One Direction – Where We Are Tour


What do you get if you mix the world’s biggest selling boyband, a few scandalous headlines and a shed load of pyrotechnics? You got it! The One Direction “Where We Are Tour” of course! Yowzers!

A couple of weeks ago we had a banging time at 1D’s sell out show at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, even after being chastised by a musician on the train to Manchester for our musical choices. What made it worse is that this musician was an 11 year old girl, travelling with her mum. Luckily for her, she also said we looked like “shiny haired sisters”, so we decided to let her off gently by simply not offering her any of our sweets (One Direction love hearts, obv).

1d2 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d5One Direction’s lyrics say exactly what girls want to hear, but on stage Louis and Zayn seemed a little aloof and didn’t interact with the crowd much. Zayn seemed to have a bit of a grump on, which is such a waste of that beautiful face. Those boys should take a leaf out of the (younger, hotter and hopefully less tax evasiony) ‘Gary Barlow’ of the group Liam Payne. Now that boy will go far!

Never fret though girlies, we had a blast! In fact, here’s a video documenting exactly how much we enjoyed the gig! Top moments included –  every time Niall played guitar, What ‘Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘Best Song Ever’, ALL of the fireworks and when Harry Styles invited us back to his hotel room for a cheeky Horlicks*…


1d9 1d10


1D 4 EVA!

V&J x

*This hasn’t happened outside of my Harry Styles fanfiction.

She and Home: Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit7Benefit at House of Fraser Bristol kindly invited some local bloggers for an evening of makeup, wine, cakes and sweets in order to introduce us to the rocking world of Rockatuer, Benefit’s latest blusher. As Benefit fans, it was hard to resist an evening of indulging in all of their pretty offerings!

We both LOVE makeup but are by no means experts so it was really useful to watch the Benebabes, the lovely Lucy and Kate, demonstrate how things should be applied. We both find buying makeup quite an overwhelming experience. There’s just so much choice and I (Jo) am usually far too self conscious to ask for help from one of the assistants. I have tended to go for Benefit purely because I like the packaging and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here! Thankfully for me, Benefit packs just as much substance as it does style!

Benefit8Lucy showed us how easily the Rockateur blush, which is £23.50, can be layered up to take it from daytime wear to an evening look. We were both really impressed with the beautiful rose-gold colour and how nicely it lifts the face. Benefit describe this blush as being  for “girls who don’t blush easily” which perfectly fits the cheeky tone of the brand and is also true of the product! Lucy then used the Watt’s Up highlighter, £24.50, (which I loved so much I ended up buying – naughty!) to bring out Kate’s cheekbones and used the Smokin’ Eyes Kit, £28.50, to create a beautiful smokey eye. The look was completed with a quick swish of the They’re Real mascara, £19.50. Smashing.

Benefit4Benefit3After the demonstration, we were all given the opportunity to have ours brows mapped.  This involved measuring to find the exact points at which our eyebrows should be! After marking out the perfect points, Lucy used Benefit’s Brow Zings (£23.50) to create the new brow. The transformation was surprisingly drastic and we both loved our newly improved look! For me, it turns out that my eyebrow shape is as it should be but that I should add a bit of length! I’ve already got quite a lot of brow so I was slightly unnerved about adding more but it turns out it’s a much better look!

Benefit6benefit2Jo: I bought this beautiful Cath Kidston dress a couple of months ago from the St Peter’s Hospice charity shop in Clifton Village, Bristol. I did an audible gasp when I saw it on the rack! It’s exactly my style with its beautiful sleeves, autumnal colours, floral print and unusual neckline. Phwoar! With all that going for it and the fact it was my size, it was clearly meant to be! The slight dip in temperature meant I could finally wear it last week and, I’m pleased to report, it was certainly worth the wait! I teamed it with black patterned tights from Topshop and my F&F red polka-dot shoes (reviewed here). Continue reading She and Home: Benefit Cosmetics