Summer Smiles with Aspire Style

She and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and Fin

Any regular readers will know how much we love Emily and Fin, so when the lovely ladies at Aspire Style asked us if we wanted to feature their new Summer range, we jumped at the chance! Not only that but they have very kindly offered us and our readers a wonderful 10% discount for the site, using code SHEANDHEM at the checkout. Apologies to your bank balance in advance!

If you want to try before you buy (and are local to Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Oxford, Solihull or Coventry) we would definitely recommend popping into an Aspire Style store, which is what we did when we had a lovely city break away in Oxford! They have so much great stuff, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

She and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and Fin

You can’t walk five minutes down the road in Bristol without finding an incredible mural or brightly coloured door, but we were particularly taken with this beach hut inspired green and white garage door.  So much so that we heaped praise onto the owner when he popped out of his house to jump into his car. He was rather chuffed! We hope you’ll agree that it was the perfect match for our Seaside* and Cornish Harbour* print dresses. The Cornish Harbour print is so gorgeous and we love the Seaside print so much that we now both own it! Can we also quickly mention how much we appreciate that all Emily and Fin dresses have pockets! It’s an absolute winner.

I (Victoria) wore the Seaside dress, which features a brilliant beach scene complete with sunbathing ladies, in the Lucy shape. This shape is so flattering, comfortable and easy to wear. I accessorised with pink brogues from New Look (similar available here), matching pink sunglasses from Boden* and clear tights from UK Tights*. My vintage radio bag is from Accessorize, although unfortunately it’s currently out of stock online. Jo decided to pick up the lovely shades of pink and blue in her colourful Cornish harbour and accessorised with pink sunglasses from Amazon, an ice cream bag from Skinny Dip (also out of stock but they always have winning novelty bags so don’t be too glum), a pink Boden belt* and baby blue brogues from M&S (similar available here). Not quite ready to brave a bare leg, white tights from UK Tights* were the order of the day.

She and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and FinShe and Hem | Summer Smiles with Aspire Style | Emily and Fin

Huge thanks to Aspire Style for inviting us to style these beautiful frocks! Which is your fave? Let us know if you pick anything up and don’t forget to use the discount code SHEANDHEM ….


Double Thumbs Dresses #50

Sound the party klaxon! We’ve finally made it to FIFTY Double Thumbs Dresses posts. I completely dread to think how much money I’ve spent in the process of writing them but hey ho a milestone is a milestone! Perhaps we should all buy a nice new frock to celebrate? Seems a reasonable suggestion….. So, without further ado, here’s the 50th roundup of dresses we have deemed worthy of receiving the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. PARTY KLAXON.

Cowboy Dress £69 (PRE ORDER) by Emily and Fin from Aspire Style
Cowboy Dress £69 (PRE ORDER) by Emily and Fin from Aspire Style
Marble Dress £65 (PRE ORDER) BY Emily and Fin from Aspire Style
Marble Dress £65 (PRE ORDER) BY Emily and Fin from Aspire Style

I blimmin’ love Emily and Fin and practically lassoed my computer when I spotted Aspire Style had added some of the new season collection to their website, which you can pre-order now. There are so many new gorgeous vintage inspired prints that it was hard to narrow it down to just two! I think you’ll agree that the cowboy print is pretty special indeed and I adore the cuteness of those marbles against the dusky pink. Get. In. My. Wardrobe.

Home Farm Cotton Dress £65 from Cath Kidston
Home Farm Cotton Dress £65 from Cath Kidston

E I E I WOAH! Channel your inner Old MacDonald in this farm yard print dress from Cath Kidston, who happily bring new meaning to the term ‘animal print’. It’s a gorgeous cut and not one I believe I’ve seen before from CK. I just love the button detail and apparently it has concealed pockets! Rejoice. You’d be quackers not to moooove quickly with this one….

Polka Dot Chiffon Dress £22 from Forever 21
Polka Dot Chiffon Dress £22 from Forever 21

This is such a lovely 50s inspired number from Forever 21! I adore the mustard colour, the pleats and, of course, the peter pan collar. Delightful! It’s also a bit of a bargain which makes a nice change.

Daisy Print Shirt Dress £55 from Topshop
Daisy Print Shirt Dress £55 from Topshop

It might have something to do with Cara looking all wonderful in it on the Topshop homepage but I have a serious crush on this big daisy print number. I want to embrace the flower power and rock that pussybow neck! I also want to be a supermodel and have fantastic eyebrows. I can only assume this dress will make it happen.

Cherry Dress £54 from Sugarhill Boutique
Cherry Dress £54 from Sugarhill Boutique

My goodness this is a berry nice frock from Sugarhill Boutique. The bright aqua colour is just stunning and looks great set against the cherry print. I am also a big fan of the 50s shape which looks outrageously flattering with those lovely sleeves and cute little collar. One to cherish for sure!

Conversational Print Skater Dress £45 from Marks & Spencer
Conversational Print Skater Dress £45 from Marks & Spencer

FlamingOMG what a top print, which according to M&S is apparently conversational. I wonder what it’s trying to say? You can’t really argue with hundreds of flamingos so it can pretty much say anything it likes. FYI I could only find it in petite sizes on the website so you’ll have to flaming-go and try and find it in-store if that doesn’t suit.

Antartctic Circle Dress £65.80 from Miss Patina
Antartctic Circle Dress £65.80 from Miss Patina

We finish off with this charming dress from Miss Patina. It already looks pretty great from this picture with the lovely shirt detailing underneath a classic silver frock. But, game change, the print on the shirt is actually POLAR BEARS. What a triumph for the eyes.


Harbourside Hell Bunny

She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny Last Saturday, as it was a gloriously sunny morning in Bristol, we decided to make the most of it and put on our glad rags for a stroll around the beautiful harbourside. Charmingly, by the time we finally finished getting ready made it into town the sun had beat a hasty retreat and we were left with some seriously gloomy cloud. We didn’t let that stop us though. In your face, weather.

She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny

As you can see, we were dressed pretty cheerfully in these gorgeous frocks from Tiger Milly. Nothing makes us happier than a nice twirly number and Tiger Milly is a veritable treasure trove of fabulous vintage inspired pieces, stocking a great selection of brands who love their flirty fifites fashion just as much as we do. These particular two are from the wonderful Hell Bunny.

She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny

She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny

We had such a great time putting these looks together with belts, bags and shoes flying everywhere in the process. Victoria ended up teaming her lovely Pink and Mint Hell Bunny Plaid Summer Dress* with a grey belt from The Bristol Vintage Fair, gorgeous coral shoes from Primark, pink heart shaped sunglasses from Amazon and her highly coveted macaroon print clutch which is also a Primark bargain. I accessoried my turquoise Hell Bunny May Day Floral Dress* with a fruity lemon clutch from New Look*, a black belt from ASOS (the dress does come with a matching belt but I wanted to be matchy matchy with my shoes), black shoes from the M&S sale and sunglasses from Topshop.

She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny

She and Hem | Tiger Milly | Hell Bunny

It has to be said, we felt pretty darn fantastic strolling around in these outfits! They are perfect summer dresses and really fun, yet easy, to wear.


Double Thumbs Dresses #32

Hi! It’s DT time again! Your weekly round-up of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. I can tell you folks, this week’s list has been an easy peasy one to put together! No multi-tab browsing break down for me this week! No siree!

Balloon Me up Dress (8)
Balloon Me Up Dress £65.80 from Miss Patina

We begin with this floaty little number from Miss Patina. I love a good hot air balloon print and this, dear friends, is a GREAT hot air balloon print! It looks like it would be perfect for summer and I’m quite a fan of the skirt/top style (there’s probably a better description than that but it escapes me right now). Excellent work.

Grace Dress in Black and White Cats £98 from Poppy
Grace  in Black and White Cat Dress £98 from Poppy

We haven’t had a cat dress for a while, have we? Hopefully not as I’ve got two for you this week! First up is this delightful monochrome number from Poppy. I love their signature 50s shape, truly perfect for twirling, and those black cats are nice and BIG. Declaring yourself as a cat lover should never be done subtly.

Map Happy Dress $92.99 by Nice Things from Modcloth
Map Happy Dress $92.99 by Nice Things from Modcloth

Whenever I fall for a dress on our beloved Modcloth (which is often), I always check that it isn’t actually from a UK based company before spending $$$$ on shipping (and tax! don’t forget the tax!). They stock a lot of  great international brands and I’m betting I’d be pretty annoyed if I accidentally imported an Emily & Fin dress. Anyhoo, this map print dress isn’t from a UK company but it is from a Spanish one and, although my translation skills aren’t that awesome, I reckon people on this side of the Atlantic would find it cheaper to order directly from them. Nice Things has the dress for 75 euros (about £60).

Eggs and Shakin' Dress $84.99 from Modcoth
Eggs and Shakin’ Dress $84.99 from Modcoth

This Modcloth dress, however, appears to be all American and proud. It’s also completely incrEDIBLE and covered in all of my favourite things! Eggs, bacon, PANCAKES, coffee, doughnuts and pears. Yes, pears! What of it? I am basically all about this dress. I don’t even care about the shipping (and the tax! don’t forget the tax!). Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #32

Double Thumbs Dresses #17

Hey Hemsters!

In need of a mid week pick me up? Well look no further than this week’s round up of the dresses deemed deserving of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. Warning: this week may contain sparkle.

Floral Jacquard Dress
Floral Jacquard Dress £85 by ‘Loved by Mollie’ for Oasis

I’m not usually one for a celebrity fashion line but I’ll admit my interest was piqued when glossy haired purveyor of short shorts, and Victoria’s style crush, Mollie King threw her fashionable hat into the ring this week with the launch of her Oasis edit. Personally, I was expecting a lot of the aforementioned short shorts plus maybe a nice blazer or two. What I was not expecting was this incredible vintage inspired floral jacquared dress. Holy Moly Mollie, what are you trying to do to me? I just love love LOVE everything about this dress. The  winter floral colours are divine and it looks like it would fit like a dream. Have I mentioned the sleeves? Look at those sleeves! And I’ve managed to get through this entire paragraph without making a single Saturdays joke! Things are looking Up…

Textured Fit and Flare Dress £45 by Poem from Oliver Bonas

You’ll cut the mustard in this, errr, mustard dress from Oliver Bonas‘ in-house collection, Poem. This is the sort of dress that I would wear at least once a week. It’s an absolute A/W staple and I can already think of at least 507 ways I could wear it. Bonus points to Bonas who have teamed it on the website with a lovely big necklace and silver shiny dancing shoes. I think it would look equally as special with big boots and a long chunky cardy.

Limited Edition No Peep™ Faux Pearl Embellished Collar Spotted Shirt Dress - Marks & Spencer
Faux Pearl Embellished Collar Spotted Shirt Dress £45 from Marks and Spencers

You may remember last week that I was dribbling with desire over a rather lovely polka-dot dress that Victoria had pinned over on a Pinterest board (subtle come follow us on Pinterest plug). Well, imagine what happened when I spied this little stunner from M&S? EVEN MORE DRIBBLE THAT’S WHAT. It has a pearl collar for goodness sake! What a triumph. It’s a lovely shape and M&S even promise to maintain your modesty with ‘concealed extra buttons’. However if you read the reviews it apparently comes up rather short. Modesty: unmaintained.

Cross Embellished Skater Dress £85.00 from Topshop

I genuinely thought someone famous was in my local Topshop when I walked in over the weekend. Such was the size of the crowd gathered around the above dress. The website doesn’t even do it justice, it’s simply beautiful and oh so sparkly! Can I mention New Years Eve in October? Probably not. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #17

Putting the Win in Winter: Jumpers

Hey Hemsters!

It’s now October and officially jumper season!  Fabulous knitwear is appearing all over the shop at the moment, mostly adorned with some sort of animal motif. It’s all a bit tempting so I’ve compiled a list of my current favourites!

Top Hat Badger Jumper £45 by Louche from Joy
Top Hat Badger Jumper £45 by Louche from Joy

A badger in a top hot? Need I say more.

Up And Away Sweater £45 from Sugarhill Boutique
Up And Away Sweater £45 from Sugarhill Boutique

A long time ago when we first started this blog, our first post was all about hot air balloons! This lovely jumper would clearly have made it onto the list! Marvellous.

Cuteoat Quilted Bear Jumper £28 from Dorothy Perkins
Cuteoat Quilted Bear Jumper £28 from Dorothy Perkins

This jumper makes me really happy. I think it’s because the bear has such a teeny tiny mouth. Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Jumpers

Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

Hey Hemsters,

If you are anything like us, you have spent the past week despairing at the weather. You leave the house in your big coat, tights, and boots and by lunchtime you are kicking yourself for not packing your sunglasses as you sweat uncomfortably at the bus stop. Or maybe that’s just us. Picking the correct coat for the day ahead is currently nothing short of traumatic (overstatement?) but one thing is for sure, coats are back! Hooray! There are a lot of lovely ones appearing on the high-street at the moment so we have gathered together our favs!

Red Bow Coat £79 from Miss Selfridge

We tweeted about this little beauty a couple of weeks ago! Look at those bows! NEED.

Dog Quilt Bomber Jacket £50 from Topshop

It probably won’t see you through those cold winter months but this dog print jacket will certainly look pretty darn cool in the meantime.

Coat with Gathering on the Shoulder £99.99 from Zara

The future is bright after all and, if you believe the magazines, orange is set to be a big colour this season! This coat is sharp, chic and zesty.

Oversized Check Coat £75 from Next

Now THIS is a winter coat. We could quite happily hibernate in this snugly affair.

Continue reading Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

She and Home: Candy Kittens


It takes a lot to get the two of us out of bed on a Bank Holiday Monday but, bleary eyed and a little dazed, we found ourselves doing  just that this week as we were up at the crack of dawn and heading towards Cabot Circus for the launch of the Candy Kittens Pop Up shop. Yeah boi!


For the uninitiated, Candy Kittens is a confectionery company, pioneered by Jamie Laing of BAFTA winning Made In Chelsea fame. Jamie definitely fancies himself as a bit of a modern day Willy Wonka and wants to make candy cool again by marketing it towards young people. Although it primarily markets itself as a confectionery business, Candy Kittens also has a flourishing fashion line and judging by the shoppers we witnessed, it’s very popular! You can also find such things as iPhone cases, beach balls and pencils nestled among the sweeties! All of which are all emblazoned with the Candy Kittens logo or one of Jamie’s often spoken catch phrases from Made in Chelsea. There is such a great variety on offer that it’s actually a bit of a one stop candy-cane pink lifestyle shop and it works perfectly with Jamie’s energetic personality.



Victoria: Much like the recent Bella Sorella event that we attended, where Jo wasn’t sure if a clothing range associated with TOWIE would be her thing,  when asked if I fancied heading along to Made in Chelsea’s  Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens pop up launch, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect! Having never seen the show, I had a quick Google and discovered that Candy Kittens is less about kittens and much more about candy, though unfortunately not shaped like kittens. I can deal with that…just! I knew the brand would be fun and bright, so I thought this sunshine yellow River Island woollen dress would be quite fitting. I wore some brown M&S tights and my brogues are from my go to sensible shoe shop, Clarks. My gorgeous bicycle necklace is from Oliver Bonas and my super cute blue floral day bag is from Cath Kidston. Continue reading She and Home: Candy Kittens

She and Home: Bella Sorella


We were super excited to be invited by the fine people of Cabot Circus to the VIP launch of the Bella Sorella Pop Up, run by The Only Way is Essex star Lydia Bright and her gorgeous sister, Georgia.

I must admit that when we first received the invitation I hadn’t heard of Bella Sorella but proud Essex girl Victoria immediately informed me who Lydia was! After this revelation, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Victoria was adamant that Lydia is a bit of a Queen when it comes to vintage style and after a look at the website I soon discovered her line is a veritable vintage dress heaven!


From the moment we walked through the door (next to Starbucks in Cabot Circus if you are a local) I knew I was going to want everything! I wasn’t alone as everyone in attendance seemed to be walking around and stroking all the clothes with lustful eyes. Lydia and Georgia certainly have a great eye for detail as the shop is full of beautiful, feminine shapes and styles. It’s not all about the dresses though (unbelievable, I know) as there were also lots of super cute tops, shorts and cardigans, as well as lots of lovely scented candles and other bits of  homeware.


The Florence, as seen above, was my absolute stand out favorite dress! It’s part of Lydia’s own collection, Lydia Rose Bright, and the print is simply stunning! I am always such a a sucker for a 50’s shape. I think I might have to go back and get it as I can’t stop thinking about it! However, whilst I was smitten with one dress, one of the manikins was obviously very taken with me! We had a big laugh when we noticed this picture!


Jo – I was trying to channel a vintage vibe, so I dug out an old favorite Topshop dress of mine and layered it over a mustard slip from Marks and Spencer. I teamed it my navy geek shoes, also from Topshop, and my Cambridge Satchel.


Photo by Cabot Circus
It was wonderful to meet Andree from style-on-sea! Photo by Cabot Circus


Victoria – I wore one of my staple dresses, a polka dot Primark number. It’s great for any occasion. I teamed this with red ballet pumps from H&M, which are now in the sale here for £4, so I think I’ll be stocking up on some other colours. My necklace is by  rachel loves bob, which we were lucky enough to receive when we went to the launch party of the Objets De Désir pop up shop (read about that here). I wore my favourite bag, my chestnut Zatchel. My glasses are from Glasses Direct.


As part of the VIP treatment we were asked if we would like to interview Lydia! Having never interviewed anyone before we nervously accepted! We needn’t have worried though as Lydia was absolutely lovely, and stunningly gorgeous to boot!

Hi Lydia! Have you had a chance to explore Bristol yet?

LB: No I haven’t! But I really want to! I’ve been down to Harvey Nics to have my makeup done so I’ve seen around there and the centre is absolutely beautiful. I came down before to have a look at the shop to make sure it was right for us but I’m looking forward to having the chance to explore a little bit more as I’ve heard you have really good shopping and nightlife! I’m staying here until Sunday so plenty of time to explore. 

You’ve picked a good weekend as it’s the Harbour Festival! Bristol will be in party mode! 

LB: So I’ve heard! I’ll definitely be heading down there! I’m going to find myself a sailor! 

Having your own name on a clothing line is such a dream come true. How did that come about?

LB: Oh my God it’s amazing! So, first of all I got the store which was a massive dream of mine and then I do all of the buying with my sister (Georgia). We were doing all the buying and I found a niche market in that no one was doing vintage inspired for the evening – I just didn’t see anything out there and I just love off the shoulder dresses but it’s so hard to find them! So I decided I wanted to design my own collection! I met up with some manufactures and we opened a factory in London and now I design and manufacturer my own clothes! I stock at Bella Sorella but also at ASOS, New Look and Very so it’s up and up and up! I just launched my Autumn/Winter range yesterday!

What’s your favorite piece from your collection? 

LB: I would say from my new collection there’s a dress called the Evangeline that comes in a really beautiful berry colour – that’s definitely one of my faves. It’s kind of a mix of my two best sellers from my previous Autumn/Winter collection so I’m sure everyone will love it. From my Spring/Summer collection I would say a dress called the Gabriella which has completely sold out. It was beautiful and had a lovely crochet neck and a ribbon to tie up the back. I have kind of recreated it in my new collection. What I try and do is take my bestsellers and then evolve on them so that everyone knows what they are getting and so that everyone likes it! 

We write a fashion blog together and we wondered if you read any fashion blogs for inspiration?

LB: Yeah! I actually have my own fashion blog (check out her Youtube channel here) and I do like to read others. I like to read Zoella as she’s a Youtuber as well and I like Fashion Junkie. People always tweet me links to their blogs and I just go on them all and read them. Blogging does take up a lot of time so mine is heavily focused on pictures, I do have some writing in there too though. 

We are quite awkward when it comes to having our photo taken! Do you have any posing tips for us?

LB: You have a very good shape if you put one hand on your hip and then when you want to smile pull your face up, so you don’t get a double chin, and then put your tongue to the roof of your mouth. If you then turn your head slightly down you should get a really good pose! (we then all had a little practice at this!). Oh and lots of tall girls like to cross their legs but I’m not really tall enough to do that.

Sadly for us, we asked Lydia for posing tips after all of our photos had been taken! I hope you are all prepared for a lot of hand on hip action in the near future!

Cabot Circus have put together a lovely film from the event which features the lovely Lydia and, if you look closely, you might spot a couple of familiar faces fawning over a dress.

The Cabot Circus Pop-Up is there until July 28th so Bristolians, you have two days to get your skates on and check it out! The tour has only just begun so there is ample opportunity to pay Bella Sorella a visit and if the Bright sisters aren’t coming to a town near you, the line is available online too.

Thanks again to Lydia, Georgia and the team at Cabot Circus for putting on the event! It was brilliant! A big thank you as well to Harvey Nichols for our incredible goody bag! We can’t wait to use our makeover voucher! Fingers crossed we come out looking as glam as Lydia!

J&V x

Double Thumbs Dresses #7

Break out your Sunday best, I’m here with a slightly later than usual round up of the dresses worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs Up seal of approval.  I shan’t keep you any longer….

Up, Up, and Adorable Dress $79.99 (£52) from Modcloth

I know I have a tendency to get carried away but it was luft at first sight when I saw this appear on Modcloth! I need this dress so much I could pop! My ego would be seriously inflated wearing this. OK, that’s probably enough of that now.

Sweet Spring Time £29.67 from Lovely Melody Clothing

I discovered Lovely Melody Clothing over on Paige’s blog and, just like Paige, fell in love with their collection of gorgeous girly dresses. Their Etsy page is an absolute wonderland of vintage inspired treasures and it was quite the task to just pick one to feature! I eventually settled on this tie back, fairyland and candy print number due to the fact it contains not just cake but also a merry-go-round. Seriously, what more do you people want?

Kelly Tie Waist Button Through Floral Skater £20 from Boohoo

Two pieces appear to be making an unlikely comeback, which frightens me and my appendix scar no end I can tell you. This tie waist dress from Boohoo might just be the answer I’ve been looking for as it reveals just the faintest bit of flesh around the old belly button area, giving the illusion of a two piece but without the commitment! I adore that bold floral print and, at £20, it’s a bit of a bargain too.

South Teapot Print Dress £39 from Very

This isn’t the best quality picture of  Very‘s teapot print dress, but trust me when I say you’ll feel like royal tea in this beauty. I just love the detailing in the print with those little teapots, teacups and saucers. With the flattering cut designed to cover one lump or two, this dress is just my cup of tea.

Unico Fluro Contrast Dress £42 from Lashes of London

This gorgeous pastel unicorn print dress is just so childish and reminiscent of My Little Pony that it’s making me want to crack open the Cherryade and play ‘Pass the parcel’. However, those childish memories are long forgotten once you turn the dress around and see the backless wonder, which includes a wonderful gold heart, that awaits you!  I make that two Double Thumbs weeks on the trot for Lashes of London, sterling work.

Daisy Dress £39.50 from Marks and Spencers

You’ll be the pick of the bunch in this rather spiffing daisy print dress from M&S‘ Limited Collection. I would personally describe this as the perfect work dress. It’s a good length and neckline for both flattering you and keeping you smart, it has hidden pockets and, don’t quote me on this, Limited Collection dresses are usually good to wear without ironing! I love everything about the daisy print and am pretty darn excited about the flared hem too.