She and Home: The Little Mermaid


There’s just something so magical about visiting the theatre at Christmas time, so when A Little Bristol asked us if we would like to attend the opening night of Bristol Old Vic’s production of The Little Mermaid, we jumped at the chance.



You can read our full review here but lets just say that it is a truly spectacular show and fully lived up to the dizzying highs of last years’ Peter Pan – of which I still find myself (Jo) singing the songs from. If you are in/around Bristol then it is most definitely one to go and see. We certainly left with a Christmassy glow and, no, it wasn’t because of the wine. Cheeky.

We were completely smitten with the enchanting tale of the pursuit of true love. The Little Mermaid, played by our new girl crush Katie Moore, is as graceful as can be. She makes every move appear elegant and poised, even when being carried around the stage by her fellow cast members. She’s certainly one to watch, a future starlet for sure! Continue reading She and Home: The Little Mermaid