Hem and Away: CrossEyes



Whilst we were in London for Fashion Week (have we mentioned we went to London Fashion Week? Sorry!) we received an invitation to the launch party of CrossEyes, a new opticians. We’ve blogged before about our passion for eyewear, as both of us require spectacles, so it seemed churlish to pass up on the opportunity. We made a somewhat heroic dash across London to Clerkenwell, negotiating rush hour tubes, serious wind, rain and heels we had been in since 7:30am but we knew we had made the right call when we were warmly welcomed with a glass of bubbly.

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CrossEyes was founded in Denmark in 2010, with this being their first (of many they hope) stores in the UK. Their passion for fashion forward eyewear was clear and it was great to chat to people who are so enthusiastic about glasses! They are, after all, an accessory you wear ON YOUR FACE and we both often struggle to find glasses that suit us but are also just that little bit different.



CrossEyes pick their frames from all over the world and we were big fans of the hand carved wooden frames from Japan, as seen above on Victoria. Each pair of glasses is individual and part of a very limited run, with the range constantly being changed. They also boast lightweight metal, rimless designs and high quality lenses. We were even shown a pair of apparently indestructible frames which you can practically bend in half!



We were also big fans of their ethos, with a clear and transparent pricing structure that claims to have no added extras after you have chosen your frames – unlike some opticians! All prices include your eye test, frames, lenses, hardening (obviously) and anti-reflex. Plus they are NHS accepted so Victoria is already eyeing up her first pair!G11G12

All in all, CrossEyes appears to be a very unique optometry experience. We were even impressed by the shop layout, with all the glasses so easy to access and try on! It can be quite hard to get excited about eyewear whilst in high-street chains but CrossEyes have managed to do something that little bit different and a lot more personal. Now, please come to Bristol?



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