Our First Vlog | Boden #NewBritishChristmas Press Day

It finally happened! We’ve always chickened out of filming vlogs due to the fact that a) it’s scary and b) it’s hard!  But after getting our hands on a new camera (an Olympus Pen E-PL7 for any camera buffs out there) a couple of weeks ago we decided that it was now or never and thought we’d take our first tentative steps into the world of vlogging by filming our day out in London.

Please do like, comment, and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy what you see! We would really love to make this a regular thing so please do let us know what you think of our first attempt. What should we film next?

Whilst you’re mulling that over, do keep your eyes peeled for a good old fashioned blog post about Boden‘s #NewBritishChristmas press day over the coming week.

J&V x

Hem and Away: Gin Bop

Hem and Away : Gin Bop

Last Friday, after hanging out with some giant perfume bottles, we made our way to the real reason we were in London….Gin Bop! As big lovers of both gin AND bopping, we knew this going to be our sort of time! Held at the Rivington Grill in Greenwich, Gin Bop was a ticketed event which granted you access to an evening of live jazz, gin based games (!), a hog roast and, of course, gin!

Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop

Experts from Hendrick’s, Beefeater, Tanqueray, Langley’s No.8 and Bombay Sapphire were all on hand to whisk up delicious cocktails from their respective bars (or buses, in Hendrick’s case). Being Hendrick’s girls at heart, we headed straight for their station which was parked up alongside the hog roast. A dream combination if ever there was one. Their delightful bartender served us two yummy Flora Doras in teacups which we then took onto their bus with us. Sadly the bus was candle lit and our already struggling camera simply couldn’t cope so you’ll have to take our word for it that it was pretty darn great.

Jo is wearing a dress from Topshop (bought in the January sales) with M&S shoes. Victoria is wearing a dress from Primark with a belt from New Look and Topshop shoes.

Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop

We then headed upstairs to Tanqueray who had a lovely sofa filled area all to themselves! We had a good chat with their bar men about the cocktails on offer (all the stations had a menu of three) but, in all honesty, we knew the moment we saw the slush machine what was going to happen! Behold, the Tanqueray Frozen Aviation, the most grown up slush puppie you will ever see. It was delicious!

Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop Hem and Away : Gin BopHem and Away : Gin Bop

We were already feeling a little bit squiffy after two cocktails but we persevered onwards to both Langley’s and Beefeater (Soz Bombay Sapphire). Unfortunately, neither of us were big fans of our Langley’s cocktails (a No.8 Fizz and a New Orleans G&T) so we decided to leave them (I know!) and instead headed to Beefeater who lured us in with talk of Earl Grey. Thankfully this cocktail more than made up for the disappointment of our previous drink and we ended the night on a high…and a hic.


A big thanks to Hendrick’s for the tickets! You delicious people.

Cath Kidston AW14 Collection

Cath Kidston AW14 Press Day by She and Hem
Jo wears Cath Kidston Horse Print Dress and Victoria wears Cath Kidston Button Spot Dress*

Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem En route home from the Company awards last week, we popped along to the launch of the Cath Kidston AW14 and Christmas ranges and gee-whiz was it spectacular! Regular readers and followers of our Instagram will know we are both obsessed with Cath’s quirky prints, so having a sneaky peek at the new items had us squawking with excitement! So much so that the lovely CK ladies had to keep us quiet with tea and brownies. Begrudgingly, we obliged them.

With the introduction of cute watches and on-the-go tote bags, alongside CK classics such as lively yet wearable dresses, pretty china, and numerous gifts and cosy homeware items, we really fell head over heels for the new collection. Despite the great selection on offer, we found it super easy to decide on a favourite piece, which we awarded to the delightfully colourful Townhouse Raglan cap sleeve dress, as seen in the pictures below, which will retail at £70.

Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and HemCath Kidston AW14 Press Day by She and HemCath Kidston AW14 Press Day by She and Hem

Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Cath Kidston AW14 Press Show via She and Hem Thank you for whetting our appetite (and feeding it too…), Cath!


Vogue Festival 2014: Valentino


During the fabulous Vogue Festival, we were lucky enough to be invited to listen to super successful Italian fashion designer (and keen gardener – watch out Alan Titchmarsh!) Valentino Garavani speak to British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman about his life, loves and pugs. You may have heard of him as he’s kind of a big deal. He’s even got a day named after him!

Valentino charmed us from the start with an apology for his strong Italian accent and an earnest fondness for London. “To me, London is the capital of the world. I live here for four to five months of the year. London men are very well dressed, whereas in Italy, the men dress all in black. Like a cockroach!”, he joked, betraying a certain distaste for our insect friends. It seems Valentino is more of a pug guy, owning an impressive five, two of which travel with him everywhere he goes. He didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose him.


He started to draw, aged 14, in his school workbook, and by the time he was 17 he had a collection of over 50 drawings. After much haggling and cajoling, the precocious Valentino convinced his parents to send him to Paris to perfect his craft. He explained how he wished to “learn how to make everybody beautiful by using little tricks of the trade…like raising bosoms!”. His admiration for the the female form was particularly evident, as was his support for the notion that a woman should be free to be as elegant as she can. As he says, “A dress should live on a woman’s body, not just sit on it”. Hopefully he hasn’t seen any of our early blog photographs!

During a Q&A session he was asked how he feels about famous people wearing his designs. Referencing his love of the cinema, he told the crowd that he found it “very satisfying to see celebrities such as Drew Barrymore wearing Valentino for big events like the Oscars”. Fancy loaning us a few pieces Val?

The captivating conversation came to a close with some simple, yet heartening and inspiring advice from the man himself – “Believe in what you are, try to be optimistic and to be happy”. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.


Hem and Away: The Zetter Townhouse London


Last weekend I was a very lucky lady indeed as I was whisked away for a sumptuous weekend in (the UK’s second best city) London, and I just had to share a glimpse into the blooming marvelous boutique wonder that is The Zetter Townhouse. I think I may have found my dream hotel!



The attention to detail at the townhouse is spectacular, which made our room so charming that I never wanted to leave. Each room has an abundance of personality, full of re-claimed furniture, cosy knitted hot water bottles and all the Ren toiletries a girl could desire. Oh, and not to mention a bunch of classic novels chosen especially for the guests and the most adorable telephone you will ever find in a hotel room! Continue reading Hem and Away: The Zetter Townhouse London

Hem and Away: CrossEyes



Whilst we were in London for Fashion Week (have we mentioned we went to London Fashion Week? Sorry!) we received an invitation to the launch party of CrossEyes, a new opticians. We’ve blogged before about our passion for eyewear, as both of us require spectacles, so it seemed churlish to pass up on the opportunity. We made a somewhat heroic dash across London to Clerkenwell, negotiating rush hour tubes, serious wind, rain and heels we had been in since 7:30am but we knew we had made the right call when we were warmly welcomed with a glass of bubbly.

G10G3G4 GL16 Continue reading Hem and Away: CrossEyes

Bloggers Love: Secret Garden Event @ Mahiki


When the invite to The Secret Garden event and fashion show popped into our inbox I was pretty damn excited. Two minutes after finding out it was being held at my favourite London nightspot Mahiki, I was calling BFF Ailsa (above) and starting outfit planning. The last time I was invited to Mahiki for a birthday do, but couldn’t make it due to work, a pal bumped into my second favourite Zac, Zac Efron. She promises me that she gave him my number…he must have misplaced it!


The event showcased swimwear and lingerie from up and coming designers from all over the UK, with lots of product displays dotted around the club. Designers included Alanna Rose Designs (whose gorgeous white swimwear can be seen above), Poshtotti and the whole night was sponsored by MAKAN. I’ve managed to whittle the designers down to my top 3 for your reading pleasure. Let’s dive right in!


Sasha Jane Lingerie and Loungewear stood out to me, probably because I just luuurve to lounge. Their pink polka-dot ‘Ema’ range was promptly added to my Wish List when I returned home.


If you are a regular reader you will know it has to be at least 31.5C before we will go tightless, so we are always on the lookout for new fun designs. Unfortunately, it’s super dark in Mahiki, so the above photo doesn’t do the quality of the tights justice, but Pamela Mann really did have a great display! If you are a dress and tights kinda gal, you’ll definitely find something you like on their website.

mahiki11 Continue reading Bloggers Love: Secret Garden Event @ Mahiki

Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

If like us you read a lot of blogs, you will already be familiar with the new Osiris range for Specsavers! They have been cropping up here, there and everywhere recently and you may remember that we were lucky enough to attend the launch event way back in July!

First off, you will be relieved to hear that both Victoria and I wear glasses! and, no, I don’t mean in the ridiculous don’t I look witty in my lenseless glasses’way. I mean, in the my eyes have deteriorated so much that now I can’t see without a significant amount of glass in front of them way. You know, actual prescription glasses. Three cheers for our corrected corneas!

Back at the launch, I fell hard for the white glasses in the range and was absolutely positive those were the ones I would choose come the official release in August. However, once presented with them again last month, I didn’t feel the same about them and ended up trying on the entire range again. Twice. Before settling on some blue ones*. Snazztastic.

Osiris5Osiris6Now, I don’t particularly enjoy wearing glasses. The only plus I can really see is that they do a fairly decent job of covering up my dark circles. In that sense, to me, glasses are just a very decadent concealer. I tend to buy the cheapest least hideous pair I can find and Continue reading Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

She and Home: Candy Kittens


It takes a lot to get the two of us out of bed on a Bank Holiday Monday but, bleary eyed and a little dazed, we found ourselves doing  just that this week as we were up at the crack of dawn and heading towards Cabot Circus for the launch of the Candy Kittens Pop Up shop. Yeah boi!


For the uninitiated, Candy Kittens is a confectionery company, pioneered by Jamie Laing of BAFTA winning Made In Chelsea fame. Jamie definitely fancies himself as a bit of a modern day Willy Wonka and wants to make candy cool again by marketing it towards young people. Although it primarily markets itself as a confectionery business, Candy Kittens also has a flourishing fashion line and judging by the shoppers we witnessed, it’s very popular! You can also find such things as iPhone cases, beach balls and pencils nestled among the sweeties! All of which are all emblazoned with the Candy Kittens logo or one of Jamie’s often spoken catch phrases from Made in Chelsea. There is such a great variety on offer that it’s actually a bit of a one stop candy-cane pink lifestyle shop and it works perfectly with Jamie’s energetic personality.



Victoria: Much like the recent Bella Sorella event that we attended, where Jo wasn’t sure if a clothing range associated with TOWIE would be her thing,  when asked if I fancied heading along to Made in Chelsea’s  Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens pop up launch, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect! Having never seen the show, I had a quick Google and discovered that Candy Kittens is less about kittens and much more about candy, though unfortunately not shaped like kittens. I can deal with that…just! I knew the brand would be fun and bright, so I thought this sunshine yellow River Island woollen dress would be quite fitting. I wore some brown M&S tights and my brogues are from my go to sensible shoe shop, Clarks. My gorgeous bicycle necklace is from Oliver Bonas and my super cute blue floral day bag is from Cath Kidston. Continue reading She and Home: Candy Kittens

She and Home: Gromit Unleashed

gromit common

80 Gromits, 10 weeks, 1 city. Cracking good job, Gromit! Led by Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal and Aardman Animations, Gromit Unleashed is a public art exhibition in which giant sculptures of the very loveable Gromit, decorated by invited artists, have been unleashed on the streets of Bristol and we have taken it upon ourselves to find every single smashing one! For those of you not lucky enough to live near Bristol, the original Gromit, pictured below with legend Nick Park, lives at London Paddington Station.


After we wave goodbye to the Gromits on the 8th September (so hurry if you want to see them!) the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, follow them on Twitter @thegrandappeal. The Grand Appeal is SUCH an amazing charity raising money for over 100,00 sick babies and children every year, we hope they raise a humongous amount of money at the auction. The auction will take place on 3rd October 2013 at the Gromit Unleashed Pavilion at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol.

Until then, here are a few of our favourite Gromits from the trail. Enjoy!

gromit cinema

gromit 6

gromit station

gromit 3

gromit yellow

gom beddy

gromit pub

All 80 Gromits will soon be together in one giant kennel to form an exhibition called ‘The Greatest Dog Show on Earth’ at the Royal West of England Academy in Clifton, Bristol. Check out their website for more details.

Which one is your favourite?

V + J x