Sleeping Beauty

She and Hem | Sleeping Beauty

If you read this blog often you will know that I (Jo) really struggle with looking tired. It’s something which I am always aware of and I drive my loved ones crazy by constantly questioning them on just how tired I look. Over the years I have tried everything and anything to combat those dreaded dark circles and puffiness but, really, the obvious solution is to combat my horrendous sleeping pattern! When I was younger I could never fall asleep and would lie awake for hours (until I became a teenager when instead of lying awake I simply spent all night on the Internet).Now that I am older I seem to have developed the opposite problem in that I wake up at stupid o’clock and can’t get back to sleep! Frustrating, much? So when an email landed in our inbox from Time4Sleep offering me some extra help with getting enough sleep and, crucially, covering it up when I haven’t, I had to say “Yes”. A few days later a little box of goodies arrived which I have been using as part of my routine, alongside my usual ‘I’M AWAKE’ staples.

She and Hem | Sleeping BeautyShe and Hem | Sleeping Beauty

Let’s begin with the lotions and potions! A while ago I put a plea out on Twitter for eye cream recommendations and the lovely SJ from Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion pointed me in the direction of Origins. I’ve tried approximately one million things that claim to reduce dark circles but none have impressed me as much as this Dr. Andrew Weil cream. I really feel it has made a difference! As a result of this success, I decided to also buy their No Puffery Roll as it had such great reviews. I now always have it about my person for some emergency eye cooling and I’ve been enjoying using it alongside the cooling Dr Organics Aloe Vera gel*!

Eye cooling, I’ve discovered, is key. If I am off somewhere important and haven’t managed to get anywhere near enough sleep I will use the pink mask shown in the top photo. It lives in my fridge and does a wonderous job of reducing puffy eyes and waking me up for the day. I remember wearing it to breakfast on the morning of my best friend’s wedding like some sort of bridesmaid superhero. It worked though. No tired eyes in those important photos!

She and Hem | Sleeping Beauty‘Conceal, don’t feel!’. Oh boy, I am forever indebted to whoever invented concealer. I am never without it. I would wear it around my neck if I could! The two above are my current favourites, although having borrowed my fair share of Victoria’s Collection 2000, I fear I may be adding a third. The Bourjois one is a bit of a blogger fave and for good reason. It does a great job of combating those dark circles and I apply it pretty liberally on top of my Smashbox hydrating under eye primer to ensure that it stays put all day long.

She and Hem | Sleeping BeautyShe and Hem | Sleeping Beauty

But what of my sleeping pattern, I hear you cry? Well, I’ve been trying all the top tips. No TV or phone for an hour before bed, calming chamomile tea, aromatherapy candles, three shots of whiskey. It all seems to be helping. I have also been super impressed with the Aroma Home Luxurious Eye Mask. It’s full of lavender seeds, which help with soothing and relaxation but, more importantly, it does a fantastic job of blocking out the light so when I wake up at 5am, I can pretend that it’s midnight.