Wedding Guest Dress – Breastfeeding Friendly

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Wedding season is now officially upon us and I (Victoria) am delighted to be a guest at my second wedding of the year next month. Oh, I do love a good wedding! However, shopping for an outfit has been slightly harder this year, as I am still exclusively breastfeeding my little girl. First time around I went for a skirt and top combo and used a technique known as ‘one up, one down’. For the uninitiated, this simply means wearing a vest underneath your top to pull up or down (aha!) as needed, neatly protecting your modesty while feeding in public. A top mum hack there, learned, like so many other things, from a Facebook group!

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

As regular readers will know, we are very much dress girls here at She and Hem, so I’ve long been on the hunt for some breastfeeding friendly pieces. As luck would have it, I think I’ve found the perfect one! Unless the weather takes a drastic turn, the Clemmie Shirt Dress from Boden is the dress I’ll be rocking up in. This cotton shirt dress falls just below the knee, which is super flattering, especially when constantly picking the little one up and putting her down. It also has what I now consider to be a daily essential; pockets. Another perk of this dress, and one I had never really considered, is the hidden buttons! Located on the chest, these Mum friendly gems ensure there’s no dress gape or accidental flashing. Ingenious! I would go as far as to call them a personal game changer and will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more brands adopting this subtle little twist.

Wedding Guest Dress - Breastfeeding Friendly | She and Hem

Keen to see more breastfeeding friendly dresses? Just let us know in the comments!


The Circus is in Town

She and Hem | The Circus is in Town

One of the things we love most about blogging is discovering exciting new brands so we were delighted when Carousel, an independent clothing store in Dublin, got in touch with us to see if we were familiar with their clothing line, Circus. We knew we were onto a winner when we opened up the website to be greeted with an abundance of vintage inspired prints and shapes! A new She and Hem favourite was immediately crowned.

She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town

We were quite overwhelmed with the amount of fun prints on offer so decided it would be nice to style some separates. Being the proven hot air balloon enthusiasts that we are, we were both drawn to blouses* which bore balloons! Aren’t they cute? As they always say, you can never have too many balloons in your wardrobe. They both have pretty smashing bows too and they fit delightfully. Skirt-wise, Victoria plumped for the hot pink anchor print skirt* which has a lovely, and flattering, retro shape. The shades of pink work so nicely together and really make for a rather special outfit. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Peggy Sunnies Skirt*. Due to my tendency to sport red heart sunglasses on a daily basis, it seemed meant to be! It’s such an excellent print and despite being slightly fearful of the below the knee length, I actually found it to be a rather nice change and it will no doubt be the perfect hem line come the (even) colder weather.

She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town She and Hem | The Circus is in Town

We are so happy to have discovered Circus and absolutely adore their love for nostalgia inspired fashion! If you are in Dublin you should definitely go and check out their shop as it looks like a real treasure trove of modern vintage mixed with the genuine article. We’ll see the rest of you on the website!


Victoria wears The Marlene Balloon Blouse* and The Anita Anchor Skirt* both from Circus | Jo wears the The Anna Blouse* and The Peggy Sunnies Skirt* both from Circus

Make like a blogger and Split

I recently escaped the rain of Blighty when James and I jumped on a plane to sunny Split in Croatia for a week of ridiculous relaxation! And ice cream. So much ice cream.

Split became our destination of choice after some unsophisticated research which saw us work out that it was the cheapest, hottest place one can fly to from Bristol in August. I think our return flight was £30! DEAL. Thank you for existing, EasyJet. Anyway, it turned out to be a top decision as it’s an absolutely beautiful part of the world and has left me desperate to go back and explore more of Croatia. Or CroYAYtia as they clearly should call it.

It was around 40 degrees the entire time we were there which blissfully meant it was a real struggle to do anything that didn’t involve lying by the sea. As a couple who usually have itchy feet to explore everything and anything whilst on holiday (we once went on a six hour round trip to see a giant fork whilst holidaying in Switzerland, I kid you not) it was rather nice to be forced to relax! It also proved the perfect opportunity to road test my new Karl Lagerfeld prescription sunglasses from Specsavers*. Although I’ve been wearing them at home, it was only when I was sunbathing and reading at the same time that I truly realised what an idiot I am for not having had prescription sunglasses before! Plus they look pretty chic too, right?

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m really keen to go back so if anyone has any top Croatia tips or places to visit I would love to hear from you! Just leave a comment below.


Want to see our funny for money faces?

Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015

We have come up with a snazzy new look in honour of Red Nose Day, who want as many people as possible to make their faces funny for money in order to raise important funds that will help poor and vulnerable people both here in the UK and in Africa. You know the drill! It’s time to crack out the face paint, the silly wigs and, of course, the red noses and raise some important funny money! Now, some might argue that our faces are quite the hoot as it is but we’ve added to the comedy (unbelievable, I know) with some eyebrow raising Red Nose Day spectacles from Specsavers, which are available in store for £3. If you’ve always wanted to look like a cross between Cara Delevingne and Bert from The Muppets then these are the specs for you.

Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015

What do you mean those aren’t red noses? Should’ve gone to Specsavers! Boom boom. These jokes don’t write themselves, y’know.

If you happen to be in Bristol today (Thursday 19th) then pop into Specsavers on Merchant Street between 1pm and 4pm to help them mark their 30th birthday and to get involved with some Red Nose Day fun! There will be goody bags, hidden 50% off glasses vouchers (hopefully your eyesight is good enough to find them!) and, the deal breaker, BALLOONS FOR ALL! There will also be the opportunity to make a donation to Rose Nose Day in return for a glasses MOT or you can make your face funny for money with their professional photobooth and props. You might even win a free pair of designer specs in the process!

Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015Want to see our funny for money faces? | Specsavers | Red Nose Day 2015

Red Nose Day will be held on Friday 13th of March, which is surely the perfect date to scare the living daylights out of your neighbour with your new facial arrangement! We fully expect to see your faces looking suitable silly.


Special Feature: Osiris & Victoria


Here’s me making a spectacle of myself in my new Osiris glasses from Specsavers, which along with many other bloggers, we were lucky to receive at the London launch party back in July. Jo and I popped along to choose our frames a few weeks ago and after a good hour of deliberating I choose these tortoiseshell B29 flexie-hinge frames. Now that  I’ve been wearing them for a month or so, I can confirm that I am tickled pink with them!


In fashion glasses are usually associated with geek chic or the ol’ sexy teacher image. While I am obviously always in the library (…), after coming across this colourful setting in Bristol one day I thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up.


If you’ve ever spent any time with me, you will know that I’m a pretty clumsy fool. Having previously run face first into a glass door, belly-flopped onto some scorching hair straighteners and dislocated my thumb whilst plaster casting my own wrist, you get the idea why I REALLY had to ensure these glasses were scratch resistant. I’m constantly dropping, squishing and squashing my frames as I’m too featherbrained to put them in their case when they are not on my face. These frames are both scratch resistant and durable. Continue reading Special Feature: Osiris & Victoria

Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

If like us you read a lot of blogs, you will already be familiar with the new Osiris range for Specsavers! They have been cropping up here, there and everywhere recently and you may remember that we were lucky enough to attend the launch event way back in July!

First off, you will be relieved to hear that both Victoria and I wear glasses! and, no, I don’t mean in the ridiculous don’t I look witty in my lenseless glasses’way. I mean, in the my eyes have deteriorated so much that now I can’t see without a significant amount of glass in front of them way. You know, actual prescription glasses. Three cheers for our corrected corneas!

Back at the launch, I fell hard for the white glasses in the range and was absolutely positive those were the ones I would choose come the official release in August. However, once presented with them again last month, I didn’t feel the same about them and ended up trying on the entire range again. Twice. Before settling on some blue ones*. Snazztastic.

Osiris5Osiris6Now, I don’t particularly enjoy wearing glasses. The only plus I can really see is that they do a fairly decent job of covering up my dark circles. In that sense, to me, glasses are just a very decadent concealer. I tend to buy the cheapest least hideous pair I can find and Continue reading Special Feature: Osiris & Jo

Hem and Away: Osiris Launch


Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to London to attend the launch of the vibrant new collection by Osiris eyewear, in collaboration with Paris based fashion designer Jørgen Simonsen. Simonsen’s A-List clientele includes Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez and now, She and Hem! The event was held in Searcys on the top floor of The Gherkin, so with the sun setting in the background the views were absolutely phenomenal and it was the perfect place to celebrate both the glasses launch and the eve of Jo’s birthday! 




Jørgen, seen above with Dame Mary Perkins, representing Specsavers and two models, gave a warm welcome speech and described how the glasses are designed in mind for ‘people who like to dare’, as the designs are modern and empowering, using contemporary shapes and materials. They certainly make a statement. Jørgen was on hand all night to offer styling advice, which was lovely to see and very informative too. We had great fun trying on the range, and deciding which frames were our favourites. As part of the fantastic goodie bags, we were both given the chance to go to Specsavers and choose a pair of glasses from the new range once it hits the shops on August 14th. We cannot wait!


The Osiris 2013 range comprises three key collections; Colour Pop, Frosted Hi-tech and Super Translucent, which all stand out from the crowd. We found the collection to be really sleek, fresh and minimalistic. The glasses felt incredibly light, without losing any of their quality. Jo was a big fan of the white frosted hi-tech, and I have my eye(s!) on the super translucent frames Jo is modelling exceptionally well below. I think the glasses have a beautiful shape and would be suitable to wear to work, and to play!



Photo by Gina Dyer.

What could be better than a launch party in a lovely location with the food and drink flowing you ask? Well, how about 2 awesome DJs in the form of top fashion designers Henry Holland and Giles Deacon. I’m sure all guests at the event will confirm what great fun these two were, and their musical choices were spot on, making the event even hotter. Literally…it felt like a greenhouse in there! The stunning Pixie Geldof was also on hand to support her friends’ japes on the decks.





Jo –  I wore my new pink organza prom dress from Topshop that I picked up for £15 in their sale! I own the dress in green too and just love the pretty shape and texture. It’s only available in one size on the website now but I’ve seen plenty in store. I felt that a special occasion warranted special shoes so I broke out my most treasured possession, my Miu Miu shoes that I bought from My Theresa. I love them so much, especially the beautiful curved heel, and they set the dress of perfectly! In a bid to try and make my outift look a bit less girly I added my gorgeous Rachel Loves Bob necklace that we received when we went to the Objets De Désir Pop Up! I did feel like a bit of a Princess, although granted a Princess who regretted wearing her hair down on one of the hottest days of the year to a building made entirely of glass. Whoopsie!


Victoria – Having worn glasses for the last 17 years, I was super excited about attending this event, so decided to buy something new. I choose this eye catching quirky dress by Voulez Vous, available at Debenhams. I had shortlisted a few dresses in store that I liked, and although this was the cheapest of the bunch, when trying them all on, this was the clear winner! I was worried it may be too casual for the event, but it just felt comfortable and very ‘me’. I decided to be brave and wear my highest heels, which definitely made me feel more confident, especially when surrounded by all of the glamorous guests (and fellow bloggers of course!) They are from George, who as you may remember from a previous post, I love because they do half sizes. My silver clutch  is from Topshop, and is a life saver as it can hold a spare pair of shoes and my SLR while still looking glam.





Thank you to the beautiful Gina for asking us along.


Follow up blog post to come once we choose our smashing new specs!

V & J