#MothertoAnother | She and Hem

With their awesome #MothertoAnother campaign, JoJo Maman Bebe have made it their mission to help hundreds of refugee children in Lebanon, as well children and families in the UK and Ireland who are in crisis. They have done a staggering job over the past two years, and have collected and delivered over 60,000 pieces of unwanted clothing and 20,000 pairs of shoes. This not only benefits the children receiving the items, but stops the clothing from going into landfill. Good work JoJo! This year, they would really love your help to do even better, and here’s how:

#MothertoAnother | She and Hem

JoJo Maman Bebe will be collecting donations in all of their 80 stores from 22nd February to 26th March 2017. For more details, please check out the #MothertoAnother page on their website, including how to claim your £5 Thank You voucher. Lovely stuff!

If you can, please share this post with any parents you know. These children have so little, so any help we can give makes a genuine difference.



Want to see our funny for money faces?

Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015

We have come up with a snazzy new look in honour of Red Nose Day, who want as many people as possible to make their faces funny for money in order to raise important funds that will help poor and vulnerable people both here in the UK and in Africa. You know the drill! It’s time to crack out the face paint, the silly wigs and, of course, the red noses and raise some important funny money! Now, some might argue that our faces are quite the hoot as it is but we’ve added to the comedy (unbelievable, I know) with some eyebrow raising Red Nose Day spectacles from Specsavers, which are available in store for £3. If you’ve always wanted to look like a cross between Cara Delevingne and Bert from The Muppets then these are the specs for you.

Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015

What do you mean those aren’t red noses? Should’ve gone to Specsavers! Boom boom. These jokes don’t write themselves, y’know.

If you happen to be in Bristol today (Thursday 19th) then pop into Specsavers on Merchant Street between 1pm and 4pm to help them mark their 30th birthday and to get involved with some Red Nose Day fun! There will be goody bags, hidden 50% off glasses vouchers (hopefully your eyesight is good enough to find them!) and, the deal breaker, BALLOONS FOR ALL! There will also be the opportunity to make a donation to Rose Nose Day in return for a glasses MOT or you can make your face funny for money with their professional photobooth and props. You might even win a free pair of designer specs in the process!

Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015

Red Nose Day will be held on Friday 13th of March, which is surely the perfect date to scare the living daylights out of your neighbour with your new facial arrangement! We fully expect to see your faces looking suitable silly.



She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

It’s beginning to look a lot like late November Christmas which means I am beginning to stock up on as many gold sparkly things that I can lay my glittery mitts on! (Note to self: buy glittery mitts) After all, this is the season to wear sequins and I for one am all for a bit of bling! I had already begun digging out my seasonal wears when the lovely folk at Fever London invited me (and Victoria too but unfortunately you only get to look at my festive mug as she has fled the country) to take part in their #STYLEMYNIGHT challenge to create the perfect evening look from their occasion collection.

She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

As a fan of Fever London’s vintage style, I knew picking a dress was going to be easy! I wasn’t wrong and as soon as I saw the Barberella Prom Dress* I was in love! It’s such a fun piece and the beautiful gold and blue circular pattern is a shimmery triumph! I decided to embrace the ice cool palette and teamed it with white tights from ASOS, gold glittery heels from Dune, a gold belt from Primark, my trusty Cara Camera bag from Accessorize and a tinsel bow headband from ASOS. I was sort of aiming for an Alice in Wonderland does NYE vibe!

She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

One of the biggest things I struggle with when putting together occasion worthy outfits is what to do about keeping warm! I saw that Fever London had a great range of party appropriate cover-ups and decided on a Ursa Sparkly Cardigan* to complement my already quite glitzy outfit! I am so pleased with it and know it will be jazzing up my outfits from now on!

She and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHTShe and Hem | Fever #STYLEMYNIGHT

I completed my look with my gorgeous Eliza Coat from Boden* which will definitely keep me nice and warm when I am inevitably waiting for a taxi home. I think the pink looks lovely against the blue and gold tones of the dress.

Head over to the Fever London Facebook page where you can check out all the blogger looks from the #STYLEMYNIGHT challenge and vote for your favourite (*cough*). But what’s in it for ME I hear you cry! Well, the answer is potentially £200 worth of Fever London vouchers which one lucky voter will win! Good luck!


Ask Her Friends

Ask Her Friends October Panel

As fans of both shopping and lists, we are delighted to say that we have now joined the Ask Your Friends bloggers panel! Along with some of our blogger faves, every month we will be picking our top pieces from the Ask Her Friends website in order to help those who perhaps don’t have the same ability to spend hours online scrolling through websites shopping. We definitely have no such issue.

This month was an Autumnal theme and we had a great time searching for the perfect  pieces and, after a healthy narrowing down session, went for the following….

1) Hidden Heart Mittens by Eka. How sweet is that heart detail? Now if only it was cold enough to wear them!

2) The rather dapper Sherlock Brooch – And Smile  by the super lovely Tigerlilly Quinn which shows a seasonally stylish Sherlock ready to take on the elements. Oh, Benedict it would be an honour to pin you to our lapels….ahem, moving on.

3) Comes in the form of a Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Home Candle by The Collection because nothing says Autumn like a nice cosy candle and lime blossom just sounds divine!

4) We were instantly rather taken with Alice’s Teapot Necklace by By Emily and can just imagine it looking lovely worn with a nice mustard jumper! 

5) Finally we went for the incredible Fashionista Biscuit Tin by Biscuiteers which possibly isn’t particularly Autumnish but seeing as our Saturday nights at this time of year are now mostly spent in front of the TV chomping on sweet treats with Strictly on, it felt appropriate to us!

We recommend heading over to the Ask Her Friends website as they are running a competition to win a £50 gift voucher (hello biscuits!) simply for voting for your favourite panelist’s choices! We even promise not to be offended if you don’t choose us….however Sherlock will definitely judge you.


Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

Photo by Joseph Kent
Photograph by Joseph Kent

Thanks to you lovely lot, last week we had the pleasure of attending the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards as nominees in their Best Blogging Duo category! In true She and Hem style, we were extremely overexcited and spent a large portion of the past month discussing just HOW MUCH FUN it was going to be to attend an actual awards do! Thankfully, the evening lived up to expectations which was thanks in no small part to all of the lovely people we met along the way. Go team blogger!

Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014
Jo wears a Lace Top Playsuit and Vanity Bag both from M&S with ASOS Show and Tell Heels  |  Victoria wears a Spot Collar Playsuit from Topshop with an Orange Clutch* and Silver Block Heels both from New Look.

Getting ready was obviously no mean feat and we aren’t ashamed to say we had several outfit meltdowns. This may or may not have culminated with one of us standing in a Travelodge 20 minutes before the awards began shouting at an iron. Regardless, we made it there in one piece and would like to send a special thank you to Bath based salon No.3 Hairdressing (separate post to come!) for making our hair and nails look so spiffing and to The Body Shop in the Stratford Westfield for making our faces photograph friendly!

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger AwardsShe and Hem | Company Style Blogger AwardsShe and Hem | Company Style Blogger AwardsShe and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

The awards themselves were held in the Oval Space in Bethnal Green, a lovely blank canvas which benefited beautifully from the gorgeous sunny evening we were treated to (even if our limited photography skills weren’t so thrilled about the conditions). The outside area was packed with familiar fashionable faces who were all eagerly chowing down on free sausages (obviously!) and ice cream whilst having a good old catch up. Thankfully, we had our own familiar face in the form of the ever wonderful Joseph Kent who, as well as slaying on the dance floor, also took some rather lovely photos of us! What a guy.

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards
Photograph by Joseph Kent
She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards
Photograph by Joseph Kent

And, although we didn’t win, we had a great time watching the awards getting dished out by Becca Dudley. There’s just so much love and support within the blogging community that it’s hard not to get swept up with the joy, even when it isn’t your own! Besides, we were definitely in fantastic company in not winning! Chatting with nominees Unlimited by JK, scottnothingtodowithyou, Scottish Tea and fellow dynamic duo Pretty, Posh, Oh My Gosh! totally made our evening.  You can read the full list of winners here!

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

The other silver lining to not winning was that we got to hit the pink vodka laden free bar with gusto and, quelle suprise, we were then straight to the dance floor. It was pretty great to see FunForLouis briefly throwing some shapes with us! He’s only got a million subscribers! Let’s hope our dance moves make an appearance in a vlog sometime soon.

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

She and Hem | Company Style Blogger Awards

And, with that, it was all over and we headed back to the Travelodge with our outrageously large goody bags in hand! Same time next year?


The Friendship is Magic Blogger Tag

Hello hello! We have something a little different for you today. Those stylish Style Rawr girls kindly tagged us in their very own The Friendship is Magic blogger tag, which they started to celebrate four fabulous years of blogging together. Congratulations ladies! So, without further ado… this is us!


How and where did you meet?

We met in a muddy field in Oxford at the 2007 Truck Music Festival, so called because the main stage was the back of a truck. Yes, we’ve always been this sophisticated.

First impressions of each other?

J: I had an instant girl crush. She had great clothes, great hair, great taste in music and one fabulous Essex accent. She still has all of those things, obviously. Apart from the accent which she lost slightly after moving to Bristol. Where I live! Convenient.

V: Aside from being totally gorgeous and super hip, a stand out thing I remember about hanging with old pyjama features was that (unlike a lot of other totally gorgeous super hip girls) she was a fantastic listener and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. This is extremely commendable as I spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time talking about Tom from McFly.


What’s your favourite memory together?

J: My favourite memory of Victoria is, without a doubt, the time she ran smack into a glass door in Majorca. She got so overexcited whilst playing pin the tail on the donkey (this is true) that she wanted to grab the camera and forgot the door existed. I was blind folded at the time and the sound of her hitting that door will stay with me forever.

V: My absolute favourite memories of spending time with Jo are not just She and Hem related, but often revolve around the times we spend with our lovely bunch of chums. In terms of blogging together, our first ‘big’ blogging event that we attended for Osiris will always be really special and memorable because although we didn’t know what to expect, it turned out to be a tip top time!

Favourite inside joke?

We have a lot! The one that makes us giggle without fail is ‘after dinner fart tart’ which came about as the result of a lengthy discussion about Yankee Candle scents.


What are your favourite pieces from each other’s wardrobes?

J: I love Victoria’s Cath Kidston train print dress! She looks so amazing in it and the print is ridiculously great. She also has endless amounts of pretty coats that I am forever coveting.

V: Jo’s wardrobe is full of such stuff that dreams are made of. I would happily take my Poptarts and go live in there. If I had to choose, it would be her beautiful vintage wedding dress. She could not have looked any lovelier on her wedding day. I tried to say this to her mum at one point during the ceremony, but I was left quite speechless with all the emotions!

Who do you both crush on (man crushes count too!)?

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to this!

If you could set up a business together, what would it be?

Thanks to Totnes, we are very into cat cafes and we would probably set one up given half the chance. Perhaps we could have ours on a boat in Bristol harbour and offer cream tea cat cruises. With gin.

What would your band name be, and what would your debut album be called?

I think She and Him might sue us if we started a band called She and Hem. We would probably be called Live by the Snooze, Die by the Snooze and our album would be called Jo’s Gangrenous Appendix. There you go, two more in-jokes for your confused amusement.

Great blogging accomplishment?

We’ve been writing She and Hem for almost a year now and we do feel incredibly proud by what we have achieved. We have made some fantastic new friends and have got to work with lots of brands that we love! Stand out moments would be attending London Fashion Week with Orla Kiely, hobnobbing at Vogue Festival with Boden and getting to represent Bristol with Cath Kidston. At times it has been very surreal! You could make our year even more special by nominating us for a Company Style Blogger Award in the Best Duo category! 


Best thing about blogging as a duo/team?

In the words of style icons PJ and Duncan “There is always someone there to pull your skirt out of your knickers”.

We would like to tag the gorgeous sisters from Saints on a Plane to do this tag next.


Special Feature: F&F Let it Rain!


The only fun part of the rainy season is shopping for clothes that might actually stand a chance of keeping you dry. Raincoats are not the most aesthetically pleasing, flattering or fun items to wear when the liquid sunshine starts. So, I’ve taken on the mission to prove how you don’t have to sacrifice style when dressing for a downpour. Fo’Drizzle!



Although perhaps more suited to a light drizzle than a thunderstorm, this charming spotty pac-a-parka* from Clothing at Tesco (also known as F&F) meets my style criteria and pocket-sized budget at a very reasonable £12! Continue reading Special Feature: F&F Let it Rain!

Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

If like us you read a lot of blogs, you will already be familiar with the new Osiris range for Specsavers! They have been cropping up here, there and everywhere recently and you may remember that we were lucky enough to attend the launch event way back in July!

First off, you will be relieved to hear that both Victoria and I wear glasses! and, no, I don’t mean in the ridiculous don’t I look witty in my lenseless glasses’way. I mean, in the my eyes have deteriorated so much that now I can’t see without a significant amount of glass in front of them way. You know, actual prescription glasses. Three cheers for our corrected corneas!

Back at the launch, I fell hard for the white glasses in the range and was absolutely positive those were the ones I would choose come the official release in August. However, once presented with them again last month, I didn’t feel the same about them and ended up trying on the entire range again. Twice. Before settling on some blue ones*. Snazztastic.

Osiris5Osiris6Now, I don’t particularly enjoy wearing glasses. The only plus I can really see is that they do a fairly decent job of covering up my dark circles. In that sense, to me, glasses are just a very decadent concealer. I tend to buy the cheapest least hideous pair I can find and Continue reading Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

Guest Post: Ellie’s Double Feature


Today we are overjoyed to introduce to you our first guest post, written by the wonderful  Ellie. You may remember her from our Lady V Special! Hopefully you will love her first post as much as we do and together we can twist her arm and get her to write more of them!



My boobs are big. I mean, not comedy colossal but they make their presence known, regardless of however desperately I try to hide them away. And believe me I’ve tried.

I won’t go into the various reasons why having big boobs isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’m just going to focus on one.  Clothes.  There are certain items of clothing that a woman with an ample bosom simply cannot respectably wear. With larger boobs come larger bras; thicker straps, higher cups and generally just a lot more bra. This of course is necessary to some extent – the point of a bra being support. However, it means a lot of clothes, particularly summer clothes, are out of the question unless you want to display large chunks of your hideously unflattering beige t-shirt bra to the world. Sad faces all round.


It’s not just the style of clothes that can be an issue. My biggest woe is the fit. This applies particularly to dresses (and shirts of course but I won’t open that can of worms).  I’m a size 12. My boobs are not a size 12. Go up to a 14 and the waist is shapeless and the sleeves baggy. Wear a 12 and suffer squashed-flat-boob syndrome. Great. On the high-street the big of boob are simply not catered for.

I’ve always bought my underwear from Bravissimo. Not only do they offer a great fit but also make a real effort to stay up to the minute with fashions, offering really pretty styles and prints. I’ve been aware of their clothing range for a while but never explored it. Until now! My mum recently offered to buy me a couple of dresses from Pepperberry (Bravissimo’s clothing line), claiming that I needed some ‘really well fitting clothes’. After the initial offence, I decided to take her up on the offer.


We trawled the website for a while but I quickly became overwhelmed by the choice. I’m not great at decision making. So I handed over responsibility to my mum. She has pretty excellent taste so I felt confident. A few days later, two dresses arrived…

Continue reading Guest Post: Ellie’s Double Feature

Special Feature: F&F

F&F are, as I’m sure you are aware, also known as Clothing at Tesco but they are also, as you may not be aware, responsible for about 75% of my shoe collection! Yes, that’s right, pretty much all of my shoes are from Tesco and I am not sorry! They make blimmin’ lovely shoes that are cheap, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. This cannot be said for many of their more expensive competitors. I’m looking at you, M&S.


So when those kind folk at F&F offered me a £25 voucher to spend at my leisure, I naturally headed straight for the shoe department! This was going to be HEAVEN.  After putting together a shortlist of about 14 pairs, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I was missing an opportunity to try out some other F&F offerings. After all, I am rather partial to a nice dress! And so, after yet more shortlist making and a lot of sighing, I decided to blow the whole lot on an absolutely gorgeous black & white striped prom dress!

F&F Horizontal Stripe Prom Dress* £25.00
F&F Snaffle Trim Ballerina Pumps in Red £12.50

……and because I have no self-restraint whatsoever, I also bought myself a pair of new shoes. Hands up if you’re surprised? In my defence, they were only £12.50 and they have polka dots on! What was I supposed to do?


I’ve always had a bit of a thing about black and white striped dresses.  They just look so classic, elegant and at the same time fun. Can I also add in French? They look a bit French too. I’d quite happily stroll around Paris in this outfit.  If anyone would like to make this happen I can be reached on my usual email.


I will admit that I was a little skeptical about paying £25 for a dress from Tesco and, to be fair, this is most definitely at the upper end of their price range. Most dresses on the website retail from between a very reasonable £12 and £20.

I am very happy to confirm that the quality of this dress certainly reflects its price tag. It’s made from lovely material and the cut and shape of the dress are perfect. I love the matching belt around the waist that cinches it in so nicely allows me to have a great big bow! I also love that I can dress it up with a petticoat, heels and a bit of red lippy and look like I’m off out on the town, but equally with flats and a cardigan I will be wearing it to work. If you’re into your ‘cost per wear’ statistics, this one will certainly be earning its keep.


…..and as always, I love the shoes. The colour and design of these are so fun and they are just so instantly comfortable. I know these will be yet another pair that provoke gasps of ‘Tesco? Really?!’.

Double thumbs all around,