She and Home: Cirque de la Nuit

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The lovely folk at the Southgate Bath branch of Boots invited us to a ‘Cirque de la Nuit’ themed bash to celebrate the opening of their four new beauty counters: Smashbox, Liz Earle, Bumble and bumble and Ojon. Never ones to turn down the opportunity to rack up some Advantage Points, we duly went along.


We’ve admitted before that we aren’t exactly beauty buffs, so please don’t treat us as an authority on the subject! However, it was wonderful to go around the new counters and get some advice from the pros.


Jo: Makeup should really be my area of expertise as all the things that make me self conscious about my appearance also happen to be on my face. GO TEAM. My puffy eyes and dark circles are the absolute bane of my life and have been for about 15 years now. No amount of sleep or water has ever improved them and I actually dread to think of the money I’ve chucked at ‘miracle’ creams and concealers. Nevertheless, I’m glutton for punishment and so I shall continue my quest for the perfect remedy.

I’m not usually one for chatting at makeup counters due to the aforementioned crippling face fear. However, after a couple of glasses of wine I became most amenable and began consulting the experts. Turns out, there’s nothing to be afraid of. All of the beauty counter staff were wonderful and I didn’t feel remotely awkward discussing my flaws.


First up I consulted the lovely lady at Benefit (seen above chatting to the equally lovely Steph and Megan), who applied some of their concealer and talked me through their under-eye cream. Now, I love Benefit but I do find their products rather hit and miss. Sadly, I wasn’t instantly taken with the concealer and I don’t think it was any better than the much cheaper Rimmel one I had arrived wearing. I’m also not convinced by the under eye cream but, in fairness, I haven’t been trialing it for very long.That said, the primer sample she gave me has been an absolute winner and has gone straight to top of my Christmas list. That stuff is like makeup glue.


Next up was a visit to Smashbox, a brand we have both heard very positive things about.  I was made up by the fabulous Kayla, who recommended a number of products for my eyesore eyes. My ‘transformation’ was possibly aided by the fact that she gave me a complete makeover but after getting the thumbs up from Victoria and Amie, I ended up purchasing both their concealer and the under-eye primer. I’ve been using them both for just over a week now and I must say I am thrilled with the results.

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Victoria: Ever since starting the blog and seeing oodles of photos of my face in horrifying close up, I’ve become acutely aware of how I’m not really sure how to ‘do make up’ and how if you have the right products they can help transform you from plain Jane to ravishing Jane in a few easy steps. As an ex Boots employee and avid advantage point hoarder, I was really keen to attend this event as I’d had my eye on the box of Real Techniques brushes for quite some time!


While Jo was having her fabulous makeover at Smashbox, myself and Amie from Credit Crunch Chic picked up lots of free samples from the various counters. A particular item I received that I have been very impressed with since the event is the advance night repair serum by Estee Lauder. I’ve had several night shifts over the past few weeks which usually play havoc with my skin. After using this serum I’ve found my skin to be more hydrated and smooth and I’ve felt a lot more confident not wearing any make up to work.

A big thanks to Boots for letting us come along and for the rather incredible goodie bag. If you are a beauty blogger, say hi! below so we can learn some top tips! and please feel free to recommend any miracle cures for dark circles!



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