Accessories to Murder #32

Hello and welcome to the 32nd Accessories to Murder! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent, otherwise you would miss all things Vans X Nintendo! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

Lemonade Body Bag | £35 | Accessorize

When life gave them lemons, Accessorize have given us this excellent novelty bag. This is mine and Beyonce’s current favourite, mainly because of that 3D straw. Too cute! I haven’t managed to get my hands on one yet, but I’m not bitter, because I’m still obsessed with my vintage radio bag.

Spree Bow Detail Heels | £45 | ASOS

You might be able to spot that I went a bit shoe mad whilst browsing ASOS. These crushed velvet heels are so pretty and have a really sensible sized block heel and, let’s be honest, I’m a pretty sensible gal. You won’t catch me in no skyscrapers, oh no. I love everything about them, especially the round toe and the bow. Beautiful!

LAUREL Ballet Flats | £25 | ASOS

Two pairs of velvet shoes in one Accessories to Murder? Are you mad Victoria? Heck no! Could I really leave these out? They have a ribbon, and conform to the golden rule of fashion; pretty > waterproof. I feel like I need these to take the first steps in my Darcy Bussell makeover. So on pointe.

Princess Peach Authentic Plimsoll Trainers | £52 | Vans X Nintendo via ASOS

It’s not often that I hear about a brand collaboration from my husband, but he was all over the new Vans range with Nintendo. It’s all pretty great, and I expect the range to mushroom in popularity, but the Princess Peach trainers are my pick of the bunch and a must have item for all of our Princess readers (i.e everyone!). Peachy. No PUNintendo.

Little Boats Book Bag | Was £16 Now £11 | Cath Kidston

I’ve only just spotted this print from Cath Kidston and it really floats my boat. Not only is it colourful and fun, but it’s just gone into the sale which is a mega bonus. They have a messenger bag too, also in the sale, and also awesome. One thing though Cath, can we PLEASE have this print on a dress? Thanks.

Sunnylife Inflatable Swan | £51.30 | Nordstrom

What’s better than a giant inflatable swan? A GOLD giant inflatable swan of course! I want to buy one in every colour and invite all my pals down to the lido for a swan race. Swan goals for sure. I’ve never bought anything from Nordstrom before, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

That’s it for this week. Until next time, keep accessorising!



Accessories to Murder #14

Hello and welcome back to Accessories to Murder! Sorry for the slight mega break, house moves, DVD marathons and all of that other blogging malarkey have gotten in the way, but now it’s back and better than ever (maybe).

Ice Cream Dream Swimming Costume $23.99 from Modcloth
Ice Cream Dream Swimming Costume $23.99 from Modcloth

Now that I’ve broken the ice, feast your eyes on this. I pinned this incredible Ice Cream Dream swimsuit to ‘Victoria’s Wish List‘ on our Pinterest a couple of days ago and I’ve been getting constant alerts ever since to tell me that it’s being re-pinned and liked. It’s not hard to see why, as it’s possibly the best swimming costume that I’ve ever seen. A freezer fresh Maxibon in a world of half eaten Mini Milks.

Bunny flats £44 from ASOS
Bunny flats £44 from ASOS

These winking YRU (Youth Rise Up) white bunny shoes from ASOS are quite something, huh? They make me pretty hoppy, but if you are bugged by bunnies, they also come in an adorable panda print!

Watermelon bag £8 from Marks and Spencer
Watermelon bag £8 from Marks and Spencer

A lot of people over on Instagram and Twitter have been feeling a wee bit melancholy that they haven’t been able to get their hands on one of the New Look/Monki fruity clutches that have been everywhere over the last month or so. So I decided to find an alternative, which just so happens to be in the Marks and Spencer sale for a very a-peeling £8. It’s smaller in size than the clutches, but not in zestiness!

Clocks bag £28 from Cath Kidston
Clocks bag £28 from Cath Kidston

It has been quite time consuming trying to choose my favourite accessory from Cath Kidston’s new Clocks range. Although I’m not ticked off as the collection is awesome, CK are just so ahead of their time! Have you gone cuckoo over this season’s new items?

Victoria bag £48 from Lara Lindsay, Bristol
Victoria bag £48 from Lara Lindsay

When writing Accessories to Murder, I always have a browse of our Twitter followers, searching for independent brands to check out and feature if something takes my fancy. Today, I came across Bristol based Lara Lindsay, who just so happened to have a bag called ‘Victoria’. It must have been fate! I feel like we’re meant to be together.

Pinwheel necklace £15 from Sugar and Vice
Pinwheel necklace £15 from Sugar and Vice
Maneki Neko necklace £16 from Sugar and Vice
Maneki Neko necklace £16 from Sugar and Vice

I’ve popped two necklaces in from Sugar and Vice because I just couldn’t choose between them. In fact, their whole necklace section is fab. Sugar and Vice has been on our radar for a while, but I was nudged happily in their direction after reading Domestic Sluttery’s list of their favourite accessory designers. A rather fabulous wishlist it makes too.

As keen fashion readers, it won’t have escaped your attention that Domestic Sluttery recently announced their impending closure. This seems like an appropriate juncture to say how much we’re going to miss them! Jo and I were both really inspired by Domestic Sluttery, and loved the girls style and sense of humour. We’re both really going to miss it, but wish everyone involved good luck for the future!

V x