She and Home: Ship-Shape and Cath Kidston Fashion

1Regular readers will know of our deep, deep love for Bristol so when those floral folk at Cath Kidston got in touch to ask if we would represent our favourite city in their ‘Brighten Up Your Town’ competition, we were pretty darn excited. Bristol would totally lend itself to CK’s pretty, vintage aesthetic. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s examine the evidence.

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We’ve got one heck of a fine bridge, colourful houses ago-go and more balloons than you can shake a stick at. If those three things alone don’t scream Cath Kidston, we don’t know what does! Also, it makes us unequivocally sad that Cath Kidston have yet to bring out a hot air balloon print so what better opportunity to rectify that than with a Bristol print? Balloons grace our skies all year round floating their way across the city looking perfectly picturesque. Once a year the city goes completely ballooning bonkers with our very own International Balloon Fiesta at which over 150 balloons (including special funny shapes) take off en masse. It’s honestly one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see.

All Bristolians are contractually obliged to mention Banksy in writing but we are a city packed full of street art.
You too can stare into middle distance at Bristol Zoo
You like boats? We’ve got boats!
No city should be without it’s own giant disco ball
We’ll put our sofas in the road if we want to

And, gosh darn it, we do scrub up well. Take a stroll around our harbour side, view some contemporary art at the Arnolifini, watch a film at the Watershed, learn about Bristol at M Shed or just hop on a Bristol Ferry to the Grain Barge and drink yourself some Bristol Beer Factory beer. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, go find a festival. We are nearly always celebrating something! Bristol is very much a city that likes to march to the beat of its own drum….and dance with it too….. whilst drinking a cider. Don’t judge us, we’re having a great time!

Harts Bakery
Cox & Baloney

We also have bucket loads of other great stuff too, including an ever thriving foodie scene. Coffee buffs are well catered for with FCP Coffee, Small Street and Didn’t You Do Well keeping us all wired to the max. You can stuff yourself silly at Grillstock, The Burger Joint or Workhouse Cafe. But our particular favourite places to while away some time, and expand our waistlines, are Harts Bakery, located underneath Temple Meads train station, Pear Cafe (you need to try their brownies!) and Rocotillos retro diner, who serve the greatest milkshakes ever. Mercy.

Cath Kidston have their very own Gromit (rest of Gromit not pictured)

So, if you love Bristol (or any other town or city where there’s a Cath Kidston shop for that matter) head on over to their website and nominate it for their competition! You can win yourself some bespoke artwork and, if you’re like us, also cunningly attempt to convince them to put your suggestion into production. Come on, Cath, it’d be gurt lush and you know it.


Want to learn more about Bristol? Check out our She and Home posts (shameless promotion), read our favourite Bristol website A Little Bristol or just get on a train and meet us at Harts. 

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