I would wear it as separate pieces and add a modern twist.


Straight out of Dynasty, the fabulous blue frock above is an original 1980’s power dress, which was donated to the shop, as are the majority of their elegant ensembles. How very lucky! The focal point of the ‘wedding party’ themed parade was the refined wedding dress itself. The dress was made to a 1970’s pattern and was modeled beautifully by a willing volunteer. The gown would certainly not look out of place at a vintage inspired modern day wedding.


After the fayre we had a leisurely stroll around the copious vintage and antique shops in Chepstow, spending hours browsing the treasures before stopping for afternoon tea in St Mary’s Tearooms .


I will definitely be heading back to Chepstow in the near future as I simply must pay another visit to Serendipity, my favourite of the shops we stumbled across. Here, I discovered a back room bursting with books priced at 20p each or 6 for £1! I bought several home to add to my ever increasing collection.


Have you ever been to Chepstow or anywhere similarly quaint and fanciful? Let us know below or @sheandhem!

V x

2 Replies to “Hem and Away: Chepstow Vintage Street Fayre”

  1. I grew up in Chepstow, and left there four years ago but my parents still live there.
    I found your post really interesting because it really romanticises a place that I have taken for granted my whole life!

    And I’ll definitely be looking at it from a different viewpoint the next time I visit home.

    • Thanks Rachel!

      I love to visit new places in the local area and find little gems. Chepstow has quite a few! Maybe I shouldn’t advertise it too much, as the prices still seem to be really reasonable there. Anything you think I’ve missed?

      Victoria x


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