Accessories to Murder #22

Hello and welcome to the 22nd Accessories to Murder! I don’t know about you, but we are feeling 22. Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

ASOS METAPHOR Embellished Flat Shoes | ASOS | She and Hem
ASOS METAPHOR Embellished Flat Shoes | £40.00 | ASOS

Glitter? Check! Embellishments? Check! Flat enough to run for the bus? Check! My friends, I think I’ve found the jazziest pair of flats that money can buy. If you can find a more exciting pair of flats (good luck!), send those links my way, or drop them in the comments below. Whatever kind of shoe I’m looking for, I can always find something I like on ASOS, especially when it comes to the more colourful option. 

Clarks Block Heel | Clarks | She and Hem
Chinaberry Fun Shoes | £65 | Clarks

If you haven’t seen these Clarks block heels yet, where the heck have you been? Seriously, get yourself over to the Clarks website because they are on fire at the moment. So many dazzling designs! I am so taken by the chalk colour of these retro beauties. If you’re not so keen, they also come in more subtle shades of fuchsia and black suede

BLINGSTER BRONTO rainbow fun sunglases | Spangle | She and Hem
BLINGSTER BRONTO Rainbow Rims | £48 | Spangled

Last week I asked on Twitter if anyone knew where I could find a pair of really fun sunglasses ready for London Fashion Week, and the lovely and wise @cloveroverover pointed me in the direction of Spangled. My goodness, I’ve never such a bright, original and eye-popping collection. As a not so secret Jurassic Park fan, I thought these yellow and blue dinotastic specs were pretty roar-some, with some truly TRex-cellent colouring. Popping these bad boys on will ensure you get a raptor-ous reception, wherever you go. 

Rounded sunglasses | Mango | She and Hem
Rounded Sunglasses | £19.99 | Mango

Sometimes I feel confident enough to wear multicoloured glasses with plastic dinosaurs and sequins on, but other times I just want to hide behind the largest sunglasses I can find and watch the world go by. These rounded Mango frames are perfect for the latter. They are just as striking, but in a completely different, more refined way. With that delicate and glorious shade of gold, I’m sold. 

Grey structured winged tote handbag | River Island | She and Hem
Grey Structured Winged Tote Handbag | £47.00 | River Island

How cute is this structured winged tote from River Island? Very is the answer. I just can’t take my eyes off it! Oh yes, and it just so happens to be in serenity blue and rose quartz, the colours of the season. You can use the two top handles, or if you are on the move, just whack on the shoulder strap. 

Apothecary Print Travel Wallet | Yumi | She and Hem
Apothecary Print Travel Wallet | £32.00 | Yumi

Last, but not least, is this cheeky little find from Yumi. Now, we’ve written about Yumi quite a few times, but in the past we’ve focused on their boots, coats and dresses. I’ve sinced discovered they also so blooming great accessories, like this quirky travel wallet. With items this great, I predict that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Yumi in future Accessories to Murder posts! 

Until next week, keep accessorizing!



Accessories to Murder #21 Valentine’s Day Special

Hello and welcome to the 21st Accessories to Murder! Pop the fizz and celebrate, we are 21 today! Not only that, but we are focusing on all things Valentine’s Day this week AND I’ve found the perfect pair of pink heart tights! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing cupidly good accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

Accessories to Murder | She and Hem | Valentine's Day | Heart Earrings
Glitter Heart Earrings | £12.50 | Topshop

Let’s ear it for these glitter heart earrings from good ol’ Topshop. Perfect for the love of your life to gaze upon admiringly whilst whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Planning a night in this V-Day? Never fear, these beauties are cool enough to be worn all year round. J’adore Topshop!

Accessories to Murder | She and Hem | Valentine's Day | Heart Socks
Fluffy Heart Ankle Socks | £3.50 | Topshop

If you, like me, are one of the few who don’t have their ears pierced, Topshop (them again) have us covered. Hoorah! They have really put their hearts into creating these cute ankle socks. If you fall out of love with them, you can always take them to the sock exchange.

Accessories to Murder | She and Hem | Valentine's Day | Heart Watch
Red Strap Heart Dial Watch | £40.00 | Oasis

Girl, you know what time it is. It’s time to head to Oasis to crush on their new accessories, of course! Time really flies when you’ve got a watch this fancy. Just look at that heart shaped dial *swoons*. The gracious gold and ravishing red are a match made in analog heaven. Just watch out for all the compliments.

Accessories to Murder | She and Hem | Valentine's Day | Heart Jumper
Truly Madly Deeply Love Weekend Jumper | £39 | Urban Outfitters

It’s now time to honor my one true love, the weekend! This vintage washed weekend jumper from Urban Outfitters looks perfect for snuggling up on the sofa, and the gorgeous embroidery ensure that it’s totally acceptable to team it with jeans and head out to celebrate just how great the weekend is. Now, I don’t mean Canadian singer, songwriter and producer The Weeknd, although I’m reliably informed that he’s quite good too.

Accessories to Murder | She and Hem | Valentine's Day | Heart Tights
Sheer Luxe Heart Tights | £22 | American Apparel

You’ll look so perfect standing there in these American Apparel underwear heart tights!  I’ve got so many pairs of black heart tights, but I’ve never been able to find a pair with pink hearts on, so I’m pretty stoked about these gems. Eat your heart out competitors, I’ll be heading to American Apparel for all of my tights needs this season!

Accessories to Murder | She and Hem | Valentine's Day | Heart Bag
Heart Cross Body Bag | £26 | Skinnydip via Selfridges

Whilst on my long search for the dreamiest heart shaped bag, there were many strong contenders. Primark have an excellent black sparkly version, as featured on our Instagram last week, but it is Skinnydip’s heart bag that wins the coveted final place on She and Hem’s Most Wanted this week. Although this is quite plain for Skinnydip, if you want a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day without going OTT (like I probably will be), then I think this is The One.

Until next week, keep accessorizing!


Accessories to Murder #20

Hello and welcome to the 20th Accessories to Murder! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted. Warning: this one includes an amazing Zara bargain. Happy shopping!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Gin Bag
Glitter Gin Bottle Clutch Handbag | £100 | Luna on the Moon

Would you just look at this Gin Clutch! It really makes me grin, because it’s just all kinds of win. It’s not made out of tin, so don’t throw it in the bin. So, tell your next of kin that it’s got me in a spin. I knew my English degree would come in handy sooner or later… Luna on the Moon has so many incredible bags, and you can find them all over on Etsy.

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Red Bag Zara
Red Tote | Was £22.99 Now £9.99 | Zara

This is not a red herring. Oh no, it’s not all novelty prints and quirky patterns here at She and Hem, as we are also pretty potty about a pop of bright colour! February is all about red, so thank you Zara for reducing this tote-ally great bag down to £9.99!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Hot Air Balloon Necklace
Hot Air Balloon Necklace | £18 | Joy

Living in Bristol, it’s difficult to get through the day without spotting at least one hot air balloon floating above the city’s colourful houses. This Hot Air Balloon Necklace from Joy would be perfect to wear to the next Bristol Balloon Fiesta, as we always like to dress appropriately (see here), with as many novelty hot air balloon items we can possibly find!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Joy Acorn Earrings
Acorn Earrings | £15 | Joy

Also over at Joy are these mega cute Acorn Earrings from Dublin based jewellers Artysmarty. Although Bristol doesn’t (yet) have an Acorn Festival, I think they are still an essential purchase. There is nothing corny about them, they’re just nuttily good!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | H&M Glittery Trainers
Silver Glittery Trainers | H&M | £24.99

I’ve never been a big trainer fan, as I’ve always found them really hard to style successfully, especially with my beloved dresses. This all changed last year when a pair of sunshine yellow Superga’s came into my life. Since then I’ve jumped fully on board the trainer train, and my final destination are these incredible, sparkly H&M Silver Glittery Trainers.

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Avocado Phone Case Skinnydip
Googly Avo iPhone Case | £15 | Skinnydip via Topshop

Let’s all avocuddle and admire the last item for a moment. It really calls out to me as I am always within arms reach of both my phone and a juicy avocado. This googly eyed Avocado Phone Case is yet another Skinnydip gem, currently in Topshop. Did I mention it has googly eyes? It has googly eyes. And I, for one, am completely goggle-eyed for this little gem.

Until next week, keep accessorizing!


Accessories to Murder #18 UncommonGoods Special

Hello and welcome to the 18th Accessories to Murder! It’s an UncommonGoods special this week! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 | Log Lady Necklace

I do love a bit of personalised jewellery. C’mon, who doesn’t love wearing their own name around their neck? In fact, there is super clever evidence that proves that our brains really like hearing our own names (it’s all about the left middle frontal cortex and subgyral matter, obviously). So I got quite excited when I saw that UncommonGoods has a whole blooming section dedicated to fun personalised bits, and that excitement Twin Peaked with this stump necklace. Embrace your inner log lady and proudly display your true love’s initials, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 |Morse Code Necklace

If you’re not down with the lumberjack vibe, don’t log off, cause I’m switching it up to sexy Morse code. SOS indeed. I love the idea of carrying a hidden message around with me, that only the nerdiest of companions might understand. The necklace seen in the picture above shows a name, but I think it would be so lovely to choose an anniversary date or a favourite saying instead. Either way, they are so subtle and beautiful!

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 |Coordinates Necklace

You may think it’s all colourful dresses and hilarious puns here at She and Hem, but we’re soppy types at heart. If you follow us on Instagram, you will know that I recently got married and that Jo was one of my wonderful bridesmaids. As a little thank you present, I bought each of my bridesmaids a necklace with the exact coordinates of where we first met, and (I think) they really loved them! UncommonGoods have their own beautiful version here.

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 | Forget Me Not Ring

Ring a ding-ding! Another item that is perfect for Valentine’s Day is this cute hand cast Forget Me Not ring. I am positively thread over heels about that delicate silver bow, and would definitely knot forget anyone kind enough to give me this. It’s so dainty and I think it would be ideal for stacking.

UncommonGoods | She and Hem | Accessories to Murder 18 | Valentine's Day Scarf

I couldn’t write a round up of my favourite pieces and not include this incredible scarf. I simply cannot resist those incredibly cute vintage style illustrations. Not only is it a unique accessory, but it has my new surname on it! Valentine’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me now and I’m probably definitely going to buy any novelty item of clothing with the word Valentine on it. So if you see anything, link me up please! Take a look at their immensely enjoyable scarf selection here.


This post is in collaboration with UncommonGoods, who we are very happy to work with as we love their environmentally friendly products, and that they are a bunch of jolly decent people. Keep up the good work guys!

Accessories to Murder #17: January Sales Bag Special

Hello, Happy New Year, and a hearty welcome to the 17th Accessories to Murder! It’s a January Sales bag special! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

ASOS Bubblegum Clutch Bag £18.00 £9.00 | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
ASOS Bubblegum Clutch Bag | Was £18.00 Now £9.00 | ASOS

“I don’t want to settle down, I just want to chew gum!” Does anyone else remember that song by my favourite Norwegian pop star Annie? Just me? Ok! Don’t let that put you off my taste in bags, or you will miss out on gems like this ASOS bubblegum clutch which has been reduced to a sweet and not too sticky £9.

ALDO Cookie Crossbody | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
ALDO Cookie Crossbody | Was £25.00 Now £10.00 | ALDO via ASOS

If you, like me, have well and truly over indulged during this jolly festive season, you may need to cut back on the sweet treats during January. Don’t feel too crummy, because you can WEAR them instead with this studded cookie clutch. It looks so tasty, I want to take a bite out of it. At £10, it’s a right bargain, so go get one and let’s make biscuits the thing for 2016!

Clutch Bag in Rainbow Chevron Print | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
Moyna Clutch Bag in Rainbow Chevron Print | Was £70.00 Now £28.00 | Monya via ASOS

While I am a fan of novelty food related accessories, I like great patterns too, and there is no better pattern than the classic chevron. Look how fun this Moyna clutch is! Moyna really are the queens of the colourful clutch, although unfortunately for me and my bank balance, they usually cost around £100. Thanks to our pals at ASOS, this rainbow clutch is available for £28. You may not find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but it will add a few more colours to your January blues.

Red London Bag | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
Red London Bag | Was £99 Now £59 | Boden

There’s nothing grey(hound) about this bus. I’ve been a fan of this cute London bus bag since Boden released it a few months ago, so I’m super happy to see it’s now in the sale. If buses aren’t your bag, you can hail it in black taxi form too!

Teddy Shopper Bag | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
Teddy Shopper Bag | Was £199 Now £100 | Ted Baker
I’ve decided to let the dog out of the bag and bring this adorable shopper bag to your attention. Excuse me for being a little dog-matic here, but I would say it’s the best Ted Baker bag I’ve seen. Truly, it must be puppy love. It’s still a little on the pricey side compared to some of my other choices but can you really put a price on a such a hot (dog) bag? Woof!
That’s What I Call Cool Bag | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
That’s What I Call Cool Bag | Was $108.00 Now $64.99 | Betsey Johnson via Modcloth

This next one is really off the hook. This Betsy Johnson telephone bag has a working receiver that plugs into your phone that you can actually talk into. As you can imagine, it was so popular, that it recently went out of stock. Luckily for you, it’s back and has just been reduced, so act fast if you want one.

Star Wars | R2 With Me? Bag | She and Hem | January Sales Accessories to Murder #17
R2 With Me? Bag | $59.99 | Modcloth

Last of all, a real gem. It’s not in the sale but who blooming cares as it’s a Star Wars bag! R2 With Me? Heck yes I am! This IS the droid bag you are looking for. Whilst I decide if I’m more of a R2 or a BB-8 kinda girl, I genuinely recommend heading over to Modcloth for their excellent sale. I need it all.


Good Jord

JORD | Wooden Watches | She and HemJORD | Wooden Watches | She and HemJORD | Wooden Watches | She and Hem

Regular readers, friends and observant passers-by will know that we have a tenancy to get a little matchy matchy, and whenever we meet up, our outfits usually (and almost always unintentionally) end up complimenting each other. So it’s really no surprise that when Jord got in touch to see if we would like to style a couple of their awesome wood watches, we both ended up choosing something a little quirky. Although their selection is vast, and they have a range of lighter watches with some super feminine touches, we were both taken by the darker wood. We’re a bit weird like that sometimes.

Anyway, after we got over the excitement of watches being made out of wood, I (Victoria) chose the Fieldcrest* in Dark Sandlewood and Jo choose the Delmar* in Dark Sandalwood. We love to wear lots of colours and patterns, so it made a refreshing change to go outside of our comfort zones, and bring some more earthy tones to our usually primary coloured wrist accessories. We are both so pleased with our choices! The only drawback is that, for some strange reason, the watches haven’t helped us with our time keeping skills…If only Jord sold Bernard’s watch! Do you have a Jord watch? If so, we’d love to see how you’ve styled it! Pop a link in the comments box below, or tweet us a picture to @sheandhem!

JORD | Wooden Watches | She and HemJORD | Wooden Watches | She and HemJORD | Wooden Watches | She and Hem


Wooden Watches For Sale

Accessories to Murder #15

Hello and welcome to the 15th Accessories to Murder. I’m pretty excited about this one, not only is it chock-full of food and felines, but it features possibly the best clutch bag ever! It’s so magnificent that I’m not going to waste anymore of your time on this ‘ere intro and just let you go and swoon over its embroidered beauty. You’re welcome.

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Alice in Wonderland Clutch | Olympia La Tan | £1,015

Ok, so it’s jolly expensive but a girl can dream, right? Enjoyable Moby Dick and Mary Poppins editions are also available, but hurry, as these clutches are so special that only 16 of each have been made. You will be so pleased to discover that I’ve done the fashion maths and if all of our twitter followers lend me £1.34, it shall be mine!

She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #15
Lucky Team Watch | ASOS | £30

It will always be burger’o’clock with this Lucky Team watch from ASOS. It’s fun, functional and features cheese. What else do you want from a watch? If that tickles your pickle, how about the matching phone case below from New Look , or these quite excellent socks from M&Co? Meaty!

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Burger Phone Case | £4.99 | New Look
She and Hem | Accessories to Murder #15
Pink Cat Bag | Chelsea Doll | £18
Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Sleeping Cat Bag | ASOS | £18

These cute kitties could be catching some Zzzzzzz’s, or merely showing off their exceptionally long eyelashes. Either way, they are pretty darn cute. Which do you prefer? I’m totally feline the black one…

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
iPhone Cover | Zara | £12.99

We all know that cereal is amazing and if I lived alone, it would probably be the only thing I would eat. If you are not a part of the breakfast (fan)club, it also comes in what I call, ‘banging bagel’.

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Cat Slippers | Shoon | £39.99

Now, I wouldn’t normally recommend chopping a cat in half, but if it’s for the sake of a great pair of slippers, I am willing to turn a blind eye on this occasion. My Topshop cat slippers are coming to the end of their 9th life, and when they do I will definitely be heading to Shoon.

Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Burger Necklace | Chelsea Doll | £9
Accessories to Murder #15 | She and Hem
Milkshake Necklace | Chelsea Doll | £8

Time for the last burger item, and what a whopper! I’m a big fan of ‘online dressing up box’ Chelsea Doll and their quirky accessories. This milkshake necklace is made to be worn to one of our favourite places to visit in Bristol, Rocotillos.


Accessories to Murder #8

Hi Hemsters! Sorry it has been a pretty inexcusably long time since Accessories to Murder #7, I was swept away in a blustering sea of sale shopping and summer holiday japes and have neglected last months adorable accessories somewhat. Anguish no longer as I am back in the glittery saddle ready to ride off into the shimmering sunset of stylish stuff!

Ferret Ankle Socks, £3.50, Topshop.

As all worthy fashion bloggers know, Topshop are fun sock pioneers. Their 3 pairs for £8 deal is often too hard to resist, and with socks as impressive as these frisky ferret beauties above, why would you want to? Add the pheasant and mallard versions to your sock drawer too and your feet will really thank you.

Hot Dog Scarf, £18.00, ASOS.

Sticking with the animal theme for a moment, I give you this paw-some ASOS hot dog scarf. If you are feeling a little ruff, wrapping up in this chunky knit scarf won’t make you hot under the collar. Although, If you are looking for something a little lighter to wear before the weather gets all arctic and icky, Oliver Bonas take a bow(wow)…Check out their take on the canine trend below.

Buster Sausage Dog Scarf, £18.00, Oliver Bonas.

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Hem and Away: Swinging London Town

We went on a wee jaunt to London recently to celebrate Jo’s birthday and while we were there we took the opportunity to pay a visit to some of our favourite shops, with plenty of pancake breaks along the way! On the train journey into London we were treated to a fantastic display by the Red Arrows (which I had so kindly arranged for Jo’s birthday of course….!!)


It was a positively scorching day in London, so after a cheeky iced latte we found ourselves cooled off and ready to face the day ahead. Our first port of call was The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, where we had…er…breakfast!  Pancake stacks to be precise, with added berries for Jo and bacon for myself. As you can see below, they were towering conglomerations of awesome! We will definitely be going back next time we are in town.




There’s only one place to go when you are full of pancakes, iced tea and good vibes and that is the marvelous Covent Garden. We had a blast checking out what Covent Garden had to offer and were notably impressed with Pop Boutique, Rokit, Cath Kidston, Tatty Devine and Cambridge Satchel Company.





We are both big Tatty Devine fans, and I am exceptionally fond of their Eyelash Sunglasses, found here, and who can resist the burger collection, here.






As the weather was very favorable to us I chose to wear the most lightweight dress I could find in my wardrobe, which was this super stripey number from Primark. My most comfortable shoes were in order as we have a bit of a habit of getting a little lost when we are let out of Bristol, so I wore my Clarks sandals. My Cath Kidston train print rucksack, which I blogged about in my Croatia post, came in very handy to store my sale bargains in. I also wore my name necklace from Tatty Devine and my amazing spotty manicure (as seen above) was done by the lovely ladies at WAH Nails.

Jo – Like Victoria, I also wanted something extremely lightweight so I went for a navy polkadot dress from Instant Vintage. I love anything that’s easy to wear and this dress is my go to ‘look like I’ve made an effort without having made any’ number, which is exactly what you need when the it’s super hot!  It has a lovely Peter Pan collar too, making it suitably jazzy birthday attire. Anyone who reads this blog regularly won’t need telling that my white shoes are from Topshop. I really am guilty of wearing the same shoes everyday and for that I am very sorry. I promise to try harder in the footwear department.





After a long hard day shopping we were ready for a quick snack before heading home, so Jo introduced me to the delights of Shake Shack, which she had previously visited in New York. I had the mouthwateringly good Shack-cago Dog and was not disappointed.

Jo – It’s often said that I look like I could use a good burger so it made sense to have one on my birthday! I am a bit of a Shake Shack obsessive and I was overjoyed when they announced earlier in the year that they would be opening their first UK branch in London. This was my first chance to go and I was not disappointed. The frozen chocolate ice cream was once of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten, seriously.





V & J x

All hail the sale

We have gone sale mad here and are set to hit the sales this weekend. Dresses from £5, yes please! If you are not able to get to the shops before the sales finish, check out our favourite online sale items below from Tatty Devine, Dahlia, Tesco, New Look, Oliver Bonas, Fox and Feather and H&M. If it rains I’ll be racing you to the online checkout. Kerching!

Phoebe Neon Yellow Stripe Skater Dress £30.00 (was £62.00) from Dahlia
Phoebe Neon Yellow Stripe Skater Dress £30.00 (was £62.00) from Dahlia
Elephant Head Necklace £15.00 (was £21.00) from Tatty Devine
tesco dress
F&F Limited Edition Floral Peter Pan Shift Dress £14.00 (was £28.00) from Tesco
Miss Real Blue Floral Jacquard Bow Dress £9.00 (was £29.99) New Look
Pineapple Pop Necklace £10.00 (was £16.00) from Oliver Bonas
Louche Schnauzer Teal Animal Jumper £34.00 (was £49.00) from Fox and Feather
hm dress
Jersey Dress £5 (was £14.99) from H&M

If you know anywhere that has a great sale at the moment, tweet us @sheandhem and let us know.

V x