Four go mad in Manchester

She and Hem | Manchester | Travel

She and Hem | Manchester | TravelShe and Hem | Manchester | Travel

She and Hem | Manchester | Travel

A wee while ago we ventured North for a girls weekend with fellow appreciators of quality cake, Kelly and Deesha. Whilst we were there we decided to eat and drink all of the prettiest things we could find! Which turned out to be pretty damn easy. Manchester, we salute you.

Our first port of call was milkshakes at the incredibly popular Home Sweet Home. Kelly and Jo went for the blueberry topped with Lucky Charms (!), whilst Deesha and Victoria plumped (plumped being the operative word…) for peanut butter and jelly! Breakfast of champions. It was the perfect place to spend a Saturday morning. After spending far too long browsing the many floors of Afflecks, the home of She and Hem faves Chocolate Ape, Pop Boutique and Thunder Egg, the sight of Ginger’s Comfort Emporium was quite the comfort indeed! We perked up and planned our evening over a few brews. If you fancy reading about the evening in question, click here! *Warning* This link involves Harry Styles.

She and Hem | Manchester | Travel She and Hem | Manchester | Travel

On Sunday morning, before catching the train back to Bristol, we took a (very) leisurely stroll to Sugar Junction. A vintage tearoom serving freshly baked cakes, homely meals and some of the best milkshakes in Manchester. There is no such thing as a light lunch in the life of She and Hem, so after much discussion we settled on milkshakes (duh), pancakes and a large slice of cake to set us on our merry way. Bristol, you seriously need to up your milkshake game. Or maybe that’s just the sugar talking.

She and Hem | Manchester | Travel

She and Hem | Manchester | Travel

She and Hem | Manchester | Travel She and Hem | Manchester | Travel She and Hem | Manchester | Travel She and Hem | Manchester | Travel

Manchester, we’re mad fer it!



Double Thumbs Dresses #15

Morning Hemsters,

Apologies for the slight delay in your weekly dress fix but hopefully there’s no better way to kick off your Monday than with a round up of the beautiful dresses considered to be worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Go grab your coffee, I’m going in.

Wild Ponies Dress £60 from Cath Kidston

Giddy up girl, Cath Kidston has brought out yet another print for us all to covet. This dress is not only completely beautiful with the stunning print but it also has a work friendly hem line, sleeves and pockets! As always with Cath, this dress disappeared off the website just as soon as it arrived but. before you despair, I’ve seen plenty in store. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away etc etc.

Vintage Rose Dress £49.95 from White Stuff

White Stuff are always a safe bet for a pretty dress but I don’t tend to associate them with more vintage inspired prints. This rose print number is just gorgeous and looks super flattering and comfortable. This fab frock  is also proving to be a pesky one to track down to purchase online but is also available at House of Fraser and John Lewis

Rockabilly Robin Dress £55 from There’s Only One Amy Laws

A cheep and cheerful little number here from the ever wonderful There’s Only One Amy Laws. The 50s shape and vibrant red colour are totally fab and once you throw in those delightful robins, you’ve got one heck of a dress on your hands.

Glitter Tunic £45.00 from Warehouse

Bonfire night is fast approaching so it’s obviously wise to invest in a nice little sparkler right about now. This glittery Warehouse number ticks all the seasonal boxes for me and could well be my new party dress! Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #15

Hem and Away: Swinging London Town

We went on a wee jaunt to London recently to celebrate Jo’s birthday and while we were there we took the opportunity to pay a visit to some of our favourite shops, with plenty of pancake breaks along the way! On the train journey into London we were treated to a fantastic display by the Red Arrows (which I had so kindly arranged for Jo’s birthday of course….!!)


It was a positively scorching day in London, so after a cheeky iced latte we found ourselves cooled off and ready to face the day ahead. Our first port of call was The Breakfast Club in Hoxton, where we had…er…breakfast!  Pancake stacks to be precise, with added berries for Jo and bacon for myself. As you can see below, they were towering conglomerations of awesome! We will definitely be going back next time we are in town.




There’s only one place to go when you are full of pancakes, iced tea and good vibes and that is the marvelous Covent Garden. We had a blast checking out what Covent Garden had to offer and were notably impressed with Pop Boutique, Rokit, Cath Kidston, Tatty Devine and Cambridge Satchel Company.





We are both big Tatty Devine fans, and I am exceptionally fond of their Eyelash Sunglasses, found here, and who can resist the burger collection, here.






As the weather was very favorable to us I chose to wear the most lightweight dress I could find in my wardrobe, which was this super stripey number from Primark. My most comfortable shoes were in order as we have a bit of a habit of getting a little lost when we are let out of Bristol, so I wore my Clarks sandals. My Cath Kidston train print rucksack, which I blogged about in my Croatia post, came in very handy to store my sale bargains in. I also wore my name necklace from Tatty Devine and my amazing spotty manicure (as seen above) was done by the lovely ladies at WAH Nails.

Jo – Like Victoria, I also wanted something extremely lightweight so I went for a navy polkadot dress from Instant Vintage. I love anything that’s easy to wear and this dress is my go to ‘look like I’ve made an effort without having made any’ number, which is exactly what you need when the it’s super hot!  It has a lovely Peter Pan collar too, making it suitably jazzy birthday attire. Anyone who reads this blog regularly won’t need telling that my white shoes are from Topshop. I really am guilty of wearing the same shoes everyday and for that I am very sorry. I promise to try harder in the footwear department.





After a long hard day shopping we were ready for a quick snack before heading home, so Jo introduced me to the delights of Shake Shack, which she had previously visited in New York. I had the mouthwateringly good Shack-cago Dog and was not disappointed.

Jo – It’s often said that I look like I could use a good burger so it made sense to have one on my birthday! I am a bit of a Shake Shack obsessive and I was overjoyed when they announced earlier in the year that they would be opening their first UK branch in London. This was my first chance to go and I was not disappointed. The frozen chocolate ice cream was once of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten, seriously.





V & J x

Ship shape

Ahoy there sailors! Welcome aboard this nautical fashion adventure. I’ve put on my sea legs and searched high and low for the best maritime wear on the net. Hopefully you’ll want to take a punt on something!

Lighthouse Blouse £36 from Sugarhill Boutique

Avoid having any unwanted ships crash into your rocks by wearing this multifunctional lighthouse blouse by Sugarhill Boutique. This really is a very pretty print and would look just splendid under some dungarees or a pinafore. It could easily become a summer essential.

Eucalyptus Marina Skirt in Boat Print £55 from MeMe Boutique

You’ll look like a real diamond in this rather smashing marina print skirt from Me Me. It has some beautiful seaside colours in it, making it a rather delightful summer wear. Just throw on some sandals and you’re good for a stroll around the harbour.

Sailor Dress £28 from Pop Boutique

You can certainly embrace your inner sailor in this navy number. Isn’t it lovely? Oh how I wish Bristol had its own Pop Boutique! The website is just no substitute for the fun of the shop! However, beggars can’t be choosers and as long as I can still get my hands on gorgeous dresses like these for 28 of my shiniest gold coins, I’m happy. She might look a bit uneasy on that swing but I am also a big fan of the model’s beret! Model, I salute you and your headgear.

Anchor Tights £6 from Gipsy Tights

I do love a novelty tight and these tick all the right boxes in being fun enough to attract compliments but not so fun that they don’t go with anything I own. Fresh from Gipsy Tights, I think they are a bit of a bargain at £6 and much like a real anchor they will hold everything firmly in place.

Polka Dot and Boat Dress £45 from Yumi

The world has being crying out for a polka dot and boats combination and it was only a matter of time before Yumi came to our rescue. I hope this isn’t too overboard but I really think there’s nothing not to love about this dress! It would be a winner even with just those big bold polka dots! The added bonus of the boats circling the hem line is just peachy and makes it very special indeed.

Bay Boat Skirt £35 by Louche from Joy

Louche have a variety of nautical niceties for you to enjoy but I am personally rather partial to this bay boat skirt. For one thing it has hot air balloons on it, for another it has some nice houses on it and for another is has some…ermm…trees on it? Obviously. Essentially it’s completely barmy which is no doubt why I love it so much. If you like it as much as I do you will be cheered to discover it is also comes as a dress, both of which are available from Joy.

Winne Anchor Embroidered Shorts £32 by Louche from Joy

Who likes short shorts? Well it turns out I do if they come with a sweet embroidered anchor print, which it just so happens these do.  I would happily throw these in my suitcase to prance about in holiday but back at home I would wear them over tights as I wouldn’t want to risk blinding anyone with my bare legs or exposing my booty to unwitting passers-by. Also from Louche at Joy, they are yours for £32.

Adali Shoes $39.99 (£26ish) by Loly in the Sky

Hey guys, it’s just some shoes with lobsters on, no biggy. These slip-ons are so gorgeous and they look lovely and comfortable too, no risk of blistering barnacles here! Loly in the Sky simply make the most fun shoes! I am seriously considering moving to Mexico so that I can buy them all without having to pay for the shipping. 

Sailing Button Front Dress £65 from Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston have done the most underhanded thing in creating an entire collection of clothes that we want to own.  It’s outrageous. I practically have to run past the shop, eyes to the ground, for fear of seeing yet another dress/skirt/cardigan/top that I love. Not content with introducing the train print and the cottage print, good old Cath has also brought out this beautiful sailing print. The dresses are really the stars of the show as they are just so flattering and with their hidden pockets and ability to be dressed up or down. I guess with that in mind I can forgive them for plundering my wages.

Anchor Necklace £15 from Tatty Devine

More anchors! This time in necklace form. It’s no secret that we at She and Hem are big Tatty Devine lovers but sadly our bank balances don’t always stretch to such luxuries. At £15 this particular piece is great value and comes in a choice of three colours.

Push the Boat Out Dress Yellow Yachts £55 from Trollied Dolly

This fetching sunny dress from Trollied Dolly will certainly cheer up your travels. The shape is rather fun and should be super flattering too as it has a nice tie back. I really like retro style design and the unusual detailing around the neckline really helps to make this dress stand out.