London Fashion Week AW14: Napsugar von Bittera


One of the most fun shows we attended whilst at London Fashion Week was that of Hungarian designer, Napsugar Von Bittera. We had a sneaking suspicion that we were in for a treat when we read that Napsugar had been selected by Dolce and Gabbana for their Spiga 2 store but boy were we right!


We adored the presentations’ 1950s pop art elements (it’s frankly a miracle we didn’t run off with the giant popcorn and ice lolly) and the moody blonde models who spent their time yawning, miming into telephones and generally looking fabulously disinterested. All this whilst sporting wonderful bouffant hair, deep red lips and gold sparkly eyebrows!  The mood was accentuated by the joyous French electro pop music that blared out on repeat, complete with ringing telephones. It was hard not to get drawn into the Napsugar world.



But what of the clothes? Well, the Napsugar (or ‘sunshine’ for all of our Hungarian readers) show was full of feminine woolen coats, laser-cut leather jackets and beautiful jumpers.This collection’s inspiration is the seven cardinal sins, and we are certainly lusting after that blue twinset! Kapow! The winter collection was also full of vivid colours, with ultramarine blues, dark turquoise and gold catching our eyes. N11lN4l

We really enjoyed the show and, although I can’t say we will be strutting any of the Napsugar collection anytime soon, we are now desperate to rock some gold sparkly eyebrows!



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