Double Thumbs Dresses #55

Hello dear reader! Welcome back to Double Thumbs Dresses, our roundup of the frocks we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted double thumbs seal of approval. I can tell you hand on heart that this, the 55th edition, has truly tested the limits of my bank balance. Send help.

Print Me Pretty Dress Paris £68.80 from Miss Patina
Print Me Pretty Dress Paris £68.80 from Miss Patina

Or, preferably, send me this dress! I can’t even bring myself to look at the Miss Patina website at the moment for fear of the damage I might do. Everything is just so incredibly beautiful! This Parisian print is my pick of the bunch thanks to that super adorable illustration. What an Eiffel.

French Market dress £89.95 by Joules
French Market dress £89.95 by Joules from John Lewis

Oui oui! I am obviously taking my inspiration from the French as this market town print dress from Joules is also pickling my onions. How dreamy is that 50’s shape? and the colours are simply gorgeous.

Daisy Spray Beach Dress £50 from Cath Kidston
Daisy Spray Beach Dress £50 from Cath Kidston

It’s bright yellow, it’s got polka dots AND it’s Cath Kidston…..what’s not to love? I’m slightly obsessed with those thick straps and the polka dots are, prepare to sound the twee klaxon, actually super cute daisies! Oh CK, you sure do know the way to my floral loving heart. I think this is the perfect dress for Summer.

Beach hut short sleeve shirt dress £40 by Brakeburn
Beach hut short sleeve shirt dress £40 by Brakeburn from House of Fraser

I’ve been waiting ages for a good beach hut print (I know, I know, haven’t we all) and one has finally appeared thanks to Brakeburn. I love this little shirt shift dress (easy for you to say) as the short sleeves, little collar and tie waist make it super easy to wear!

Parasol Print Dress £22 from TU
Parasol Print Dress £22 from TU

There’s nothing shady about this parasol print dress from TU although you will have to leave your house in order to obtain it as it’s not available online. Boo you, Sainsbury’s! It’s a gorgeous print though and I love the the green and blues together. Let’s just hope it hasn’t para-sold out (sorry).

Dress With All Over Pom Pom Print & Detail £65 by Lazy Oaf
Dress With All Over Pom Pom Print & Detail £65 by Lazy Oaf from ASOS

Pom pom hem! This Lazy Oaf dress has an actual pom pom hem! Made out of pom poms! If Victoria and I ever decide we need blogger nicknames I am totally having ‘pom pom hem’ as mine. What a thing! Even aside from the whole pom pom hem thing, this dress is obviously brilliant with an all over multicoloured pom pom print. POM POM.

Barcelona Dress £39 by Louche from Joy
Barcelona Dress £39 by Louche from Joy

I adore this red 50’s inspired dress from Louche. It looks so pretty and I love the detail that has gone into the print and the beautiful looking hem, which is apparently a unique broderie analgise hem dontchaknow. Whatever it is it’s lovely and it looks very flattering too!

Sing For Your Summer Dress £55 by Trollied Dolly
Sing For Your Summer Dress £55 by Trollied Dolly

Last but not least we have a Trollied Dolly strawberry dress that is ripe for picking! It’s certainly a berry good print and looks lovely set against the peachy tone of the dress. I would definitely accessorise this one with lashings of cream!


Double Thumbs Dresses #49

Hello dress fans! It’s time once again to take a gander at the frocks we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval! There’s plenty of new arrivals happening at the moment so I have been slightly spoiled for choice! Let’s crack on…

Balloon Fit and Flare Shirtdress £410 from Kate Spade
Balloon Fit and Flare Shirtdress £410 from Kate Spade

Hot air balloon prints are basically my thing (our first ever post was about balloon prints fact fans!) so when I noticed that Kate Spade has brought out an entire collection of balloon inspired wears my credit card spontaneously combust out of fear. I mean, just look at this bag! It’s all so perfect. Now, I wouldn’t normally include something so high end on a Double Thumbs roundup but this list is supposed to reflect the dresses that I am lusting over and oh boy do I want to float around the world in this vintage inspired shirt dress. Get in my (wicker) basket, etc etc.

Clouds Cotton Dress With Shirred Waist £60 from Cath Kidston
Clouds Cotton Dress With Shirred Waist £60 from Cath Kidston

But hey, the sky is still obtainable even without my balloon thanks to Cath Kidston and their gorgeous new cloud print. This is possibly one of my favourites ever of theirs thanks to that beautiful shade of blue. It’s such a fresh print and, as always, the perfect shape too.

Ric Rac Cotton Dress With Raglan Sleeve £50 from Cath Kidston
Ric Rac Cotton Dress With Raglan Sleeve £50 from Cath Kidston

Hot on it’s heels at the top of my CK wishlist is this fab Ric Rac print dress. How fab are those colours? So bright and fun! It reminds me of a maypole and makes me want to go to country fetes and wear a straw boater. I basically just need this dress.

Beatrice Dress £89 from Boden
Beatrice Dress £89 from Boden

Boden have also brought out some absolutely cracking dresses this season because it would appear nobody wants me to have any money anymore. Cheers, guys. Anyhoo, this fruity frock has pipped the others to the post as my favourite and is most definitely the apple of my eye (sorry). I really love the orange and the pink print but it does also come in blue too if that hue just isn’t for you.

Lottie Dress £55 from Seasalt Cornwall
Lottie Dress £55 from Seasalt Cornwall

This lovely floral midi dress from Seasalt has been styled on a vintage tea dress. It’s ever so pretty and I love the print and all the button detailing.

Isobel dress Yours Truly £76 from Emily and Fin
Isobel dress Yours Truly £76 from Emily and Fin

We have actually featured this gorgeous envelope print from Emily and Fin before when they originally debuted it in navy blue last year. It is now back in a fresh new colour for 2015 and would make the perfect Valentine’s frock. Who needs a card when you’ve got 450 beautiful envelopes, eh?

Wallflower Sleeveless Dress £85 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Wallflower Sleeveless Dress £85 from Orla Kiely for People Tree

I also fall in love with the Orla Kiely for People Tree collections and this season is no exception. For Spring this year they have gone classic Orla with retro 50s inspired pieces in beautiful shades of pink, grey and green. I think this sleeveless number is my current front runner.

50s Style Dress in Bright Pink Spot £74.95 from Joules
50s Style Dress in Bright Pink Spot £74.95 from Joules

We finish off in true twirly style with this pink polka dot number from Joules. I do love a good floaty fock and this ticks all the right 50s boxes for me. Gorgeous!

Please pass on my apologies to your bank manager,


Double Thumbs Dresses #36

Hello and welcome back to Double Thumbs, our bank busting roundup of frocks we consider worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. I’ve been a bit slack on the DT front of late due to LIFE and STUFF. Anyway, as a result there will be two Double Thumbs lists this week! Three cheers for that.

Creme Cafe Print £74.95
Creme Cafe Print £74.95 from Joules
Creme Botanic Print £69.95
Creme Botanic Print £69.95 from Joules

We start with not one but two pretty dresses from Joules (aff). Both feature charming prints, with a hand drawn vintage inspired cafe/picnic scene and botanical design respectively. Does the second dress remind anyone else of a Britannica Encyclopedia entry? Just me then. It’s lovely though, right? Both dresses are so summery and cool. Get in my wardrobe!

Printed Dress with Wide Straps £59.99 from Zara
Printed Dress with Wide Straps £59.99 from Zara
Elastic Waist Dress £39.99
Elastic Waist Dress £39.99 from Zara

Another double entry! This time from Zara who are also nailing the summer dress. Both look to be my favourite sort of frock in that you could simply throw either of them on with a pair of sandals and be ready to party. Never let it be said that I’m not ready to party.

Pineapple Crush Tea Dress £55
Pineapple Crush Tea Dress £55 from Sugarhill Boutique

I’m a big fan of the brightness of this lovely fitted sundress from Sugarhill Boutique! If people are going to wear sunglasses, you may as well dress as loudly as possible eh? Has anyone else noticed the sudden prevalence of pineapple prints? Surely the fruit print of 2014.

No Peep™ Heart Print Shift Dress £45
No Peep™ Heart Print Shift Dress £45

Marks and Spencer are really bringing the pretty at the moment. If Fifties pastel loveliness is your thing (hi), then I would suggest you go take a gander at their website. My current crush is this lovely apricot shirt dress which M&S describe as not being overly feminine. Whatevs, guys.

Multi Stripe Viscose Dress £45
Multi Stripe Viscose Dress £45 by Oasis from John Lewis

This Oasis dress is super sweet! I love the candy cane colours, the slightly drunk looking stripes and that lovely nipped in waist. I couldn’t find this particular dress on their website but it is available from John Lewis.

Designer Navy Sunglasses Print Dress £32
Designer Navy Sunglasses Print Dress £32 by H! by Henry Holland from Debenhams

Henry Holland is always a good bet for a novelty print and this adorable sunglasses adorned frock is no exception. You can find this retro inspired dress at Debenhams.


Accessories to Murder #9

Good morning one and all and welcome to the latest installment of Accessories to Murder. Now, as you may have noticed Accessories to Murder is not a weekly feature, more of an ‘as and when’ piece for when knockout accessories capture my short attention span, or when Jo sends me a link to something so desirably foxy that I reward her with a gold star for sending me all quixotic. Anyway, you are in luck as this week there are umpteen enticing accessories that I would like to share with you!

lulu bag

Now, we all know and love the amazing Lulu lip and eye purses (they are on both of our Christmas lists!) but I feel we have all neglected poor old kooky cat! It has a slight Halloween feel to it, so there’s no excuse not to use it to store all of your trick or treating goodies in. It has the all important inside pocket and there’s even a kooky card holder to match.


Chartreuse is the new black. I LOVE satchels as you can wear them for work, play, with any outfit and they always look winsome. Topshop currently have a big bundle of gnarly satchels from leopard print to 70’s leather and I want them all, but I am more than happy to start with this one please Santa!


Although this isn’t a satchel and I don’t have an iPad, I’d still quite like one of these nifty cases. I’m sure I could find a use for it. Perhaps I could use it to keep my collection of pasta sheets warm throughout winter, or, y’know, I could give it to a friend. Fairisle is the new animal print don’t cha know! Continue reading Accessories to Murder #9

Putting the Win in Winter: Jumpers

Hey Hemsters!

It’s now October and officially jumper season!  Fabulous knitwear is appearing all over the shop at the moment, mostly adorned with some sort of animal motif. It’s all a bit tempting so I’ve compiled a list of my current favourites!

Top Hat Badger Jumper £45 by Louche from Joy
Top Hat Badger Jumper £45 by Louche from Joy

A badger in a top hot? Need I say more.

Up And Away Sweater £45 from Sugarhill Boutique
Up And Away Sweater £45 from Sugarhill Boutique

A long time ago when we first started this blog, our first post was all about hot air balloons! This lovely jumper would clearly have made it onto the list! Marvellous.

Cuteoat Quilted Bear Jumper £28 from Dorothy Perkins
Cuteoat Quilted Bear Jumper £28 from Dorothy Perkins

This jumper makes me really happy. I think it’s because the bear has such a teeny tiny mouth. Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Jumpers

Accessories to Murder #8

Hi Hemsters! Sorry it has been a pretty inexcusably long time since Accessories to Murder #7, I was swept away in a blustering sea of sale shopping and summer holiday japes and have neglected last months adorable accessories somewhat. Anguish no longer as I am back in the glittery saddle ready to ride off into the shimmering sunset of stylish stuff!

Ferret Ankle Socks, £3.50, Topshop.

As all worthy fashion bloggers know, Topshop are fun sock pioneers. Their 3 pairs for £8 deal is often too hard to resist, and with socks as impressive as these frisky ferret beauties above, why would you want to? Add the pheasant and mallard versions to your sock drawer too and your feet will really thank you.

Hot Dog Scarf, £18.00, ASOS.

Sticking with the animal theme for a moment, I give you this paw-some ASOS hot dog scarf. If you are feeling a little ruff, wrapping up in this chunky knit scarf won’t make you hot under the collar. Although, If you are looking for something a little lighter to wear before the weather gets all arctic and icky, Oliver Bonas take a bow(wow)…Check out their take on the canine trend below.

Buster Sausage Dog Scarf, £18.00, Oliver Bonas.

Continue reading Accessories to Murder #8

Double Thumbs Dresses #10

Goodness me! It’s time for our weekly round up of all those lovely dresses that receive the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.

Comic Adventure Mini Dress £80 by Joyrich from ASOS

KAPOW! This super fun Joyrich dress from ASOS makes me want to embrace my inner superhero (It’s Thumbage Girl, for those who are asking)  and sort out the most dastardly of crimes. Crimes of fashion that is, I’m not crazy.

Carmine Dress £34 (was £69) by Louche from Fox and Feather

This little beauty of a Louche dress is currently on sale (with all sizes currently showing as in stock) at Fox and Feather, yippee! It’s made from an absolutely beautiful shimmering fabric which really makes the greens and pinks stand out. It has a great high neckline but beware underwear fans, it does plunge at the back.

Penny Babydoll Dress in Spearmint Daisy Applique £40 from Motel

This beautiful vintage inspired dress from Motel is available in this rather refreshing spearmint colour. I really love the pretty floral applique, it makes the dress so dainty. For me this is the perfect holiday dress as I know I could throw it with sandals and head to the beach but it would work just as well at home with tights, boots and a trip to the pub. Anyone know where I can find a beach pub?

Yellow Floral Print Dress £39.95 (was £79.95) from Joules

Oh Joules, this dress is a bit perfect! I adore the flattering 50’s cut and the colour and print are just dreamy. It’s on sale at the moment and getting hold of certain sizes might be a trifle tricky. The good news is I have noticed sizes coming back into stock so it’s worth checking the website, as well as in store.

Cream Tapestry V-Neck Tea Dress £22.99 from New Look

I can’t be the only person who has noticed how completely fabulous New Look has been recently? This gorgeous vintage style tapestry dress is a prime example of the sort of beautiful piece they are putting out for the budget conscious shopper, i.e everyone. I love the thick, expensive looking fabric and the pretty floral print.

Perdita Floral Smock Dress £55 from Lashes of London

Pass me a fan, I might need a little lie down! The colours of this dress are simply out of this world, they are just stunning. Lashes of London are so great at putting out creative, unique and beautiful items. I love love love the neckline, the lovely turn up sleeves and of course the big, bold floral print. Well done, everyone.

Skater Dress With Pug Print £25 from ASOS

Never one to shy away from a novelty print, this pug print dress from ASOS ticks all the right boxes. You’d be barking mad not to love it!  I love the flattering shape and the fun print, and better still the easy-wear jersey fabric means it’s a great holiday buy as it won’t crease in the suitcase! Winner!

Contrast Collar Dress in Tile Print £48 by Cooperative from Urban Outfitters

Welcome to the 60’s, courtesy of Cooperative at Urban Outfitters. I love the quirky print, which definitely has a touch of the kaleidoscope about it and the contrast of the deep red with the crisp white colour is rather lovely.  It’s a loose fit, so perhaps won’t suit everyone but if you like a retro shape then this one is a winner.

That’s all for this week!