Double Thumbs Dresses #47

Hello hello! It’s DT time again! Our roundup of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Let’s begin!

Glittering Trinkets Tunic £149
Glittering Trinkets Tunic £149 from Ted Baker at John Lewis

Holy baubles Batman, things are about to get FESTIVE! How beautiful is this trinkets print dress by Ted Baker? And would you look at that embellished collar? Stunning. It makes me want to put up my Christmas tree immediately. I love everything about it. Apart from the price, obviously.

Embellished Collar Prom Dress £60
Embellished Collar Prom Dress £60 from ASOS

Speaking of embellished collars, ding dong ASOS have brought out a stunner. It even has matching capped sleeves. Swoon! Those gem stones are just beautiful and look perfect set against the plain nude colour of the scuba dress. I’d move fast if you like it as I don’t think this little beauty will stick around for long (by this I mean that my size is already out of stock *SOBS*).

Brocade Paisley Shift £65 from Topshop
Brocade Paisley Shift £65 from Topshop

I made the mistake of watching the Cara Topshop video and now I want everything. And to be Cara. But that’s something we’ll address at an appropriate time. Anyway, this shift dress looks so great when teamed with a white blouse (and supermodel)  plus it has diamante pockets. I think we’ve established that I am enjoying a little embellishment right now.

Julita Deer Dress £65
Julita Deer Dress £65 from Louche at Joy
Deer Print Dress £59.50 by Poem at Oliver Bonas
Deer Print Dress £59.50 by Poem at Oliver Bonas

I don’t know, you wait all year for a deer print dress and then two come along at once. Typical. I spotted the Louche frock in Joy Bath last week whilst out shopping with Victoria and new instantly it was destined to be on Double Thumbs. The cartoon style print is SO cute and it’s the perfect alternative to a novelty Christmas jumper. It reminded Victoria of Bambi and me of Babycham. I’m not sure what this says about either of us but I think I come off worse. If you prefer your deers to be a bit more serious then the beautiful Oliver Bonas tea dress may be the frock for you, although they have described it as a “conversational deer” which made me laugh more than was perhaps necessary. The good news is neither dress is too, errr, dear.

Graduate Fashion Week Belted Disney Villains Dress £30 from George at Asda

I was already pretty in love with this George dress even before I realised it was part of a Disney villains (yes, really) inspired range. I mean, seriously, that’s pretty damn cool ASDA. The sizes keep going in and out of stock online so it might be one to hunt down in-store, perhaps take a couple of hapless henchmen to help.

Katy Dress £49 from Sugarhill Boutique

I do so enjoy a sheer polka-dot (I mean, who doesn’t?) so this sixties style Sugarhill Boutique number is right up my street. I tend to go a bit crazy at this time of year with the glittery accessories and a dress like this is the perfect base to throw all the shiny things at. Party!

Beautiful Floral Printed Midi Prom Dress £85
Beautiful Floral Printed Midi Prom Dress £85 from ASOS

For as long as ASOS keep bringing out their super pretty, super flattering off the shoulder style prom dresses, I’m going to keep featuring them. Just so we’re clear, this is perfect.


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