Hold on tights

Hold on tights

I don’t know about you but we are desperately trying to combat our January blues!  We are both back at work after a little Christmas break and it has proved very difficult to adjust to the routine of it all. Earlier in the week, we decided to go for a little ‘congrats on spending more than 4 hours out of your pyjamas’ pick-me-up drink in Clifton and managed to coincide our trip with the most beautiful sunset! Ah, January. I guess you’re not so bad after all.

Hold on tights Hold on tightsHold on tightsHold on tights

M&S very kindly sent us some tights to try out which, as you might have guessed, we are expertly modelling above. I (Jo) plumped for some patterned grey tights from their Best of British range which I have been very impressed with! They fit nicely (no ballet jumps necessary) and I have been quite rough with them but they show no sign of snagging just yet! In contrast, Victoria went for some Luxe Warm Toes Tights* which, although keeping her toes toasty, did actually ladder on the first wear. Oh tights, why do you do this to us?

Hold on tightsHold on tightsHold on tightsHold on tights

I also took the opportunity to wear possibly my favourite sale purchase of all time, the Boden squirrel dress of wonder. It’s so perfect that it hurts my feelings that I can’t just wear it everyday. I teamed it with new Office boots (thanks Mum!), white Topshop socks, a brown Primark belt and my pink Boden* coat. Victoria broke out her disco ball style brogues from New Look at ASOS, her incredible red collared dress from Primark (a recent purchase, Primarni fans), a vintage yellow bag from Clifton based Bees & Graves and her stripy Boden* coat.

We accessorised our outfits with a massive bridge.


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