Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

There are an abundance of products on the market for mums to be which claim to sooth all kinds of pregnancy woes. Although we are definitely not beauty experts, we thought it would be fun to give a few products a try in the hopes of a little bit of rejuvenation and nourishment. Which is very much needed, as being heavily pregnant can be quite tiring. Who knew!

Our favourites were from Natural Spa Factory from our fancy neighbour, Bath. Firstly, we tried the Organic Facial Mask with bergamot and rose petals, which helps to “calm, uplift and replenish the skin”. Then, it was the turn of the Boutique Cream Mask. This mask is particularly good for blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. We’ve got all of those (hooray!) so you could say it was perfect for us! We both really loved the alpine smell of this mask and thought it smelt good enough to eat, which was probably due to the lemon balm, cowslip and peppermint ingredients.

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit

Big news! We’ve finally found something that we disagree on and oddly, it’s stretch mark cream. I (Victoria) prefer the Pregnacare cream whereas Jo is more of a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter kinda girl. Either way, unless we are just both super lucky, they have worked, so both receive the coveted She & Hem seal of approval. The Pregnacare is particularly good if, like me, you are allergic to the Palmer’s products. It also smells great, which is a bonus.

As for the Botanics eye roll on (seen below), although we’re not entirely convinced it makes a big difference to those pesky under eye areas, it feels refreshing and definitely helps you wake up in the morning. As someone not noted for an “up and at them” approach to the start of the day, this was certainly a bonus for me! This is a product I shall be repurchasing post pregnancy.

Thanks so much to The Bump Company for gifting us the super cupcake socks.They are almost too cute unravel, and make these products look even more alluring. Expect to see them on little She & Hem sometime soon!

Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit Pregnancy Beauty Survival Kit


Harington’s Hotel Spa Day, Bath

Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers  Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers  Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers

It is pretty much impossible to have a bad time in Bath. The architecture is stunning and the range of eateries are out of this world. We consider ourselves to be ever so lucky that it is just a mere 12 minutes from Bristol on the train!

As you can imagine, we were extremely excited last month when an invite popped into our inbox from Harington’s Hotel asking if we’d like to go along to a relaxing spa day in the fair city. A spa day you say? Who could refuse? We spent the next week or so looking forward to bubbling jacuzzi’s, sweltering steam rooms and lounging for hours in the sauna. The reality was a little different, as despite their outdoor hot tub being particularly lovely, it was an exceptionally chilly day! Bravo to the girls who jumped straight in though!

Whilst they bubbled away we did what we do best and sampled as much food and drink as humanly possible. Winner! And we were very well catered for indeed with trays of delicious canapes, an incredible hot chocolate bar and boxes a plenty of the very-posh-indeed Charlotte Brunswick handmade chocolates! Crikey!

After a tour of some of the unique rooms in the hotel, we sat down for a cheeky espresso martini before heading off to view a couple of the hotel’s separate apartments, located just a couple of minutes walk from the main hotel. Their location is absolutely perfect, right in the very centre of the city and their interiors are just smashing. Almost as smashing as the delicious afternoon tea which rounded off a lovely day with some of our favourite local bloggers. Cakes, scones and sandwiches…oh my!

It’s fair to say we were quite full by the time we left but as we sat on the train home we discovered some fudge courtesy of Sarah’s Heavenly Fudge – along with a small porcelain bath tub of course – in our goody bag. You’ll be relieved to hear that we found some extra room.

Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers Harrington's Hotel Spa Day, Bath | She and Hem | #lbloggers

Thank you to all at Harington’s Hotel for the tour and the delicious afternoon tea. Thank you also to the lovely team at Lush for our wonderful hand massages, we can’t wait to head to Lush Bath Spa for some more pampering!


Our First Vlog | Boden #NewBritishChristmas Press Day

It finally happened! We’ve always chickened out of filming vlogs due to the fact that a) it’s scary and b) it’s hard!  But after getting our hands on a new camera (an Olympus Pen E-PL7 for any camera buffs out there) a couple of weeks ago we decided that it was now or never and thought we’d take our first tentative steps into the world of vlogging by filming our day out in London.

Please do like, comment, and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy what you see! We would really love to make this a regular thing so please do let us know what you think of our first attempt. What should we film next?

Whilst you’re mulling that over, do keep your eyes peeled for a good old fashioned blog post about Boden‘s #NewBritishChristmas press day over the coming week.

J&V x

Hem and Away: South West Bloggers Meet

South West Bloggers Meet 2013! Photo by Kerry Dyer

Last Saturday we attended the South West Bloggers Meet in Exeter, which was organised and hosted by gorgeous bloggers Liza Pardeux and Kerry Dyer. We had been looking forward to this meet-up for what feels like forever so it was with great excitement that we boarded our train from Bristol!

Ex3The event was held upstairs at John Gandy’s cocktail bar, a lovely venue tucked away on a charming cobbled street located a mere few seconds from the hustle and bustle of the main high-street. On arrival we were greeted by a huge table of Lush goodies! Heaven! We promptly dropped our bags and began sampling the sumptuous smellies! The lovely Lush ladies were on hand to demonstrate how to apply the Snow Fairy massage bar, which smells divine, and to show off their Christmas wares. We were slightly dismayed to learn that our favourite seasonal Lush product, Ruby Red Slippers, won’t be making a return this Christmas. You can’t be truly festive unless you’re bathing in red glitter. An online campaign might be in order.

Ex6However we soon got over this news after a swift perusal of the cocktail menu! We settled on the strawberry daiquiri, pictured above, which was rather dreamy!Ex7

As well as Lush, Pearlys were also on hand to demonstrate their teeth whitening products. There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of bloggers stand around scrubbing their teeth with a tiny finger mit! We couldn’t resist trying it out and were surprised at just how instantaneous the results were. We also got a little over excited by the above lip gloss which has a fully functioning light within the lid and a mirror on the side. Genius. Continue reading Hem and Away: South West Bloggers Meet