Double Thumbs Dresses #91

Hello hello! Welcome back (at long long last) to Double Thumbs Dresses, our roundup of the frocks we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted double thumbs seal of approval! First off, an explanation. I didn’t plan to have such a long break from writing these posts (I think it has been nearly a year?!) but between maternity pay and breastfeeding, I just haven’t been spending much time online lusting over dresses and checking-out my virtual basket. These posts have always been about the frocks I’ve fallen in love with when shopping for myself and, *insert tiny violins*, shopping for myself wasn’t really a thing for a long time! However, since returning back to work I now get to spend a lot of time on trains idly scrolling ASOS like old times. I have missed you, old friend! It feels good to be back and I can’t wait to start sharing my finds with you all once more. NO BANK BALANCE IS SAFE.

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Umbrella Dress £75 from There's Only One Amy Laws | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Umbrella Dress £75 from There’s Only One Amy Laws

I seem to have become obsessed with rainbows lately so this delightful dress from There’s Only One Amy Laws has naturally caught my eye! Amy is local to us (she’s based in Somerset) and all her pieces are handmade and screenprinted.

Ice Cream Dress £70 from Cath Kidston | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Ice Cream Dress £70 from Cath Kidston
Sunglasses Print Dress £70 from Cath Kidston | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Sunglasses Print Dress £70 from Cath Kidston

My friend Eva recently text me to warn me that I was going to want everything in Cath Kidston‘s new collection. To be fair, that’s not a massively unusual feeling for me but even I wasn’t prepared for how gosh darn lovely their new stuff is!  The ice-cream print dress is just so summery and cute (although I can’t say I’m ready to think about summer just yet – Snowmageddon, anyone?) and the sunglasses print is very cool indeed. It’s definitely worth checking out their website right now as they have some really really great pieces (Victoria and I are OBSESSED with this coat).

Ballet Slippers Print Dress £60 from Boden | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Ballet Slippers Print Dress £60 from Boden

She and Hem faves, Boden always know how to bring the fun factor. This super-flattering and super-easy to wear number comes in a number of fun prints (including sunglasses – they are obviously very in this year!) but the little ballet slippers are my pick of the bunch. Plie-se will someone buy it for me?

Printed Dress £25.99 from Zara | She and Hem| Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Printed Dress £25.99 from Zara

I find Zara so hit and miss but I spotted this dress on their website and fell for that super cool print! The dress looks a little short (for me) in a few of the pictures so I’ll be battling into town at some point to try and find it IRL.

Chrissy Bunting Stone A-Line Dress £54 from Sugarhill Boutique | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Chrissy Bunting Stone A-Line Dress £54 from Sugarhill Boutique

Crack out the bunting, we’ve got a Royal Wedding to prepare for (what do you mean, any excuse?!). How jolly is this Sugarhill Boutique affair? The print was inspired by the colourful streets of Brighton and is rather lovely indeed.

Only The Brave Dress £69 from Traffic People | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Only The Brave Dress £69 from Traffic People
Patterned Dress £29.99 from H&M | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses 91
Patterned Dress £29.99 from H&M
Floral Print Dress £66 (although they pretty much always have money off) from La Redoute | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Floral Print Dress £66 (although they pretty much always have money off) from La Redoute

Holy Snazzy Prints, Batman! I am totally diggin’ these super fun frocks from Traffic People, H&M and La Redoute!  I couldn’t pick just one so, seeing as I’ve been absent for a year, I’ve decided to feature all three! You are welcome.

Stripe Shirt Dress £16 from Matalan | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Stripe Shirt Dress £16 from Matalan

Who doesn’t love a stripey shirt dress? I really love the pop of bright colours in this Matalan number and am also quite into the grandad collar, which makes it a bit different from other dresses I have in this style.

Cat Print Dress £42 from Next | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Cat Print Dress £42 from Next
Yana Cat Print Dress £69 from People Tree | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Yana Cat Print Dress £69 from People Tree

CATS! It wouldn’t be Double Thumbs Dresses if there wasn’t at least one adorable cat print to get your claws into. Thankfully, both Next and People Tree have got puuuuuurfect dresses on offer and I am totally feline them both.

Tuck Seem Midi Dress £46 from Topshop | She and Hem | Double Thumbs Dresses #91
Tuck Seem Midi Dress £46 from Topshop

And last but not least is this absolute ball of sunshine from Topshop! We at She and Hem truly believe one can never wear too much yellow and thankfully the stylish folk at Toppers seem to agree.

Missed me?



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Etsy Made Local

Etsy Made Local Etsy Made Local

Etsy Made Local

Every Christmas, I (Victoria) spend hours searching online for unique Christmas presents perfect for family and friends and every year without fail my search always leads me back to the same reliable place, Etsy! So when they got in touch recently to ask if we would help spread the word about their annual Etsy Made Local campaign, we were more than happy to showcase some of the wonderful pieces by independent artists from across the UK. Etsy Made Local Pop-ups are community led and are coming to a city near you between 1st-3rd of December, which gives you plenty of time to pick something special up before the mad Christmas rush. We’ll be taking our families along to the Bristol Pop-up, taking place at MShed on 2nd December. Keep an eye on our Instagram to find out what we get up to on the day! It will mostly involve buying things.

We were lucky enough to be able to choose a few of our favourite bits from some of the artists taking part in this year’s Etsy Made Local, which I plan to give as presents to friends and family (so let’s hope they don’t read this). The first shop that caught my eye was the gorgeous Katy Pillinger Designs, from where I purchased the items above. The Cornish pasty recipe illustration is for a very good friend of mine who is rather partial to such treats, but insists that they taste better in Cornwall. Can anyone back him up? I’ve cheated a little with the incredible His and Hers mugs, as they are actually going to be a wedding present for a wedding I’m going to next year. I just couldn’t resist them! After making the purchase I thought I may as well continue to be super organised and buy the Mr&Mrs floral wedding card below from Corin Beth Designs. I also picked up a colourful town house tote as it reminds me of the cool colourful houses of Bristol.

Etsy Made Local

Etsy Made LocalEtsy Made LocalEtsy Made Local

Speaking of cards, I just had to pick up two of these adorable new baby cards from Hannah Stevens. Hannah’s shop is filled with fun cards, cute prints and animal cushions and I must admit I’ve got my eye on a few things for my daughter’s nursery. Lots of her items are currently reduced too, so I would recommend paying her a visit. Last, but by no means least on my Etsy shopping spree, I fell for two prints by Constance and Clay and I am absolutely thrilled with them! They are both bold quirky images created by Holly from Leicester, who I’ve filed straight into my favourite sellers list.

Etsy Made LocalEtsy Made Local

Jo recently moved house so was really keen to pick up some prints to adorn her shiny new walls. It didn’t take her long to identify a few gems! Like me, she fell for the lovely style of Katy Pillinger Designs and snapped up the ‘Sky Watcher’ illustration for Poppy’s nursery. It features a very cute explorer and his cat! She also picked up a mug (yep, we really are this similar folks) and plumped for the super cute cat faces style. I am hoping this one is going to be a Christmas gift for a crazy cat lover in her life (*hint*).

Etsy Made Local

Next on the shopping list was this fab London print by natilieasingh who creates wonderful retro inspired art prints. I know Jo spent a lot of time debating over which of her many fabulous pieces to go for but was one over by this brightly coloured illustration. There’s just so much going on and it really captures the hustle and bustle of the capital! I can’t wait to see where they end up hanging it. Lastly, Jo chose a beautiful print by JemmaBanksDesign which depicts a group of ice skaters having a grand old time against a gorgeous backdrop of a city skyline and mountains. It’s rather magical and I can see why she fell in love with it.

We hope we’ve given you all a bit of inspiration!


This post was written in collaboration with EtsyUK. 

Accessories to Murder #20

Hello and welcome to the 20th Accessories to Murder! Are you ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories? Excellent! Without further ado, here are the accessories that have made it onto this week’s She and Hem’s Most Wanted. Warning: this one includes an amazing Zara bargain. Happy shopping!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Gin Bag
Glitter Gin Bottle Clutch Handbag | £100 | Luna on the Moon

Would you just look at this Gin Clutch! It really makes me grin, because it’s just all kinds of win. It’s not made out of tin, so don’t throw it in the bin. So, tell your next of kin that it’s got me in a spin. I knew my English degree would come in handy sooner or later… Luna on the Moon has so many incredible bags, and you can find them all over on Etsy.

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Red Bag Zara
Red Tote | Was £22.99 Now £9.99 | Zara

This is not a red herring. Oh no, it’s not all novelty prints and quirky patterns here at She and Hem, as we are also pretty potty about a pop of bright colour! February is all about red, so thank you Zara for reducing this tote-ally great bag down to £9.99!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Hot Air Balloon Necklace
Hot Air Balloon Necklace | £18 | Joy

Living in Bristol, it’s difficult to get through the day without spotting at least one hot air balloon floating above the city’s colourful houses. This Hot Air Balloon Necklace from Joy would be perfect to wear to the next Bristol Balloon Fiesta, as we always like to dress appropriately (see here), with as many novelty hot air balloon items we can possibly find!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Joy Acorn Earrings
Acorn Earrings | £15 | Joy

Also over at Joy are these mega cute Acorn Earrings from Dublin based jewellers Artysmarty. Although Bristol doesn’t (yet) have an Acorn Festival, I think they are still an essential purchase. There is nothing corny about them, they’re just nuttily good!

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | H&M Glittery Trainers
Silver Glittery Trainers | H&M | £24.99

I’ve never been a big trainer fan, as I’ve always found them really hard to style successfully, especially with my beloved dresses. This all changed last year when a pair of sunshine yellow Superga’s came into my life. Since then I’ve jumped fully on board the trainer train, and my final destination are these incredible, sparkly H&M Silver Glittery Trainers.

Accessories to Murder #20 | She and Hem | Avocado Phone Case Skinnydip
Googly Avo iPhone Case | £15 | Skinnydip via Topshop

Let’s all avocuddle and admire the last item for a moment. It really calls out to me as I am always within arms reach of both my phone and a juicy avocado. This googly eyed Avocado Phone Case is yet another Skinnydip gem, currently in Topshop. Did I mention it has googly eyes? It has googly eyes. And I, for one, am completely goggle-eyed for this little gem.

Until next week, keep accessorizing!


Accessories to Murder #12

Where’s the fanfare at? Not only are our comments finally fixed but it’s the first Accessories to Murder of 2014! It’s already February, so let’s not hang around nattering about broken New Years resolutions and Justin Bieber’s mugshot. I give you the accessories that have made it onto She and Hem’s Most Wanted.

Horse Necklace, £35, Tatty Devine.

There is neigh better way to celebrate Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse, than with this Tatty Devine novelty necklace. So don’t horse around, make it a stable part of your outfit as it won’t be around furlong! Thank you for bringing this into my life Tatty!


Ah, thistle do nicely. This gold chunky chain necklace is so fabulous that it will easily brighten up a gloomy February morning, getting you jumping out of your flowerbed. I love the clash of colours and will definitely be investing in this piece to jazz up my London Fashion Week wardrobe.

TURNLOCK SATCHEL, £28.00, Topshop.

Yes, I know I feature a satchel in pretty much every A2M. But Hemsters, I am not sorry! They really do go with everything and Topshop just keep on giving. They have a whopping 18 smashing satchels on sale at the moment and I can honestly say I love them all, with this soft mint dream being the cream of the crop.

Glitter Hair Bow, £3.50, Head Full of Feathers via Etsy.

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Accessories to Murder #10 Christmas Special

There are only 3 sleeps until Christmas, so it’s the perfect time to have a brand spanking new Accessories to Murder. We’ve only gone and made it a Christmas Special! An early gift to our fabulous Hemsters and maybe some inspiration for any last minute gifts you need!  If you are anything like me you will be SO ready for a few days off to relax and indulge in mince pies, toffee pennies and my new favourite tipple, mulled cider. Joyeux Noël!

Flashing Light Necklace, £6, Claire’s.

Now, I know it’s a bit of a faff wearing batteries as part of your outfit (don’t ask how!), but stay with me here, as this necklace exemplifies Christmas. This fully functioning flashing light necklace won’t be hard to accessorize with your Christmas outfit as it has not one but three settings.

Gingerbread Man Earrings, £16.02, Etsy.

Just how cute are these little fellas from Pixie Hearts via Etsy? These ginger guys will certainly brighten up these chilly December evenings. They are made to order, so if you have a bit of a sweet tooth (or ear…), get your orders in asap! If it’s too late to order for this year, why not be super organised and grab some for 2014?

red hat
Pom Pom Beanie, £10, Next

I’ve been looking for a cute beanie to wear over winter for a while now and I think I found the perfect knitted wonder in Next while I was Christmas shopping this weekend, and thought I should share it with you! It is Christmassy, but unlike the light necklace, you won’t look a little bonkers wearing it come January. Continue reading Accessories to Murder #10 Christmas Special

Accessories to Murder #8

Hi Hemsters! Sorry it has been a pretty inexcusably long time since Accessories to Murder #7, I was swept away in a blustering sea of sale shopping and summer holiday japes and have neglected last months adorable accessories somewhat. Anguish no longer as I am back in the glittery saddle ready to ride off into the shimmering sunset of stylish stuff!

Ferret Ankle Socks, £3.50, Topshop.

As all worthy fashion bloggers know, Topshop are fun sock pioneers. Their 3 pairs for £8 deal is often too hard to resist, and with socks as impressive as these frisky ferret beauties above, why would you want to? Add the pheasant and mallard versions to your sock drawer too and your feet will really thank you.

Hot Dog Scarf, £18.00, ASOS.

Sticking with the animal theme for a moment, I give you this paw-some ASOS hot dog scarf. If you are feeling a little ruff, wrapping up in this chunky knit scarf won’t make you hot under the collar. Although, If you are looking for something a little lighter to wear before the weather gets all arctic and icky, Oliver Bonas take a bow(wow)…Check out their take on the canine trend below.

Buster Sausage Dog Scarf, £18.00, Oliver Bonas.

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Accessories to Murder #7 Bag Special

If you are anything like me then you’ll like to have different bags for different occasions depending on what you need to take along with you. For instance, I’m not going to take my Zatchel or rucksack (seen here and here) for a meal out, but they would be perfect for a day trip or a night away from home.

There are some fantastic bags around at the moment, of all shapes and sizes, and lots of them just so happen to be in the sale! Such as this cute Yumi satchel below, which is half price on the House of Fraser website.

Floral Satchel, £20 (was £40), Yumi, via House of Fraser.

Another sale item, also half price, is this super cute box clutch bag from Oasis. It comes in several colours, but my favourite is the green and silver beauty. It is really small, so you wouldn’t be able to fit any emergency chocolate in there, but there will be room for your purse, phone and a cheeky picture of Ryan Gosling.

Box Clutch Bag, £15 (was £30), Oasis.

If you are looking for something slightly bigger than the box clutch, maybe to use as a small day bag, I would go for this fun owl satchel. It’s a real hoot! It’s novelty without being too childish and has the all important across body strap. It’s not in the sale, but if you are a student Accessorize are offering 10% student discount for a limited time only. You can enter your details for a voucher code here.

Owl Satchel, £25, Accessorize.

Bigger still in the bag department is this foxy little number from Accessorize, who’s looking for a new home. If I hadn’t recently bought a rucksack I would snap this up, especially as it comes in my favourite accessory colour, tan, so it goes with anything and everything. It is really roomy, has lots of pockets and it quite possibly the loveliest looking rucksack I’ve ever seen.

Fox Rucksack, £32, Accessorize.

If it is a rucksack you are after, but like me you have spent all of your pennies on ice cream, here are a couple from Peacocks which are  slightly cheaper. I am very pleasantly surprised by the range of bags that Peacocks has to offer at the moment, especially the rucksacks which come in several lovely patterns and colours. My mum used to drag me to Peacocks, but now I’m excited to pay a visit this weekend to see what I can find.

Printed Rucksack, £12, Peacocks.
Bird Rucksack, £15, Peacocks.

Last week I stumbled upon the amazing, eco-friendly Ceridwen Hazelchild Design. Designing from a little studio in the heart of the Cotswolds, Ceridwen’s designs are distinctive, unique and thoroughly charming. There are 53 items for sale in her Etsy shop, which I wholeheartededly recommend checking out, especially as it is so reasonably priced. I really cannot choose my favourite bag, as everytime I look I change my mind as they are all so fantastic! Here are my current top 3 picks.

Blue Typewriter Illustration Eco Cotton Tote Bag, £5.99, Etsy.
Badger Illustration Cotton Tote Bag, £5.99, Etsy.
Three Garden Gnomes Illustration Eco Cotton Tote Bag, £5.99, Etsy.

Hopefully one of these will be just your bag!

V x

Accessories to Murder #6

The sun has got his hat on, but unfortunately it’s sold out everywhere, so I won’t feature it this weeks in A2M6!

The past six weeks of Accessories to Murder have flown by, a lot like the little girl hanging from the delightful balloon brooch pictured below. This beautiful brooch was handmade by MyBearHands, who has an absolutely cracking collection on Etsy. I really love all of the goodies in this collection and have my eye on several of the necklaces.

Fly Away balloon brooch, £18.00, MyBearHands via Etsy.

Oliver Bonas seems to have mastered something which I thought was impossible, and that is how to successfully sell clothes, accessories, homeware, furniture and gifts all under one roof. They do it, and they do it well. I can’t think of another shop where I would actively seek to buy both a pretty summer dress and a wooden bedside cabinet. I’ll certainly be spending a lot of time there at the moment because they have a fantastic sale, which includes this little beauty. For under £10 you should definitely try and grab an antelope necklace before he leaps off!

Antelope Enamel Necklace, £9, Oliver Bonas.

Sticking with the animal theme for a moment, I give you this sleek fox belt from Yumi (who also have a great sale on!). I’m on the lookout for great belts, as I always seem to stick to my trusty waist cincher from Dorothy Perkins, so this foxy number really caught my eye. It’s very versatile and comes in black or brown.

Fox Belt, £12, Yumi.

The last animal inspired accessory is an item that every girl should own. Never again will you have to be more than an arms length away from a quick G&T fix with this zoo themed hip flask from Topshop. It’s so fun, so flamin-go and get one!

Zebra Hip Flask, £20, Topshop.

So, you are going to need somewhere to store that sneaky tipple. Here are my current top two bags of the moment. A lovely red structured bag with a scalloped trim and handy handle from Glasgow based Hey Sailor, and an absurdly pretty vintage inspired clutch from Oh My Love. Oh how I love it!

Fit for a lady bag, £22, Hey Sailor.
Monday I’m in Love Vintage Rose Clutch Bag, £15, Oh My Love.

Have a glorious weekend in the sunshine,

V x

Accessories to Murder #4

Good evening everyone! Victoria is usually the Queen of  the to die for accessories but sadly for us she has had to don the ultimate accessory, her marigolds. Good luck with the big clean, V! Instead, for one week and one week only, I am the one to take you down this dangerous (for your bank balance) path towards Accessories to Murder.

Tropical Butterfly Feather Hair Clip £3.50 (each) from Beauxoxo

First up we have these absolutely beautiful, and rather realistic, butterfly hair accessories from Beauxoxo. I think there’s something rather magical about them and I love how the model is wearing a veritable *looks up collective noun for butterflies* rabble of them in her hair, producing a rather ethereal effect.  They come in a range of different styles, sizes and colours to suit your taste and are sold individually. I’m think they would make a super pretty addition to a summer wedding outfit!

Cat Face Locket by Bonbi Forest £5.70 (was £19) at Soma Gallery

Bonbi Forest make some pretty darn awesome stuff and this original illustration locket is no exception. The gold necklace contrasting with the cat’s face is absolutely stunning and I love the little bow. It’s currently on sale at the wonderful Bristol based Soma Gallery which makes it a must for all cat loving necklace enthusiasts.

Owl Wooden Collar Clips £12 from Ladybirdlikes

I am lucky enough to own these head turning collar clips from Ladybirdlikes and I can’t tell you the amount of compliments they receive! I was slightly scpetical of collar clips as they aren’t something I had ever really considered as ‘being me’ but now that I’ve started I can’t stop! They really do jazz up a shirt and given my love for all things collar related,  it only makes sense that I would enjoy adorning them with novelty animals.

Blue Milkshake Ankle Socks £3.50 from Topshop

Topshop sure know their fun hosiery and I have a serious crusha on these milkshake print socks. I dairy you to find a better pair to keep your lac-toes warm. Well, I think it’s safe to say I’ve milked that for all it’s worth. In summary: great socks.

Icelolly Necklace £2.50 from Kukee

Time for something refreshing in the form of these rather cool icelolly necklaces from Kukee. I love the amount of detail they have included, especially those little bites. I think the yellow one is my favourite but it’s a close run thing! One things for certain, these necklaces might be as sweet as candy but they sure are as cheap as chips.

I Like You More Than Cheese on Toast Badge £9 by Alice Shields from Objets de Desir

And last but not least is this wonderful brooch from Alice Shields (check her out – she’s incredible!) who thinks it’s totally OK to prefer people to cheese on toast, which it isn’t Alice. It isn’t. Beans on toast maybe but cheese? No way. The brooch is great though so I will let you off this time. You can get your hands on one by visiting the Objets de Désir website which we just so happened to blog about last week! Neat!

I’m off to eat some cheese on toast now.


Double Thumbs Dresses #7

Break out your Sunday best, I’m here with a slightly later than usual round up of the dresses worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.  I shan’t keep you any longer….

Up, Up, and Adorable Dress $79.99 (£52) from Modcloth

I know I have a tendency to get carried away but it was luft at first sight when I saw this appear on Modcloth! I need this dress so much I could pop! My ego would be seriously inflated wearing this. OK, that’s probably enough of that now.

Sweet Spring Time £29.67 from Lovely Melody Clothing

I discovered Lovely Melody Clothing over on Paige’s blog and, just like Paige, fell in love with their collection of gorgeous girly dresses. Their Etsy page is an absolute wonderland of vintage inspired treasures and it was quite the task to just pick one to feature! I eventually settled on this tie back, fairyland and candy print number due to the fact it contains not just cake but also a merry-go-round. Seriously, what more do you people want?

Kelly Tie Waist Button Through Floral Skater £20 from Boohoo

Two pieces appear to be making an unlikely comeback, which frightens me and my appendix scar no end I can tell you. This tie waist dress from Boohoo might just be the answer I’ve been looking for as it reveals just the faintest bit of flesh around the old belly button area, giving the illusion of a two piece but without the commitment! I adore that bold floral print and, at £20, it’s a bit of a bargain too.

South Teapot Print Dress £39 from Very

This isn’t the best quality picture of  Very‘s teapot print dress, but trust me when I say you’ll feel like royal tea in this beauty. I just love the detailing in the print with those little teapots, teacups and saucers. With the flattering cut designed to cover one lump or two, this dress is just my cup of tea.

Unico Fluro Contrast Dress £42 from Lashes of London

This gorgeous pastel unicorn print dress is just so childish and reminiscent of My Little Pony that it’s making me want to crack open the Cherryade and play ‘Pass the parcel’. However, those childish memories are long forgotten once you turn the dress around and see the backless wonder, which includes a wonderful gold heart, that awaits you!  I make that two Double Thumbs weeks on the trot for Lashes of London, sterling work.

Daisy Dress £39.50 from Marks and Spencers

You’ll be the pick of the bunch in this rather spiffing daisy print dress from M&S‘ Limited Collection. I would personally describe this as the perfect work dress. It’s a good length and neckline for both flattering you and keeping you smart, it has hidden pockets and, don’t quote me on this, Limited Collection dresses are usually good to wear without ironing! I love everything about the daisy print and am pretty darn excited about the flared hem too.