Double Thumbs Dresses #29

Hello one and all and welcome back to your weekly (ahem) roundup of the dresses we have deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval. You might have noticed that we skipped a week last week so, by way of an apology, I have made this one slightly longer. I know, I really do spoil you.

Shirt Dress in Multi £90 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Shirt Dress in Multi £90 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Monochrome Tea Dress £110 from Orla Kiely People Tree
Monochrome Tea Dress £110 from Orla Kiely People Tree
Collar Dress in Pink £85 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Collar Dress in Pink £85 from Orla Kiely for People Tree
Evette Dress in Green Balloon Print £65 from People Tree
Evette Dress in Green Balloon Print £65 from People Tree

   Right, so, this is a little unprecedented but first up we have FOUR dresses from the rather brilliant, People Tree. The first three form part of their ongoing collaboration with Orla Kiely, who I know we have been relentlessly banging on about recently but I can’t help it if she keeps bringing the pretty to the party. This new collaboration features three dancing girl silhouette prints and they are all so SO great. I really couldn’t choose just one so I’ve had to go with three but I could easily have chosen more. Yikes. And just when I thought I was safe I spied the balloon print dress and practically combusted at my computer. What the heck, People Tree? Are you deliberately trying to bankrupt me?

Grace Dress in Floats print £148.40

Oh good, more reasons to spend all my money! The new Poppy collection landed this week and as usual it’s perfect. This time they have embraced bright bold colours as their characters, Poppy and Fred, take Mr Giraffe to the seaside. I don’t know what party balloons have got to do with giraffes at the seaside but if the result is always this pretty, I’m on board. No, I’m not drunk. Continue reading Double Thumbs Dresses #29

All Hail the Sale: Double Thumbs Dresses Special

Well hello there, readers! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! But enough about the festivities, it’s sale time and I, for one, am ready for some bargains! I decided to have a cheeky look through our  previous Double Thumbs Dresses posts in the hope of finding some tasty reductions. It turns out that LOADS of them are now on offer so it seemed only fair to share this glorious news with you. So, without further ado, here is a list of frocks that have previously been deemed worthy of the highly coveted Double Thumbs seal of approval but have now been deemed worthy enough to go in the sale. Enjoy!


River Island Printed Shirt Dress £22 (was £32)
Nishe Dress In Violin Print £45.50 (was £65)
Midi Dress In Vintage Floral Print With Pleated Skirt £28 (was £40)
Minkpink Smock Dress In Kaleidoscope Print £22 (was £55)

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Double Thumbs Dresses #16

Have no fear frock fans, for I am back with another dose of dresses deemed worthy of the highly coveted She and Hem Double Thumbs seal of approval. Hold on to your hem lines.

Black Floral ‘So Sweet’ Definition Swing Dress £50 from Lady V London

Regular readers will know that we are slightly obsessed with Lady V. Heck, we essentially wrote them a love letter a couple of months ago. The obsession is about to be pushed to new levels, as not only have they just released a stunning high definition collection but said dresses come with a matching headband. OH YES PLEASE. The above dress is my absolute favourite print from the new collection! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a tea dress version as, although I love a swing dress, I think the tea shape suits me down to a, er, ‘T’.

Phoebe Bow Dress £95.00 from People Tree
Phoebe Bow Dress £95.00 from People Tree

I’m still trying to embrace the tartan renaissance and this beautiful budget buster from People Tree is certainty just the ticket. I love that sneaky bow. More dresses should have sneaky bows.

Lemur Print Shirt Dress £45 from Yumi

At first glance, I though this was just another pretty floral dress from Yumi. But, just as I was about to scroll gaily on by, I noticed that the dress title contained the word ‘lemur’. I was intrigued. It was then that I learnt that this isn’t just a floral dress! It’s a floral dress with interspersed lemurs! More dresses should have interspersed lemurs.

My Sweet Art Dress $89.99 by Bea & Dot from Modcloth

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Putting the Win in Winter: Coats

Hey Hemsters,

If you are anything like us, you have spent the past week despairing at the weather. You leave the house in your big coat, tights, and boots and by lunchtime you are kicking yourself for not packing your sunglasses as you sweat uncomfortably at the bus stop. Or maybe that’s just us. Picking the correct coat for the day ahead is currently nothing short of traumatic (overstatement?) but one thing is for sure, coats are back! Hooray! There are a lot of lovely ones appearing on the high-street at the moment so we have gathered together our favs!

Red Bow Coat £79 from Miss Selfridge

We tweeted about this little beauty a couple of weeks ago! Look at those bows! NEED.

Dog Quilt Bomber Jacket £50 from Topshop

It probably won’t see you through those cold winter months but this dog print jacket will certainly look pretty darn cool in the meantime.

Coat with Gathering on the Shoulder £99.99 from Zara

The future is bright after all and, if you believe the magazines, orange is set to be a big colour this season! This coat is sharp, chic and zesty.

Oversized Check Coat £75 from Next

Now THIS is a winter coat. We could quite happily hibernate in this snugly affair.

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All hail the sale

Merry Friday everyone!

As we near the end of sale season, a number of our favourites are currently reducing items even further, rejoice! We’ve rounded up our current picks from Yumi, Sugarhill Boutique, Oliver Bonas, Lashes of London, Ollie & Nic, Joy and Oasis. Let’s have a look at those all important discounts!

Neckline Detail Knit Tunic Dress £20 (was £45) from Yumi
Colourful House Print Dress £22.50 (was £45) from Yumi
Brighton Rock Blouse £25 (was £36) from Sugarhill Boutique
Vintage Butterfly Earrings £8 (was £16) from Oliver Bonas
Elwick Silk Butterly Blouse £14.40 (was £48) from Lashes of London
Suki Cat Print Purse £10 (was £28) from Ollie & Nic
Fuchsia Giraffe Scarf £18 (was £28) from Ollie & Nic
Leanna Spot Collar Dress £30 (was £59) by Louche from Joy
Silhouette Butterfly Scarf £6 (was £20) from Oasis

That’s all for now! Have you spotted any bargains? or will you just be pleased to be able to walk into a shop without tripping over sale rails? Gets a bit messy, doesn’t it?


Accessories to Murder #7 Bag Special

If you are anything like me then you’ll like to have different bags for different occasions depending on what you need to take along with you. For instance, I’m not going to take my Zatchel or rucksack (seen here and here) for a meal out, but they would be perfect for a day trip or a night away from home.

There are some fantastic bags around at the moment, of all shapes and sizes, and lots of them just so happen to be in the sale! Such as this cute Yumi satchel below, which is half price on the House of Fraser website.

Floral Satchel, £20 (was £40), Yumi, via House of Fraser.

Another sale item, also half price, is this super cute box clutch bag from Oasis. It comes in several colours, but my favourite is the green and silver beauty. It is really small, so you wouldn’t be able to fit any emergency chocolate in there, but there will be room for your purse, phone and a cheeky picture of Ryan Gosling.

Box Clutch Bag, £15 (was £30), Oasis.

If you are looking for something slightly bigger than the box clutch, maybe to use as a small day bag, I would go for this fun owl satchel. It’s a real hoot! It’s novelty without being too childish and has the all important across body strap. It’s not in the sale, but if you are a student Accessorize are offering 10% student discount for a limited time only. You can enter your details for a voucher code here.

Owl Satchel, £25, Accessorize.

Bigger still in the bag department is this foxy little number from Accessorize, who’s looking for a new home. If I hadn’t recently bought a rucksack I would snap this up, especially as it comes in my favourite accessory colour, tan, so it goes with anything and everything. It is really roomy, has lots of pockets and it quite possibly the loveliest looking rucksack I’ve ever seen.

Fox Rucksack, £32, Accessorize.

If it is a rucksack you are after, but like me you have spent all of your pennies on ice cream, here are a couple from Peacocks which are  slightly cheaper. I am very pleasantly surprised by the range of bags that Peacocks has to offer at the moment, especially the rucksacks which come in several lovely patterns and colours. My mum used to drag me to Peacocks, but now I’m excited to pay a visit this weekend to see what I can find.

Printed Rucksack, £12, Peacocks.
Bird Rucksack, £15, Peacocks.

Last week I stumbled upon the amazing, eco-friendly Ceridwen Hazelchild Design. Designing from a little studio in the heart of the Cotswolds, Ceridwen’s designs are distinctive, unique and thoroughly charming. There are 53 items for sale in her Etsy shop, which I wholeheartededly recommend checking out, especially as it is so reasonably priced. I really cannot choose my favourite bag, as everytime I look I change my mind as they are all so fantastic! Here are my current top 3 picks.

Blue Typewriter Illustration Eco Cotton Tote Bag, £5.99, Etsy.
Badger Illustration Cotton Tote Bag, £5.99, Etsy.
Three Garden Gnomes Illustration Eco Cotton Tote Bag, £5.99, Etsy.

Hopefully one of these will be just your bag!

V x

Accessories to Murder #6

The sun has got his hat on, but unfortunately it’s sold out everywhere, so I won’t feature it this weeks in A2M6!

The past six weeks of Accessories to Murder have flown by, a lot like the little girl hanging from the delightful balloon brooch pictured below. This beautiful brooch was handmade by MyBearHands, who has an absolutely cracking collection on Etsy. I really love all of the goodies in this collection and have my eye on several of the necklaces.

Fly Away balloon brooch, £18.00, MyBearHands via Etsy.

Oliver Bonas seems to have mastered something which I thought was impossible, and that is how to successfully sell clothes, accessories, homeware, furniture and gifts all under one roof. They do it, and they do it well. I can’t think of another shop where I would actively seek to buy both a pretty summer dress and a wooden bedside cabinet. I’ll certainly be spending a lot of time there at the moment because they have a fantastic sale, which includes this little beauty. For under £10 you should definitely try and grab an antelope necklace before he leaps off!

Antelope Enamel Necklace, £9, Oliver Bonas.

Sticking with the animal theme for a moment, I give you this sleek fox belt from Yumi (who also have a great sale on!). I’m on the lookout for great belts, as I always seem to stick to my trusty waist cincher from Dorothy Perkins, so this foxy number really caught my eye. It’s very versatile and comes in black or brown.

Fox Belt, £12, Yumi.

The last animal inspired accessory is an item that every girl should own. Never again will you have to be more than an arms length away from a quick G&T fix with this zoo themed hip flask from Topshop. It’s so fun, so flamin-go and get one!

Zebra Hip Flask, £20, Topshop.

So, you are going to need somewhere to store that sneaky tipple. Here are my current top two bags of the moment. A lovely red structured bag with a scalloped trim and handy handle from Glasgow based Hey Sailor, and an absurdly pretty vintage inspired clutch from Oh My Love. Oh how I love it!

Fit for a lady bag, £22, Hey Sailor.
Monday I’m in Love Vintage Rose Clutch Bag, £15, Oh My Love.

Have a glorious weekend in the sunshine,

V x

Accessories to Murder #5

It’s that time again Hemsters. I’ve poured myself a chocolate wine, grabbed a packet of bourbons, and now I’m ready to delve into the world of amazing accessories. We’ve got a right old mixture this week as I thought it would be nice to feature some accessories that are often missed from blogs. On that note, let’s start with Umbrellas!

Cumulus Cutie Umbrella, £19.90, ModCloth

Not usually classed as your average accessory I know, but hey consider this a treat. Now, the weatherman has promised that it’s going to be a glorious July with no rain, but I very much drought it. This is England, so we need to be prepared to get a little soggy. ModCloth do a great range of affordable brollies, with this cute cloud design being my personal favourite. It’s big and sturdy enough to keep you dry all day, but it doesn’t look bulky due to it’s brilliant bright blue print and tan curved wooden handle.  I’d certainly be singin’ in the rain with this beauty.

Raining Cats And Dogs Umbrella, £23.95, Hello Brolly.

When it rains, it really paws right? So keep yourself dry with this funbrella from umbrella queen Hello Brolly, who also stock square and heart shaped umbrellas and several beautiful wedding umbrellas. If I had this umbrella I would be praying for rain so I could embrace my inner Rihanna on the streets of Bristol.

Colourful House Print Scarf, £10, Yumi

Even if the weatherman was right, a colourful scarf could still come in handy for our chilly evenings. We’re are big fans of Yumi here at She and Hem, especially their House Print items, including the dress which we featured in Double Thumbs Dresses #1. This scarf has recently gone into the Yumi sale and is now an absolute bargain at £10! It’s bright, quirky and will go with pretty much anything.

Garden Birds Saddle Bag, £68, Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston has just released their new range of bags featuring this delightful saddle bag. Reviews on their website say the picture does not do the bag justice, so pop in to your local branch, have a nosey and let me know what you find! I think the bag looks adorable. I’m a big fan of the cross body strap, which allows you to take it out and about. It also features a surprisingly generous five pockets, so it would be perfect for traveling or work, or if you are anything like me, for carrying emergency chocolate.

ASOS Rotating Globe Adventure Watch, £22, ASOS.

One for all of you adventurous readers out there, this thrilling ASOS watch not only has a vintage globe print but also a mind-blowing moving plane design. Will you have your own adventure in this watch? Only time will tell…

Afternoon Tea Earrings, £5.95, by Jodie Anna via

These earrings by Jodie Anna are just delightfully sweet and pretty. Inspired by childhood memories and nostalgia, she aims to create wearable memories for everyone to enjoy. Her collection is beautiful and features other She and Hem favourites, such as cupcakes and bunting. At £5.95, they would make lovely unique presents for friends or a small treat for keeping yourself out of the July rain!


V x

Ship shape

Ahoy there sailors! Welcome aboard this nautical fashion adventure. I’ve put on my sea legs and searched high and low for the best maritime wear on the net. Hopefully you’ll want to take a punt on something!

Lighthouse Blouse £36 from Sugarhill Boutique

Avoid having any unwanted ships crash into your rocks by wearing this multifunctional lighthouse blouse by Sugarhill Boutique. This really is a very pretty print and would look just splendid under some dungarees or a pinafore. It could easily become a summer essential.

Eucalyptus Marina Skirt in Boat Print £55 from MeMe Boutique

You’ll look like a real diamond in this rather smashing marina print skirt from Me Me. It has some beautiful seaside colours in it, making it a rather delightful summer wear. Just throw on some sandals and you’re good for a stroll around the harbour.

Sailor Dress £28 from Pop Boutique

You can certainly embrace your inner sailor in this navy number. Isn’t it lovely? Oh how I wish Bristol had its own Pop Boutique! The website is just no substitute for the fun of the shop! However, beggars can’t be choosers and as long as I can still get my hands on gorgeous dresses like these for 28 of my shiniest gold coins, I’m happy. She might look a bit uneasy on that swing but I am also a big fan of the model’s beret! Model, I salute you and your headgear.

Anchor Tights £6 from Gipsy Tights

I do love a novelty tight and these tick all the right boxes in being fun enough to attract compliments but not so fun that they don’t go with anything I own. Fresh from Gipsy Tights, I think they are a bit of a bargain at £6 and much like a real anchor they will hold everything firmly in place.

Polka Dot and Boat Dress £45 from Yumi

The world has being crying out for a polka dot and boats combination and it was only a matter of time before Yumi came to our rescue. I hope this isn’t too overboard but I really think there’s nothing not to love about this dress! It would be a winner even with just those big bold polka dots! The added bonus of the boats circling the hem line is just peachy and makes it very special indeed.

Bay Boat Skirt £35 by Louche from Joy

Louche have a variety of nautical niceties for you to enjoy but I am personally rather partial to this bay boat skirt. For one thing it has hot air balloons on it, for another it has some nice houses on it and for another is has some…ermm…trees on it? Obviously. Essentially it’s completely barmy which is no doubt why I love it so much. If you like it as much as I do you will be cheered to discover it is also comes as a dress, both of which are available from Joy.

Winne Anchor Embroidered Shorts £32 by Louche from Joy

Who likes short shorts? Well it turns out I do if they come with a sweet embroidered anchor print, which it just so happens these do.  I would happily throw these in my suitcase to prance about in holiday but back at home I would wear them over tights as I wouldn’t want to risk blinding anyone with my bare legs or exposing my booty to unwitting passers-by. Also from Louche at Joy, they are yours for £32.

Adali Shoes $39.99 (£26ish) by Loly in the Sky

Hey guys, it’s just some shoes with lobsters on, no biggy. These slip-ons are so gorgeous and they look lovely and comfortable too, no risk of blistering barnacles here! Loly in the Sky simply make the most fun shoes! I am seriously considering moving to Mexico so that I can buy them all without having to pay for the shipping. 

Sailing Button Front Dress £65 from Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston have done the most underhanded thing in creating an entire collection of clothes that we want to own.  It’s outrageous. I practically have to run past the shop, eyes to the ground, for fear of seeing yet another dress/skirt/cardigan/top that I love. Not content with introducing the train print and the cottage print, good old Cath has also brought out this beautiful sailing print. The dresses are really the stars of the show as they are just so flattering and with their hidden pockets and ability to be dressed up or down. I guess with that in mind I can forgive them for plundering my wages.

Anchor Necklace £15 from Tatty Devine

More anchors! This time in necklace form. It’s no secret that we at She and Hem are big Tatty Devine lovers but sadly our bank balances don’t always stretch to such luxuries. At £15 this particular piece is great value and comes in a choice of three colours.

Push the Boat Out Dress Yellow Yachts £55 from Trollied Dolly

This fetching sunny dress from Trollied Dolly will certainly cheer up your travels. The shape is rather fun and should be super flattering too as it has a nice tie back. I really like retro style design and the unusual detailing around the neckline really helps to make this dress stand out.


Toucan play that game

My heart is all of a flutter for the many  bird prints that are currently taking over the high street. Here are some of my current favourites!

Fiesta Flamingo Dress – Coral £48 from Sugarhill Boutique

First up is the zesty little flamingo number from Sugarhill Boutique. It will be fabulous fun to wear in the summer months (if and when they arrive) and would also be perfect for the current climate when teamed with tights and a denim jacket. The back also has a really unusual criss cross detailing which is an added bonus. 

Zatchel Flamingo Print Bag £120 available exclusively from Oliver Bonas

Sticking with flamingos, next we have this incredible Zatchel, which is an Oliver Bonas exclusive. I consider £120 a lot of money to be spending on a bag but I have heard such great things about Zatchel that I am definitely tempted. I can just imagine the looks of envy I would receive on parading around town with this bag. FlamingWOAH, ammiright?

Orla Kiely Love Bird Print Skirt £58 from People Tree

Orla Kiely can do no wrong in my eyes and her collection for People Tree is no exception. I have spent many hours of drooling over her website so it’s a nice change to be drooling over something which isn’t completely out of my budget. This love bird print skirt is top of my wish list.

Bird Song Print Dress £29 by Poem

Back to Oliver Bonas and this Bird Song dress by their  in house brand Poem. This dress looks so easy to wear! You could just throw it on and go. A perfect weekend dress. I really love the little bow belt too. Good work, Bonas.

Toucan Print Shorts from £30 Yumi

SHORTS! TOUCAN PRINT SHORTS! WITH A BOW! I got very excited when I saw these on the Yumi site and then I tried to imagine how the devil I would get away with wearing them. I’m not sure I can get away with them but I might have to go in and try them on – just to be sure. 

Peach Bamboo Bird Tights £10 from Topshop

I have really got to stop buying tights but it’s so difficult when presented with cuties like these! I find Topshop tights to be some of the best quality on the high street and these pretty bird print tights are like nothing I own.

Bryony Dress £55 from Monsoon

Here we have my perfect birdy work dress from Monsoon. It looks so lovely and light to wear! It’s a good length, it has sleeves (!), a tie waist and cute little buttons too.

Puffin Beach Skirt £22 from Vintage Style Me

Back to the fun stuff now and look at this puffin print skirt from Style Vintage Me. It’s just all kinds of adorable and makes me want to go on holiday right now.

White Birds Scarf Watch £52 from Olivia Burton

I have always been a bit useless about wearing watches, either forgetting to put them on in the morning or losing them, but since receiving an Olivia Burton watch for Christmas this is no more! I actually understand what it is to feel naked without a watch! This bird print scarf watch looks perfect for summer and I really enjoy the idea of being able to tie my strap in a bow.