Winter warmers with Oliver Bonas

Mint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and HemMint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and HemMint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and Hem

Oliver Bonas is one of our favourite stores! If we see a branch when we’re out and about, we are straight in there to peruse their wares. You can try, but you just can’t stop us! Their range is wonderfully diverse, from fun fashion to funky furniture, and everything is just so colourful and alluring. I (Victoria) am not much of an interiors enthusiast but there is something about their furniture collections that makes me weak at the knees. I put their Herbert Wood Chest on my Christmas list every year, and I will continue to do so until my husband Santa delivers. Keep your fingers crossed for me, yeah?

Mint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and HemMint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and Hem

Something else I’ll be putting on my Christmas list this year is the Mint Textured Coat. It’s the candy-coloured coat of my dreams! I’m a big fan of it’s relaxed style and smooth texture. Relaxed and smooth…thinking about it, it’s a lot like me really. Me and this coat, we were mint to be! I promise I’ll keep it in mint condition.

Possibly even smoother than both me and the coat is the grey V Neck Teddy Bear Coat that Jo is wearing. When taking these pictures I found it nigh on impossible to stop stroking it. It could be the softest, loveliest coat ever made and it looks blooming awesome on. It’s hard to put into words exactly how delicately fluffy it is. All I can say is that I wish it came in blanket form.

Mint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and HemMint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and HemMint Textured Coat | Teddy Bear Coat | Oliver Bonas | She and Hem


Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

Floody hell it’s cold…and wet…and really really grim outside. I’ve decided that the best thing to do is hibernate and look at pretty coats on the Internet (and eat my body weight in chocolate but that’s by the by). Here are my current coat crushes.

Pink Fit and Flare Coat £40 by F&F

PINK COAT! PINK COAT! Remember ages ago when we were all shoving each other over in the street in order to get hold of a pink coat? Well, so do F&F who have cunningly brought out this stunning fit and flare number. It has lots of lovely details, such as that vintage inspired Peter Pan collar, and the price is very nice too.

Textured Swing Coat £89 from Topshop

This is my current top coat crush and comes courtesy of the ever bank balance raiding, Topshop. My only concern is that it won’t be fitted enough but, hey, after all that chocolate I’m eating perhaps it’ll do me a few favours.

London Checked Double-Breasted Coat £156 (was £195) from French Connection

As with most French Connection coats this one leaves me dribbling over my keyboard. How cute is this? I love everything about it and if it – by some miracle – comes under the £100 mark, might cause me some spending issues.

Flocked Woollen Cloth Coat £49.99 (was £59.99) from Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is a brand that’s fairly new to me but I’m constantly impressed by the quality and affordability of their pieces. This coat is lovely and would go with pretty much anything. It also has huge pockets. Absolutely huge. Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

Putting the Win in Winter: Coats *Pink Special*

PINK COAT PINK COAT PINK COAT. All people keep banging on about at the moment is pink coats.  And now, well, so am I….because hubba bubba aren’t they lovely?  I have now officially spent the better part of my Tuesday wondering how I’ve ever lived without one before! So thank you, internet, for your pink pandering has resulted in some serious style crushing on a number of sickeningly sweet candy coloured creations. I have, therefore, put together my favourite sugar coat-ed offerings for your reading pleasure.

Vintage Style Cocoon Coat £110 from ASOS

This ASOS coat has been highly anticipated by the general coat buying public since it first appeared in their magazine a while back. It finally arrived online this week which sparked an internet frenzy, no really, which has resulted in a lot of the sizes going straight out of stock! In fairness it does look lovely and I am sure those nice folks at ASOS will be replenishing sizes so don’t be too down-hearted if it looks as though you’ve missed out.

Notch Lapel Oversized Duster Coat £85 from Marks and Spencers

Another pink coat getting a lot of attention is this pretty Marks & Spencers affair. So much attention in fact, that it also sold out the second it hit stores at the start of the month. Fear not though, pink lovers, as they restocked it today.

Short Woollen Overcoat £79.99 from Zara

Another pretty effort, this time from Zara who have gone for a lovely soft, shorter number. This one is unmistakably baby pink but could definitely be toughened up with some dark accessories. Maybe even some leather if you’re game. Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Coats *Pink Special*

Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

Hey Hemsters,

If you are anything like us, you have spent the past week despairing at the weather. You leave the house in your big coat, tights, and boots and by lunchtime you are kicking yourself for not packing your sunglasses as you sweat uncomfortably at the bus stop. Or maybe that’s just us. Picking the correct coat for the day ahead is currently nothing short of traumatic (overstatement?) but one thing is for sure, coats are back! Hooray! There are a lot of lovely ones appearing on the high-street at the moment so we have gathered together our favs!

Red Bow Coat £79 from Miss Selfridge

We tweeted about this little beauty a couple of weeks ago! Look at those bows! NEED.

Dog Quilt Bomber Jacket £50 from Topshop

It probably won’t see you through those cold winter months but this dog print jacket will certainly look pretty darn cool in the meantime.

Coat with Gathering on the Shoulder £99.99 from Zara

The future is bright after all and, if you believe the magazines, orange is set to be a big colour this season! This coat is sharp, chic and zesty.

Oversized Check Coat £75 from Next

Now THIS is a winter coat. We could quite happily hibernate in this snugly affair.

Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Coats