Gaga for Superga

Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem

Whilst in Bath recently for Bath in Fashion, we stumbled across a new store that has recently opened, Superga. The store instantly caught our attention as it is filled with shoes of every colour imaginable. A great feet indeed! We popped in and got a little carried away trying on the Italian beauties. The store was so buzzing that we felt slightly embarrassed that we’d never heard of the brand before. Luckily, the staff didn’t give us the boot!

After trying on several (hundred) pairs and discounting any cobblers, we chose our favourites. Jo picked the Superga 2750 Jutau in Grey*, and Victoria went for the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in Sunflower*. We are total converts, especially after finding out fellow blonde duo Mary-Kate and Ashley were made creative directors for Superga US in 2011 and our girl crush Suki Waterhouse was their brand ambassador last year. Err, how do we apply for that job? If you are ever in London, Guildford or Bath, hightop it over to one of the seven UK stores and let us know which colour you choose!

Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem Superga | Bath | She and Hem

Got to run, see you loafer!


She and Home: Aldo


After a lovely sunny day spent browsing the Vintage Kilo Sale at Paintworks in Bristol. We headed to a small shopping party held at Aldo in Cabot Circus, to take advantage of their 15% discount on all shoes and accessories while quaffing some champers and devouring some battenberg cake. We are totally crushing on all of the ankle boots and brogues, so we will be crossing all of our fingers and toes that we win the raffle!



Aldo’s vision is to make people feel good through the products they provide. We would certainly feel good if we owned some of these amazing shoes. I was a big fan of the Nogoya red brogues, while Jo found true love with these Alcidine ankle boots. We popped them on our Christmas lists, which are now the size of a giraffe’s scarf!


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Magnum Armadillo Shoe Review


You may remember a few weeks ago I received a pair of Magnum Armadillo shoes to review*. Since then I’ve been wearing the shoes every shift, including some really stupidly long and busy ones that seem to last forever, even though I’m fully charged with tea and chocolate!


One thing I’ve learnt since wearing the shoes is that you can turn them into mules. Who would have thought? This delighted me probably more than it should have at 5am one gloomy morning last week. It’s a definite perk and will certainly be beneficial in the summer. I can confirm they are still very comfortable when functioning as a mule.

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Magnum Armadillo Shoe – First Look

As some readers may know, in my spare time I’m a Paediatric Nurse! That’s right, when I’m not blogging, thinking about the blog, reading other people’s blogs or sleeping, I have to go to work. I’m hoping these new shoes, which have been sent to me by Magnum, will make my tiring 12 hour shifts a little easier.


Not only do they have a fun name,  but The Armadillo’s are specifically designed for healthcare and catering employees, in fact anyone who is on their feet for large periods of time. They are non-slip, breathable and are resistant to needle stick penetration.

IMG_3826 IMG_3832

On first glance after unwrapping the shoes, they feel light but sturdy enough to keep my feet protected all day. The design is simple and suitable for the work environment and I look forward to testing them out over the next few weeks and letting you know how I get on.  In the meantime you can find everything you need to know about the shoes here and feel free to have a little browse while you are there.


V x

Wish List – Daniel Footwear

After a lovely lunch in the sunshine, it is time to get serious about shoes here at she and hem. There is ALWAYS space in our wardrobes for more shoes, which is why we have created two individual wish lists of super shoes that we would like to give lovely new homes to. We haven’t posted a wish list before, but we do have one you can check out over on Pinterest, where we’ve selected some really dreamy items.

We’re focusing on Daniel Footwear, who are currently holding an amazing competition to win a £150 voucher and a beach bag full of goodies, more details here. Daniel Footwear have a humongous range, featuring UGG, Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood and many more!

Victoria’s Wish List –

Michael Kors Gold Reptile Aria Ballet Women’s Flat Pump £69
Daniel Black Metallic Corden Women’s Flat Sandal £29
Daniel Blue Barracudina Women’s Wedge Sandal £59

Jo’s Wish List –

Melissa Red Harmonic Bow 2 Women’s Sandal £19
Vivienne Westwood Lychee Ladydragon Heart Womens Peep Toe Shoe £89.99
Michael Kors Multi Printed Hamilton Women’s Loafer £72

The whole range can be found here!

Happy shopping,

Victoria and Jo x