The Friendship is Magic Blogger Tag

Hello hello! We have something a little different for you today. Those stylish Style Rawr girls kindly tagged us in their very own The Friendship is Magic blogger tag, which they started to celebrate four fabulous years of blogging together. Congratulations ladies! So, without further ado… this is us!


How and where did you meet?

We met in a muddy field in Oxford at the 2007 Truck Music Festival, so called because the main stage was the back of a truck. Yes, we’ve always been this sophisticated.

First impressions of each other?

J: I had an instant girl crush. She had great clothes, great hair, great taste in music and one fabulous Essex accent. She still has all of those things, obviously. Apart from the accent which she lost slightly after moving to Bristol. Where I live! Convenient.

V: Aside from being totally gorgeous and super hip, a stand out thing I remember about hanging with old pyjama features was that (unlike a lot of other totally gorgeous super hip girls) she was a fantastic listener and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. This is extremely commendable as I spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time talking about Tom from McFly.


What’s your favourite memory together?

J: My favourite memory of Victoria is, without a doubt, the time she ran smack into a glass door in Majorca. She got so overexcited whilst playing pin the tail on the donkey (this is true) that she wanted to grab the camera and forgot the door existed. I was blind folded at the time and the sound of her hitting that door will stay with me forever.

V: My absolute favourite memories of spending time with Jo are not just She and Hem related, but often revolve around the times we spend with our lovely bunch of chums. In terms of blogging together, our first ‘big’ blogging event that we attended for Osiris will always be really special and memorable because although we didn’t know what to expect, it turned out to be a tip top time!

Favourite inside joke?

We have a lot! The one that makes us giggle without fail is ‘after dinner fart tart’ which came about as the result of a lengthy discussion about Yankee Candle scents.


What are your favourite pieces from each other’s wardrobes?

J: I love Victoria’s Cath Kidston train print dress! She looks so amazing in it and the print is ridiculously great. She also has endless amounts of pretty coats that I am forever coveting.

V: Jo’s wardrobe is full of such stuff that dreams are made of. I would happily take my Poptarts and go live in there. If I had to choose, it would be her beautiful vintage wedding dress. She could not have looked any lovelier on her wedding day. I tried to say this to her mum at one point during the ceremony, but I was left quite speechless with all the emotions!

Who do you both crush on (man crushes count too!)?

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to this!

If you could set up a business together, what would it be?

Thanks to Totnes, we are very into cat cafes and we would probably set one up given half the chance. Perhaps we could have ours on a boat in Bristol harbour and offer cream tea cat cruises. With gin.

What would your band name be, and what would your debut album be called?

I think She and Him might sue us if we started a band called She and Hem. We would probably be called Live by the Snooze, Die by the Snooze and our album would be called Jo’s Gangrenous Appendix. There you go, two more in-jokes for your confused amusement.

Great blogging accomplishment?

We’ve been writing She and Hem for almost a year now and we do feel incredibly proud by what we have achieved. We have made some fantastic new friends and have got to work with lots of brands that we love! Stand out moments would be attending London Fashion Week with Orla Kiely, hobnobbing at Vogue Festival with Boden and getting to represent Bristol with Cath Kidston. At times it has been very surreal! You could make our year even more special by nominating us for a Company Style Blogger Award in the Best Duo category! 


Best thing about blogging as a duo/team?

In the words of style icons PJ and Duncan “There is always someone there to pull your skirt out of your knickers”.

We would like to tag the gorgeous sisters from Saints on a Plane to do this tag next.


Vogue Festival 2014: Valentino


During the fabulous Vogue Festival, we were lucky enough to be invited to listen to super successful Italian fashion designer (and keen gardener – watch out Alan Titchmarsh!) Valentino Garavani speak to British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman about his life, loves and pugs. You may have heard of him as he’s kind of a big deal. He’s even got a day named after him!

Valentino charmed us from the start with an apology for his strong Italian accent and an earnest fondness for London. “To me, London is the capital of the world. I live here for four to five months of the year. London men are very well dressed, whereas in Italy, the men dress all in black. Like a cockroach!”, he joked, betraying a certain distaste for our insect friends. It seems Valentino is more of a pug guy, owning an impressive five, two of which travel with him everywhere he goes. He didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose him.


He started to draw, aged 14, in his school workbook, and by the time he was 17 he had a collection of over 50 drawings. After much haggling and cajoling, the precocious Valentino convinced his parents to send him to Paris to perfect his craft. He explained how he wished to “learn how to make everybody beautiful by using little tricks of the trade…like raising bosoms!”. His admiration for the the female form was particularly evident, as was his support for the notion that a woman should be free to be as elegant as she can. As he says, “A dress should live on a woman’s body, not just sit on it”. Hopefully he hasn’t seen any of our early blog photographs!

During a Q&A session he was asked how he feels about famous people wearing his designs. Referencing his love of the cinema, he told the crowd that he found it “very satisfying to see celebrities such as Drew Barrymore wearing Valentino for big events like the Oscars”. Fancy loaning us a few pieces Val?

The captivating conversation came to a close with some simple, yet heartening and inspiring advice from the man himself – “Believe in what you are, try to be optimistic and to be happy”. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.


Vogue Festival 2014: The Power of Two in Fashion

DSC_0005The first talk we attended as part of our time at the Vogue Festival 2014 was The Power of Two in Fashion. The impressive panel was made up of Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of fashion powerhouse Proenza Schouler and long-term collaborators Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, who Marc Jacobs personally hired as creative director and design director to head his Diffusion line in May 2013. Blimey. They spoke about the pros and cons of doubling up in the fashion world, something which naturally appealed to us! Come on Marc, it’s only a matter of time.

The dynamics of the duos were distinctly different, with Jack and Lazaro appearing very much equals and seemed extremely content in their relaxed and friendly partnership. ‘Our partnership wasn’t too thought out, we didn’t weigh out any challenges. We would not have been friends in high school, but it works now as we bring different references to the table’Jack.  Luella and Katie, on other hand, although clearly great friends seemed to have a more typically business relationship, with Katie appearing the more dominant and focused of the two whilst Luella was allowed to be the creative spirit. They described how when they were first introduced by Katy Brand in a pub in Chelsea,  they liked each other straight away and, based on that initial meeting, began to work together. It was really interesting to hear them describe how their partnership just feels fun and right.

It was apparent from both duos that being able to trust that your partners’ views are almost always going to be the same as yours is essential to being a successful duo. ‘I’ll always refer back to Luella, but I know the decisions that she makes would be the same ones I would make!” – Katie. ‘The conversation is the best thing about working together. It’s exciting and inspiring. We create a bigger force together, but there is a trust where we can make decisions on our own… you become one in a way. We feel connected all of the time’ – Luella. Jack and Lazaro also suggested that this was a great way to divvy up the less exciting parts of their world, such as meetings. They know that only one of them has to be present in order for both voices to be heard.

It was great to hear these super successful duos discuss the pros and cons (although there didn’t seem to be many, if any, cons discussed. Natch) and we certainty recognised some of the perks that being a pair can bring, most pertinently that there is always someone on hand to bounce ideas off of!

Thanks again to Boden for sending us!