Hem and Away: Iceland Part One

Hem and Away | Iceland Part One

Halló all! If you follow us on Instagram, you will no doubt be all too familiar with the fact that I spent my Easter holiday in beautiful Iceland! I’ve got a few posts lined up about my time in Reykjavik but I thought I would begin with my travels to the Golden Circle.

Hem and Away | Iceland Part One Hem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part One

Hem and Away | Iceland Part One
| Bag by Zatchels | Coat by Boden* | Shorts by George* | Caridgan by Gap| Tights by George| Scarf by Marks and Spencer | Glasses (pictured above) by Amazon | Hat (pictured below) by Marks and Spencer |

Reykjavik is well geared up for tourists and there are any number of tour operators offering coach trips to the Golden Circle and beyond. We decided to shun the coach tour in favour of hiring a car and driving the route ourselves. This is also a popular, and well catered for option as it means you can go at your own pace and, if you’re like me, means avoiding the stress of getting travel sick whilst surrounded by strangers.

We hired our car from Hertz and went for the cheapest option available but paid extra for a GPS system (necessary!). I’ll admit I haven’t looked into the comparison but I’ve heard that hiring a car is actually a much cheaper way of doing it and we certainty had no regrets. Our little car coped admirably with the snow and it even included seat warmers and an iPhone charger. Luxurious! 

The Golden Circle is a popular route for tourists as it takes in three of Iceland’s most spectacular sights, the Pingvellir national park, the geothermally active Haukadalur and the mammoth waterfall Gullfoss. It’s about a 190 mile round trip from Reykjavik so if you do decide to drive it yourself, bare that in mind!                                                       Hem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part One Hem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part OneWe went on Easter Sunday and it was an extremely magical day! Just driving through the snowy mountains was beautiful enough but each of the three main stops on the drive proved to be equally spectacular! We stood in awe at the beauty of Pingvellir, got a little overexcited at watching the geysirs erupt at Haukadalur and were stunned by the magnificent Gulfoss waterfall. There aren’t really enough superlatives to describe it all.

Hem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part OneHem and Away | Iceland Part OneWe added an extra stop on our way home as we really wanted to see the Kerið volcanic crater lake. Apparently Bjork once played here on a raft. Can you imagine!


Double Thumbs Dresses #35

Hooray! It’s time once again for our weekly round up of the lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

Bella Dress £55 from White Stuff
Bella Dress £55 from White Stuff

The top spot this week goes to this gorgeous geometric floral print dress from White Stuff. I love everything about it!

Limelight Dress £250 from Coast
Limelight Dress £250 from Coast

I think Coast are under the false impression that we all secret live in a Disney movie. Why else would they make possibly the most Disney Princess worthy dress I have ever seen? It’s so sparkly and BIG and I really really wish I had somewhere to wear it.

Rajaa Dress £49 by Louche from Fox and Feather
Rajaa Dress £49 by Louche from Fox and Feather

Lovely Louche have done it again with this sweet woodland print dress, which you can order online from Bristol Based Fox + Feather. It’s such a cute 50s shape, with great big buttons and a lovely pastel tree print.

Rock n Rollers Dress in Red Deckchairs £55 from Trollied Dolly
Rock n Rollers Dress in Red Deckchairs £55 from Trollied Dolly

Wahey! It’s another deckchair print dress! The She and Hem print of 2014 and my new favourite! There’s really a lot to love about this Trollied Dolly frock but, aside from those deckchairs, look at that whopping great bow!

Sweet Embroidery Sweetheart Dress £45 by Nishe from ASOS
Sweet Embroidery Sweetheart Dress £45 by Nishe from ASOS

I’ve been waiting for this Nishe dress to hit the ASOS website! I adore those little sweets, although I do wish there were more of them. Such is life.

Charlie Cat Dress £69 from NW3 at Hobbs
Charlie Cat Dress £69 from NW3 at Hobbs

I think we all know by now that I am a sucker for a cat print! I love the simplicity of this Hobbs dress, which is covered in lots of little black cats. I’d probably swap the belt for something a bit brighter and a bit less ropey though. But that’s just me.

Stamp Print Linen Fit Flare Dress £63.75 (was £85) from Laura Ashley
Stamp Print Linen Fit Flare Dress £63.75 (was £85) from Laura Ashley

I feel it is my duty to show you this stamp print dress!! I love the retro vibe and, as always, Laura Ashley have channeled the 50s to perfection.

Floral Sateen Dress £36.95 from Gap
Floral Sateen Dress £36.95 from Gap

Last up this week is this lovely dress which I spotted whilst in Gap. I was drawn to it because it has pockets but it’s so much more than that. It’s floral too.


PS If you love reading Double Thumbs Dresses then do please consider nominating us for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 in the Best Duo category. Imagine how big my double thumbs will be if we get shortlisted. PRETTY BIG is the answer.

She and Home: Fashion Bloodhound

Francis Hotel

Last night we hopped, skipped and jumped over to Bath for Fashion Bloodhound, a designer shopping event at the Francis Hotel. Fashion Bloodhound specialise in buying and selling pre-owned designer clothes and this, their ‘Winter Showcase’, aimed to provide high-end fashion fans with the opportunity to browse a selection of their pieces whilst quaffing champagne and eating yummy sweeties from Cakey Couture. How refined.

DSC_0088 DSC_0095

DSC_0103 DSC_0128 DSC_0130DSC_0107

We are both label lovers but sadly our budget is usually more Primark than Prada. This doesn’t stop us from dreaming though and it was an extremely pleasant experience to peruse the usually unobtainable juggernauts of fashion in such a relaxed atmosphere. The prices were good too, although even with such huge markdowns we still couldn’t afford a lot of it *insert tiny violins*. However, the glamorous fashionistas in attendance were certainly having a ball with Marc Jacobs, Prada and Burberry all piled high in the dressing room. Continue reading She and Home: Fashion Bloodhound

She and Home: Autumnal Bath

Bath12Today I (Jo) ventured the very short distance to Bath for a wonderful day with my BFF Fiona. I’ve known Fi since we were at school here in 1996(!), a simpler time when the Spice Girls and Britney Spears were only just beginning and where my Kickers were my most coveted possession. Now that we are all grown up (insert hysterical tears), it isn’t often that we get to mooch around the beautiful city in which we grew up. So when we do get one of these hallowed days, we sure do make the most of it!

DSC_0003 DSC_0005We started by visiting the Bath Spa, Britain’s only natural thermal spa dontachknow. It’s SO relaxing and I have to admit that it has become a bit of a favourite pastime among my circle of girlfriends, albeit one we can’t afford to do that often! It’s the rooftop pool with its beautiful view over the Bath skyline that does it. It’s just such a treat to catch up with your friends whilst surrounded by hot water, bubbles and a spectacular view. Sadly they don’t allow cameras but this should give you the gist. Pretty great huh?



After three hours of pure unadulterated relaxation, we began a little exploration of Bath’s many cobbled side streets. It was lovely to be reacquainted with old haunts, discussing new additions and reminiscing about things that have long since disappeared. Continue reading She and Home: Autumnal Bath

She and Home: Aldo


After a lovely sunny day spent browsing the Vintage Kilo Sale at Paintworks in Bristol. We headed to a small shopping party held at Aldo in Cabot Circus, to take advantage of their 15% discount on all shoes and accessories while quaffing some champers and devouring some battenberg cake. We are totally crushing on all of the ankle boots and brogues, so we will be crossing all of our fingers and toes that we win the raffle!



Aldo’s vision is to make people feel good through the products they provide. We would certainly feel good if we owned some of these amazing shoes. I was a big fan of the Nogoya red brogues, while Jo found true love with these Alcidine ankle boots. We popped them on our Christmas lists, which are now the size of a giraffe’s scarf!


What we wore! Continue reading She and Home: Aldo

Hem and Away: Seattle Day #6

Picture taken from The End Summer Camp

RECAP: I (Jo) am currently on vacation in Seattle! I thought it might be fun to try and keep a little holiday diary of sorts, a travelog if you will. You can read about Day 1 here and Day 2 here and Days 3/4/5 here! So sit back and grab a cup of coffee, She and Hem is going Stateside.

Over the weekend we headed to Redmond, which is just to the East of Seattle. It’s most famously known as the home of global conglomerate, Microsoft, whose presence is most definitely felt throughout! It really feels like the entire town center exists purely for its employees and is almost Disneyesque in its cleanliness and neatness. Anyway, as much as we would have loved to discuss Windows with Bill, our purpose for being in Redmond was to attend The End 107.7′s Summer Camp!

DSC_0158DSC_0155 DSC_0163 DSC_0167

Our hotel was a fair walk to the venue but luckily for us we stumbled across the Redmond Saturday Fair. We may or may not have bought a massive slice of cake. Tasty.


Set in the glorious surroundings of Marymoor Park, The End 107.7’s Summer Camp was a real treat. Marymoor is an absolutely stunning place to have concerts!  It is, after all, a 640 acre park that boasts  its own velodrome amongst the recreational activities on offer. The part in which they put on concerts is not only beautiful, but very practical too. The stage is surrounded by a grassy bank, meaning families, picnic goers and people who aren’t teenagers anymore can take in all the action from a comfortable position. Not having brought the family, or having the foresight to pack a picnic, we fell into the final of those categories and perched ourselves atop the grassy knoll.  Just as we had bought ourselves some beer and a steak baguette, we were beginning to think that it was all a bit too perfect….


………and then a familiar sight to any British festival goer appeared, as the umbrellas which had been used for sun protection, suddenly became the defense against a much damper entity. The good news however was that this sinister shower was short lived, didn’t result in copious amounts of mud and, truth be told, was actually rather refreshing! Despite our lack of umbrella we stayed put and soon dried out once the rain had receded.


The highlight of the day for me was undeniably Surfer Blood, pictured above. Apologies if you were sat anywhere near me and my bad singing! The line up was pretty stellar throughout though, with Wavves, Family of the Year, Hey Marseilles and MS MR all sounding great in the sunshine. New Politics proved very entertaining with their extremely energetic performance! We did appear to be the only people present who hadn’t heard of them. Cold War Kids had the privilege of closing the night out during a rather beautiful sunset,

DSC_0251DSC_0256DSC_0237 DSC_0281DSC_0275

I wore a Gap vest top with my Cath Kidston train skirt and my Topshop shoes. My bag is also from Cath Kidston and I bought a new hat in Redmond Town Centre from a shop called REI. I was certainty grateful for the extra bit of sun protection!

DSC_0285So pretty!


Brace yourself

‘Sup, guys! The 90’s called, they want their fashions back. And quite frankly who can blame them with trend-setters like these.


Clarissa, Cher, Alex Mack (!), Blossom, Topanga, Kelly Kapalski…..mega babes the lot of them. Man I loved those girls growing up  (heck, I still love them now) but I can honestly say that I don’t look back on the fashions of the 90’s and think “Oh wow, we looked all that and a bag of chips, I wish Hypercolor t-shirts and dungarees would make a comeback“. But it shows what I know as the high-street is currently bursting with 90’s inspired get-up. Pinafores, dungarees, jazzy prints and headache inducing accessories are whipping up a storm. The surprising news is that when done properly it can look really good, even on people over the age of 25! I’ve seen plenty of ladies ACTUALLY PULLING OFF DUNGAREES, and not in the literal sense. I think the key here is to not take it too far; I’m looking at you Little Mix. Boo ya.

I decided my first foray into this 90’s renaissance would be the pinafore. I’ve noticed some really lovely ones around recently and they seem slightly less intimidating than dungarees and, dare I mention, crop tops.


The pinafore is from Miss Selfridge, the shirt is from Gap and the tights are from M&S.


Pretty slammin’ right guys? I’m not so sure. I really like it but I think I would feel a little self-concious out in public! I really want to embrace this trend so if anyone has any good tips as to how to wear the pinafore publicly then please leave a comment. One could say this isn’t my pina-forte

Once you’ve gotten over that terrible terrible pun, you will be pleased to learn that I’ve had a little look around for some other tip top pinafores.

Black Floral Pinafore Dress £19.99 from New Look
Navy heart print pinafore dress £35 from Henry Holland at Debenhams
Maria Denim Look Jersey Pinafore Dress £25 from Boohoo.com

Ta ta for now. I’m off to watch Clueless. On repeat.