Accessories to Murder #11: New Look Handbag Special

Hey Hemsters,

There’s something about the New Year that always makes us want to buy a new handbag. Perhaps it’s something to do with wanting a fresh start, a de-clutter and a sense of organisation. OR it might just be that we really love buying stuff. Either way, when those nice folk over at New Look* contacted us to ask if we would put together our own Wish List of their lovely bags, we couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Mint Green (Green) Mint Green Colour Block Structured Clutch  | 302241937 | New Look
Mint Green Colour Block Structured Clutch £15.99

First up is this rather mint, mint clutch. We are really feeling the minty love at the moment as not only is it a lovely colour but it’s also a great way to get into the pretty pastel trend without going down the saccharine sweet road. This great clutch, with twist lock, also has an optional chain for those who like to hang not hold.

Cream (Cream) Cream Bow Lock Snakeskin Bag | 298689113 | New Look
Cream Bow Lock Snakeskin Bag £12.99

We can’t resist a bow so this little box bag was always going to make the cut. That little handle is way cute. Not usually ones to go for snakeskin, this bag does it right with a subtle pattern. For those of a brighter disposition, it is also available in hot pink.

Black Pattern (Black) Stone Colour Block Structured Bag | 295471909 | New Look
Stone Colour Block Structured Bag £15.99

This structured bag looks to be a bit of a classic and would certainty jazz up your office attire. The handle is gorgeous! – We appear to have a bit of a weird thing for handles, don’t we?

Green (Green) Green Formal Zip Front Backpack  | 298722030 | New Look
Green Formal Zip Front Backpack £19.99

You can maybe blame Blossom for this but by gosh we love a backpack and this little green number claims to be a formal and sophisticated take on an what is otherwise a sea of canvas. All we know is that it makes us want to break out our dungarees. That’s a good thing! Honest!

NL 1
Cream Colour Block Structured Satchel £19.99

Trends may come and go, but we think satchels are timeless accessories and are definitely worth investing in. If you are looking for an affordable version, look no further than this structured colour block design. It certainly won’t make you feel blue!

NL 2
Blue Croc Structured Tote Bag £15.99

Aha! More blue. Excellent! Not a style we would normally go for, but it’s o.k once in a blue moon… This croc textured (again, not something we would normally choose!) tote bag is the ultimate work to play bag.

NL 3
Green Metal Trim Mini Bag £15.99

Want to make all of your pals green with envy? Then give this bag the green light! This simple but effective clutch has a slightly vintage feel to it, with the metal trim adding a modern twist, like Mary Berry wearing a suit of armour.

J&V x


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